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DI Mini Pedal
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DI Mini Pedal

Connect your guitar, bass, or keyboard directly to the mixer using this DI Mini Pedal from Monoprice!

This DI box takes a high-impedance, unbalanced 1/4" signal and converts it into a low-impedance, balanced XLR signal for Direct Input to a mixer. This allows you to send the signal over much longer cable runs with significantly less signal loss than you could otherwise.

This active DI box a signal gain switch, which allows you to optionally boost or cut the signal by 20dB, so you can compensate for extremely high-level (hot) or low-level signals. Additionally, it includes a cabinet simulator switch, which when activated fattens up the sound to simulate the sound of a large 4x12" speaker cabinet.

In addition to converting the signal, the pedal includes a true bypass output, so you can continue to connect to your amplifier. A ground lift button breaks the ground connection between the input and output, which can be useful for eliminating hum or ground loops.

This pedal is powered using a 9V AC power adapter with a negative tip, such our 9V Power Supply for Guitar Pedals (PID 611600).

Support Files:

Input 1/4" unbalanced mono jack
Input Impedance 1 megohm
Bypass Output 1/4" unbalanced mono jack
Bypass Output Impedance 1 kilohm
XLR Output 3-pin XLR balanced mono jack
XLR Output Impedance 1 kilohm
Power Requirement 9V AC adapter with tip negative
Current Draw 12mA
Dimensions 1.8" x 3.7" x 1.9" (46 x 94 x 50 mm)

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Useful little DI box for recording

  • Anonymous,
  •  Southfield, MI 
  • 8/15/2015 12:02:09 PM

Pros: Small footprint with both balanced and unbalanced outputs, cab simulator.

This is a great little DI box for audio interfaces that don't have a pad option. Some units (e.g., Scarlett 2i2) can't adequately record guitars direct-in with hot pickups. This solves that problem with a 20dB reduction switch. Also has 20dB gain (which I don't need), and a cab simulator (which I don't use.) Would have been nice to have the balanced output supply phantom power, thus bypassing need for separate 9v power, but that's not a complaint at this price point. A very useful tool!

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Ok DI option

  • Anonymous,
  •  ,  
  • 8/1/2015 6:09:28 PM

Pros: No battery required
Good sounding speaker emulation
Small profile

Cons: Must plug the instrument into the box so that may limit your options

Overall this DI sounds very good. Be aware though this is not designed to go between an amp head and the cabinet like most other direct out boxes. I recommend putting this at the end of your pedal chain. If you rely on amp distortion this will not be a good option for you..

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Too small for battery power

  • Phyberoptic,
  •  Millstone Township, NJ 
  • 6/6/2015 5:08:52 PM

Pros: Small, active boost, ground lifting, multiple output choices.

Cons: Requires external power supply with a negative tip. No batter power option.

Tiny box arrives and gave me hope that the lack of battery power was just an oversight in the description. It was not. And it doesn't come with a PS so you need to go buy one. Small size is offset by the need to have a wire and wall wart dangling from it.

by Monoprice Administrator
Hello Phyberoptic,

Thank you for your review on PID 611606! Regarding the power supply, you are correct in that it is not included. However, we do offer it separately as PID 611690:

My apologies for the trouble and I hope this helps. Should you have any questions regarding our products, please feel free to contact our tech support team via live chat or email at

Gabby V.
Tech Support Associate
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