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    Monoprice CrystalPro 28-inch LED 4K 60Hz Monitor, DisplayPort HDMI/MHL DVI-DL
    Product # 12156
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    Model 12156
    Display Type 28" diagonal widescreen TFT active matrix with WLED backlight
    Native Resolution 3840 x 2160
    Brightness 350 cd/m2 (typical)
    Contrast Ratio 1000:1 (typical)
    Surface Treatment Anti-glare
    Response Time 1ms
    Horizontal Viewing Angle 170°
    Vertical Viewing Angle 160°
    Video Inputs 2x HDMI/MHL, 1x Dual-Link DVI-D, 2x DisplayPort
    Audio Input 3.5mm TRS
    Speakers 2
    Amplifier 2 watts/channel
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    Does this monitor have HDR capability?
    Frank L on Dec 1, 2016
    BEST ANSWER: honestly, this monitor is known to have serious manufacturing flaws. mine has a white layer of dust behind the glass. i would steer clear, hdr will be ruined by the bleed-through.
    4.1 / 5.0
    98 Reviews
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    Just A Quick bit for ya'll
    its sickening listening to unviable complaints about a product that clearly lists what it is (don't pay attention to the marketing, look at the damn tech specs). keep it to yourself if you don't know what you are getting yourself into. General rule of thumb? ask an expert or do some research before you decide to invest in something that you would consider expensive, you would be saving yourself and a lot of non technical people some time and possible confusion.

    overall for the current market, you are getting a value 4k display at a value price,

    you get what you pay for.

    PROS: 4k "TN!!" panel! for all you guys out there complaining about it not holding up to par to your 1080p/2k etc IPS Monitors, GET an IPS (it'll probably run at 30hz and cost ya and extra 400 bucks!* wait for HDMI 2.0 or Display Port 1.3 and some gpus that can run this stuff) and get your facts straight, do your own research together before you decide to buy a product.

    CONS: I'll probably get some flame for this,

    Your macbooks probably cant even drive 4k (especially at 60hz) resolution, if it does then your graphics drivers should be able at least have the option, you just gotta look! (if you are running off Intel HD, good fricken luck driving this display at butter smooth frame rates) (if you got a dedicated mobile gtx 800/900 series gpu chances are you can run it after playing around with the drivers a bit, cant guarantee it'll be butter smooth)

    if you got a mac with a decent graphics card, maybe update your drivers?
    April 28, 2015
    It works, it is reflective, be careful with older Macs
    My only complaint, and maybe I shouldn't blame the display, is that I can't get my 2014 MacBook Air to drive it at full (retina) resolution. The best I can get it to is 2560 x 1440. I tried messing around with SwitchResX and was able to get some HiDPI settings to appear, just not the correct settings for this display (which would be 1920 x 1080 HiDPI, with the system actually properly taking care of this - I do have that setting but things look obviously scaled when on this setting). It's fine for now, and my 5k iMac should drive it fine, but on the MacBook Air it's not doing quite what I hoped.

    PROS: The stand is very nice

    It's not ugly in design

    CONS: Doesn't work at full-res with Macbook Air's older than mid-2014.

    It's pretty reflective, but I haven't had a problem with it yet. If you were doing graphics/video work you may though. I typically work at night/in a somewhat shaded room so for my uses it's fine.
    July 5, 2015
    Almost really good but is fixable.
    I've had this display for about 3 weeks now. I did my normal setup of hanging it on my monitor arm, running it for about a day just to get accustomed to it and to make sure it wasn't a failure out of the box, and then calibrated it. Over all I am satisfied but the biggest problem is the glare. The glass is spaced probably about 2mm from the display surface which causes a lot of glare. This does not help the fact that with a higher resolution display all your text is smaller making everything hard to ready and causing some eye strain. Even after increasing the scaling in Windows 7 it still wasn't great. Also I work in an office where I need to keep the lighting fairly high because I need to see my desk and other things around it so the glare is pretty intense. Reducing the light level helped but that isn't an option for me. So over all it is a good monitor and I would recommend it to people that will use it in a medium to dark environment.

    Now to the part that Monoprice may not approve. Please don't do anything that follows. I don't recommend this to anyone else. I acknowledge that I've probably voided my warranty. I accept the voided warranty because I like the monitor but I'm willing to modify/destroy things to suit my needs. This is just informative. My solution to the glare problem was to remove the glass. Disassembly was easy (especially compared to any apple product). Remove 7 screws and gently pop the back cover off. Carefully remove a ribbon cable and a small multipin connector and the back cover/electronics separate from the display assembly. Then remove the display from the aluminum front bezel. Removing the glass from the bezel can be done by just prying on it in a nice controlled manner but a heat gun or hair dryer makes it pretty easy. I added strips of black electrical tape to the front of the display to cover up the steel panel housing. Then reassemble which was also really easy. Put it back on my monitor arm, plugged everything back in and it now looks fantastic. I still need to recalibrate but the glare is gone. It is a little more fragile now since the glass is gone but I accept the risk and I slap people that touch the surface of my monitors because they should keep their grubby fingers to themselves. Once again please don't do this. Monoprice will probably void your warranty and I accept no responsibility for what over people do. It was relatively easy to do but I'm an engineer that does this stuff all the time so what is easy for me may not be easy for you. If you are tempted to do this I would suggest to wait until Monoprice releases a future UHD display that doesn't have such an annoying glare issue. Also, I work in an environment that is very bright so my glare is probably a lot worse than what you will see. To Monoprice I request a matte finish UHD monitor. Also, thank you Monoprice for selling electronics that are easy to take apart. I don't work for iFixit but I would guess they would give this monitor a 10/10 for repairability assuming you can source parts. Even without the glass (which is structural and stiffens things up) the monitor is pretty solid due to the aluminum bezel and plastic back case. High fives all around.

    PROS: UHD pretty cheap.

    Plenty of inputs.

    Disassembly is easy (more below).

    The power indicator is not too bright.

    Good color for a TN display (95% sRGB).

    Pretty good contrast and 60fps.

    CONS: Glare. GLARE. Seriously why put glass on this thing?
    October 29, 2014
    Excellent replacement to 30hz TV displays
    I replaced 2x 39" 4K 30hz HDMI displays and 4x1080p in a row above them with now 4 of these displays. 2 connected to a PC, 1 connected to a 2014 Macbook Pro 15", and one for various PbP displays. I also use synergy to share keyboard/mouse between them all.

    It was a bit hard to get them screwed into PID 5402 3 Way Adjustable Desk Mounts, because the screw holes were not that deep into the monitor. I hope it wont cause any problems, but it was a concern after trying both the monitor provided screws, and the mount provided screws and not being able to screw either ones fully in. ( Was fine connected the the provided mount however )

    I replaced a video card at the same time on the PC, which is usually a bad idea, and ran into problems getting the monitor configuration menu active as it would go into sleep mode immediately. The problem went away right after upgrading in steps and not both at at the same time.

    I had no issues getting 60hz activated, but I did buy the correct cables / adapters, and my MBP already has SwitchResX installed on it.

    The monitors are very glossy, and the darker the displayed picture the more you see your reflection staring back at you, but my room is normally quite dark, and while it was very noticeable at the start, it has only been 48 hours and i almost do not notice it anymore. It could be an issue if you have a very visible light behind you though.

    Because I have 3 displays on the bottom row, viewing the edges of the right and left displays is not wonderful, but i do not run the displays in a straight line, and moving my head lets me view things ok. Part of it is also changing from 2 larger displays to 3 smaller ones that have my sizes smaller than I am used to. No problems reading fonts though. They certainly line up much better on a desk than TVs did without the edges being distracting.

    I also made sure to tilt the display above the rest downwards so I could view it properly. This makes the view angle acceptable without having to tilt my head high up.

    One bad pixel in 4 displays, but it is very hard to notice because it is on the far left. 1 in 33 million is hard to complain about.

    If you intend to end up with more than 1, plan it out carefully. I am very happy with how it has worked out, and will probably buy another 2 more, but making sure I knew how I was going to set things up and how things would function probably helped me. And the parts I didnt plan out carefully were where I had the most problem which is exactly as expected.

    PROS: Excellent picture

    Glossy not as distracting as expected ( marked as a pro because I expected it to be a large con )

    Functioning perfectly @60hz on both PC and MBP ( with DP1.2 cable/adapters + SwitchResX )

    Good build quality, nice and light, decent edges make lining up multiple ones easy to view

    CONS: A bit difficult to attach to VESA Mount securely

    View angle can become an issue when you use lots at once

    Very easy to hit the wrong button when using the menus
    January 31, 2015
    Great Resolution, but...
    Connected to 2014 MacBook Pro retina 15" with a MiniDisplayPort-DisplayPort v1.2 cable (Not available here) and it sets up as a 1920x1080 retina display perfectly. It's displaying at full 3840x2160 60hz, but the Mac renders all fonts, lines etc. as if they were on a 1080p screen, just with each pixel having 4 'Sub-pixels'. It's like looking a a printed page (a very glossy page)

    Pictures (with supporting Apps) display t full 4k res. So with Aperture, your Menus are big an readable and the picture is really high res.

    Note that to do this you have to have the 15" MacBook Pro Retina or the new Retina 5K iMac. The 13" rMBP cannot do 60hz. Also, this consumes the display capability of both Thunderbolt ports, so and monitor chained on the other thunderbolt port goes black.

    PROS: resolution is great. Sharp, clear outstanding. Built quality is good as well, much better than many of the plasticly monitors in this price range.

    CONS: Glare, Glare and more glare. Don't know if I will keep it as it seems to only be viewable in a dark room.

    Wish the power supply was not and external brick.
    October 25, 2014
    Wish I could get it to work at 2560x1440
    I got this because the price was too good to pass up, figuring that even if 4K wasn't supported with any of my existing computers it would be some day. I'll break down the results by computer:

    2011 iMac 12.2, i7 3.4 GH/24GB RAM/1TB Crucial SSD - Yosemite

    Was only able to get a display at 1280x720 60HZ. Installed Display Menu app to assist in configuration. This showed the full range of settings supported by the monitor, however in the System Preferences/Display it only displayed 1920x1080 and 1280x720. Attempting to use the 1920x1080 setting (or any other available thru Display Menu) resulted in "No Video Input" on the monitor and it would go to sleep. I contacted Monoprice support and they suggested trying a different DisplayPort cable. The cable I was using was brand new Cables2Go purchased from a different retailer since Monoprice was OOS on their recommended cable. This cable was listed as DisplayPort 1.2 compatible but there was no indication on the packaging that this was the case. I obliged, by then the recommended cable and adapter was in stock at Monoprice, however I got identical results. Support also recommended a PRAM and NVRAM reset which I did as well as resetting the monitor via the monitor's menu. No difference. I was expecting to at least be able to use the monitor at a lower resolution until I upgraded the iMac next year, unfortunately that doesn't appear to be possible. I will continue to work with MP support if they have any further suggestions.

    Originally I was running Mavericks but decided that maybe upgrading to Yosemite might make a difference, nope.

    2011 MacBook Air 4.1 (11") i7 1.8GHz/4GB RAM - Mavericks

    Better results here. With some fiddling (power cycling, menu selection) I was able to get a display at 2560x1440. The System Preferences menu showed 2560x1440, 1600x900, 1344x756, 1090p, 1080i, 720p as available settings, all worked. This was a surprise after the experience with the iMac, wish I could get the same results there.

    2011 MacBook Pro 8.3 i7 2.5GHz 16GB 500GB Samsung 840 SSD (x2) - Mavericks

    Identical results as the iMac, didn't upgrade to Yosemite (yet).

    I'm trying to decide if it is worth it to keep this monitor for the simple reason that at the sale price it was too good to pass up. However, I have to balance this with the fact that as 4K monitors become more mainstream the price will drop and for the current usefulness (actually lack of) and the real estate that this consumes on an already cluttered desk I am having trouble justifying it. If Monoprice support has any further suggestions for getting this lovely monitor to work with the iMac and MacBook Pro that work I am more than glad to give it a shot. I don't understand why, given the fact that the monitor has 4K resolutions available, that neither computer will drive it at anything other than the ridiculous 1280x720 resolution, especially since the Air works at 2560x1440. Both the iMac and Pro are used regularly with a Samsung 24" 1080p display with no problems at 1920x1080. 2560x1440 on the Monoprice monitor would have made it a definite keeper.

    PROS: Seems well made


    Thin bezel - 16mm (5/8") sides and top

    Nice stand, easy to adjust height, rotates to portrait orientation

    CONS: Controls are a bit buggy

    External power brick is one more thing sitting on the desk
    December 21, 2014
    60Hz on mid 2012 Retina MacBook Pro
    I was able to get this monitor running on a mid 2012 Retina MacBook Pro @ 60Hz. At 30Hz the mouse lag was just too much to be productive. Since my macbook has display port 1.1 I can not use a single cable to achieve 60Hz. I needed to get two cables that are 1.2 certified and convert the thunderbolt or mini display port to the full size displayport interface. Then I set the monitor into Picture by Picture mode for 2 screens. So each of the thunderbolt ports is pumping out the left or right side of the screen at 60Hz.

    So my original macbook running at 60Hz is perfect.

    PROS: Low cost and great performance.

    60Hz is the only way to go. Perfect for Video and Coding

    CONS: Wasn't cheaper :)
    February 13, 2015
    Nice, very solid, impressive design, build and price.
    I really like this newer model of monitor, the 4K resolution is crazy once you see it, if you can work with things that small on your screen more power to you. I do like that when I hooked it up by a Display Port to Mini Display Port cable (PID 6007) to a new MacBook Pro it gave me the 4K resolution no problem. I then tried with an HDMI cable (PID 3992) and that allowed me to use it at 4K also, nice to have options when hooking it up.

    PROS: I love the nice adjustable stand, it's very sturdy and the overall build quality is much better than the previous 27" monitors we got.

    CONS: Like previous Monoprice monitors it was a little overly bright and washed out for what we use them for, normally use Apple and Eizo monitor which seem a bit better calibrated from the factory. Did a quick calibration and it looked quite good.
    February 2, 2015
    Excellent value, could be improved with little effort
    Really nice 4K monitor for Macbook Pro with Retina Display 13'. The value can be improved tremendously by simple and inexpensive things like either including SwitchResX for OS X or working with Apple to have OS X identify the monitor as one supporting 4K at 60hz.

    The second thing is the documentation is lacking in good description of what the various onscreen controls do. I would suggest a native english speaker go through the setup and describe these features more clearly.

    Third, if the monitor requires tools, it's a good idea to include them. Fortunately, many people have screwdrivers but many buyers won't have one handy for installation.

    Fourth, the monitor requires a mini-Displayport to Displayport cable for highest resolution. That should be included. Though the website and documentation does mention that the cable is not included, you can't even purchase a ver. 1.2 cable (yet) from Monoprice. Fortunately, they can be found elsewhere.

    PROS: perfect size and weight

    very nice color and brightness

    works well once setup properly

    CONS: needed SwitchResX on OS X to switch modes to 60Hz from 30Hz

    should include mini-Displayport to Displayport 1.2 cable

    should include screwdriver in setup kit
    January 29, 2015
    Monitor is great, old Mac not so much
    I enjoy using this monitor. I use it to display documents that will be printed on 11" x 17" paper, and the display is as crisp as a laser printer. I wouldn't go back to working without this.

    The only downside I ran into is NOT a problem with the monitor, but I present its solution here in case other iMac users see this. I had a problem that Monoprice customer service tried to solve (thank you) and the Apple Genius Bar tried to solve ... but only a local Mac repair store had the expertise to tell me that my late-2012 iMac needs a particular adapter - the Apple Mini MB571Z/A DisplayPort to Dual-Link DVI Adapter . Other companies make similar devices, but I haven't tried any of them. The solution is that this display adapter (created to run the 30" Cinema Display) has graphics hardware built-in ... and that provided the graphics memory that my on-board graphics card lacked. No simple cable (whether DP, HDMI, or DL-DVI) let me drive the monitor at anything greater than 1080P.

    With the right interface, the display looks great (though the display adapter has trouble handshaking when it comes out of sleep ... but that is not a problem with the monitor).

    PROS: Beautiful, crisp display. It is very reflective, but where I have it placed I don't have any complaints.

    With the help of a Macintosh wizard, I have it displaying full 4K resolution from my 2012 iMac.

    The stand is stable, and the control buttons have a satisfying click.

    CONS: No problems with the monitor, only with my computer.
    June 9, 2015

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