2 Channel Amplifier - 300 Watts - NO LOGO
    Product # 11497
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    2 Channel Amplifier - 300 Watts - NO LOGO
    Product # 11497
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    2 Channel Amplifier - 300 Watts - NO LOGO

    Get large amounts of incredibly clean power for a stereo speaker zone in a multi-zone home audio system using this 2-Channel, 300-Watt amplifier from Monoprice!

    This stereo amplifier puts out 150-watts per channel into 8-ohms with only 0.2% Total Harmonic Distortion plus Noise (THD+N)! When bridged into mono mode, it can deliver up to 470-watts into an 8-ohm load, with the same 0.2% THD+N, making it well suited for high power applications. It also boasts a -103dB signal-to-noise (S/N) ratio at the full rated power into a 4-ohm load. It also features > 65db crosstalk at the rated power into an 8-ohm load.

    The amplifier has two stereo inputs with automatic switching, both of which support either line or speaker level input. The secondary input is intended for normal use with the primary input off. Then, whenever the primary input is active, it will override the secondary input. Additionally, it features a line level secondary output, which passes the secondary signal on to another amplifier or line level device.

    The amplifier supports a 12 volt DC trigger for turning the amplifier on/off and a 12 volt DC trigger output to control other devices, such as a projection screen or curtains.

    The volume control on the front panel is a volume attenuator more than a direct volume control. When setting up the amplifier, you set the maximum volume level using controls on the back panel, then you use the front panel attenuator to control how much of the preset volume is used.

    Note that if the master volume level is set too high, the front panel attenuator will be unable to completely attenuate the output volume.

    Support Files:

    Power Output 150 watts per channel into 8 ohm loads with less than 0.2% THD+N
    235 watts per channel into 4 ohm loads with less than 0.2% THD+N
    470 watts Bridged Mono into 8 ohms with less than 0.2% THD+N
    Crosstalk >65dB@1kHz, ref. to rated power into 8 ohms
    Frequency Response 20Hz to 20kHz, +0.0dB, -0.5dB
    Signal to Noise Ratio -103dB ref. to rated power into 4 ohms AC
    Power Consumption 1200 watts (all channels driven)
    Net Weight 28.7 lbs (13.0 kg)
    Gross Weight 36.6 lbs (16.6 kg)
    AC Line Fuse 115VAC, 60Hz: T10AL, 250V
    230VAC, 50Hz: T5AL, 250V
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    What are the dimensions of this 2 channel 300 watt amp? PID: 11497
    AJ C on Jan 30, 2017
    How should I send the Subwoofer signal to this from the receiver? Split the Sub Line out into 2 RCAs? Is there a preferred method? I'm going to run 2 subs on this.
    Joseph K on Jan 30, 2017
    BEST ANSWER: Yes, PID 663 and a short RCA pair will work fine.
    Will this power a pair of 4 ohm speakers? As in each speaker is 4 ohms and there are 2 speakers.
    A shopper on Jan 29, 2017
    BEST ANSWER: Yes it will and it will draw more power from the amp as well so be sure your spkrs will handle the ratings of the 4ohm load of this amp.It climbs in power a good bit at 4 ohms look at the specs.
    Why are there four sets of speaker binding posts on this channel amp? I confused as how to connect a pair of stereo speakers.
    Russ P on Feb 3, 2017
    BEST ANSWER: Thanks for your interest in this amplifier. This amp has A and B speaker outputs. It allows you to run multiple sets of speakers with the ability to turn each set on and off independently. If you are only using ine set of speaker then plug them in to the A set and leave the B set alone. This is perfectly normal and within the design of this amp.
    Can you use this amp with a receiver that doesn't have pre-outs? Just use the speaker outs of the receiver into the speaker inputs of this amp? I need an external mp for some very inefficient speakers (86dB) and my receiver just cant handle/power the 4ohm load. Thanks!
    New User U on Feb 17, 2017
    BEST ANSWER: Yes. The amp has inputs for line level or speaker level signals. Feed your receiver speaker outputs to this amp's speaker level inputs, and make the speaker inputs the Primary with the slide switch above the input terminals . Start at a lower volume when setting levels on this amp until you're comfortable with it, and don't power this amp until all connections are made and switches are in the correct position.
    Can I connect an USB DAC (SMSL M8) that has an output level of 2.15 Vrms via RCA connectors to this amp input?
    A shopper on Jan 31, 2017
    BEST ANSWER: Technically, yes you can. Without a pre-amp you will need to very careful considering volume.
    Will this properly power a pair of 4 ohm speakers? As in 4 ohms per speaker and there are 2 speakers.
    New User U on Jan 29, 2017
    BEST ANSWER: Yes, 235 watts per channel into 4 ohm loads.
    Can I power a single speaker with this amp? I want a speaker to output both Left and Right channel.
    Zhengyang P on Dec 13, 2016
    BEST ANSWER: You can configure as a mono. I have been using for my center channel. The thing that I don't like the amp is that it will not trigger the amp until you turn the volume up to a certain level.
    Is this amp capable of running two pairs of speakers simultaneously?
    Arin F on Dec 1, 2016
    BEST ANSWER: Yes, as long as all speaker are no less than 8 ohms. Two 8 ohm speaker will combine to a 4 ohm load which is the minimum for this amp.
    does this amp has a speaker protection circuit?
    New User U on Feb 19, 2017
    4.8 / 5.0
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    Good Power/$, Ditch the Auto Input Sense Function
    I'm using this amp, paired with a Denon AVR-3313CI, to drive two 10" sealed sub-woofers.

    Driving the subs (stereo mode), it has plenty of power to keep up with the AVR-3313CI, and in fact requires a -12dB gain factor using the Denon's auto setup functions.

    So far, so good. Does not hum or do anything strange. I've given it 8 out of 10 because the manual is scant on details, for example has no diagrams, and the explanation between what is labeled "Primary" and "Secondary" inputs is confusing.

    The "Secondary" input is actually the primary, normal input, and the "Primary" input is actually the secondary input that becomes primary when there's an input signal present. Got that? Lol, I'd ditch the auto sensing feature all together, the switching threshold is non-adjustable except for time-delay pot on the back that allows you to adjust the deadband delay on how quickly it will function, but not the level at which the switch occurs. Adding a user selectable input select front panel input, or provisions for an external dry contact or trigger control would be better IMO.

    Thinking the automatic input select feature would work, I tried the "Primary" input first, as it's labeled "Primary". Using that "Primary" input only, at lower volumes, the amp continuously toggled, swapping between inputs. Using only the "Secondary" input solved that problem. That said, this amp wouldn't be reliable to use in a true two input configuration at lower volumes for sub duty (have not tried full range usage). It doesn't matter for me because I'm using it only as a single input sub amp.

    PROS: Power per dollar

    CONS: Auto Input switching does not have adjustable input threshold, only time deadband control
    October 1, 2014
    Wow !

    Excellent amplifier. My Magnepan MMGs are singing nicely with this amp.

    Don't be fooled by the price. This is ultra premium amplifier.

    One question to Monoprice - How are you able to give such an excellent product for incredible price ? ( paid $208 ).

    Thank you ! Thank you !

    Note to Monoprice:
    Product manual says - when amp is on with active signal amp front light will glow "BLUE" and when its stand by "RED".

    But I see when the amp is on with signal it glows "RED" and when it sand by "Orange". I hope it's a mistake in the manual.

    PROS: Plenty of power.
    Product was packaged in double box. Excellent packaging.

    CONS: For this price .. you should disable Cons section.
    December 30, 2015
    Got it to work
    It appears to be a unit made for a company, like Atlas Sound, but didn't pass their quality control. 1st, the auto input sensing feature is nice for my installation. 2nd, couldn't get both left and right speakers to work at the same time with either A or B. What I did get to work is have the left speaker connected to Left A and the Right speaker connected to Right B. with both A and B selected...then it sounds very good. Is that strange or what?? Apparently the person doing the wiring at the factory turned some wires around. So, now I need to either go thu the hassle and expense of returning the unit for a replacement but based on other reports...I might get the next one with a worse problem that I couldn't deal with. So, use it like it is or spend more $$ to take it to a technician and have them fix it.... All of sudden it's not as good a deal as it first appeared.

    PROS: It has plenty of power and makes the speakers sound great.

    CONS: See commentary above.
    June 27, 2016
    Super amp
    I'm using this for my computer sound. After seeing the other comments and reading the manual, I just went right to the secondary inputs to avoid the auto switching at low volume levels. This also gave me the plus of being able to use the secondary output lines to go to my sub. This thing can really rock the house. The first thing I did was open it up and I was pleasantly surprised by the massive toroidal transformer and super beefy power supply. Real quality construction throughout. The price is amazing for what you get. Great double box packaging for a real heavyweight like this, too.
    November 27, 2016
    4 months ago
    Excellant for the price
    Setup was easy except I had to turn up the volume controls on the back of the amp to get it to play. Now works flawlessly. Using it to run 2 very high end Tannoy definition ceiling speakers and they sound great.

    PROS: Cost, ease of use, performance

    CONS: None yet.
    March 25, 2016
    Couldn't be more pleased
    Clear concise sound, no distortion. Greta price. This is driving the 6.5" 8 ohm outdoor speakers from Monoprice. The Denon stereo/amp I was using did not have enough power to drive the speakers. Hooked it up to this "no name" amp and everything has worked well. The instructions do not have any diagrams but the written descriptions are simple enough to follow, especially describing the role of the primary and secondary inputs.

    PROS: Great sound,ease of installation.

    CONS: None
    June 15, 2016
    Works as expected
    I had an existing church PA system made up very old Altec Lansing 9442A's that have begun to fail. They are integrated into a rack and control multiple zones within the church and have 150W per channel in the stereo mode. When we discovered their failure, our best hope was to scour the internet for used units of the same model so we did not need to redesign the entire system with all new equipment. This strategy worked and we bought 5 at $200 each and a boatload to ship them. It was plug-n-play. BUT, they did not last even a year. Not surprising because they are all over 20 years old and have been out of production! Then I found this Monoprice No Logo 300W amp (150w/ch). It is an almost exact replacement for the Altec Lansing 9442A to the power, the stereo/bridge and almost to the size. It fits into our rack and only the input connections needed to change from a lug to an RCA (simple). Calibration was also rather simple. If you want to replace a similar rack-mounted amp with this one, set up is easy but you need to order a rack shelf, since this model is not suited for rack mounting (without some conversion kit that I did not see available). We are happy and with the $259.00 price tag is a lot better than buying and shipping a 25 year old unwarranted unit on E-Bay (less with a sale). Don't forget the rack shelf if you're installing this unit into a rack mount.

    PROS: Same size, power and functionality as an Altec Lansing 9442A (and similar models). It has two inputs for a normal line-in and a microphone override, takes Line In and Speaker In input levels, has stereo & bridge modes. It's a good & simple commercial audio amp.

    CONS: Needs to offer rack mounts
    March 14, 2016
    Great amp for the money!!!
    I have been using this amp for about 6-8 weeks now. I originally had purchased AMP100VS to run my two rear presence in-ceiling speakers. That amp is fine but recent modifications have made it difficult to use in this situation but AudioSource is working on resolving this issue. I gave this Amp a shot on here and I could not be more pleased! It was simple to use and easy to setup. It has plenty of power to run my rear in-ceiling speakers in my ATMOS setup or even my two front towers. This is a great quality product that just works how it should. As previously mentioned in other reviews the power light is RED when running and ORANGE when in standby (this is not a problem)

    PROS: Excellent quality
    Lots of power
    Easy to setup/use
    Great price

    CONS: None
    June 19, 2016
    Clipping of the Sound at low volumes
    After reading all the reviews here, I've come to the conclusion that I was experiencing the same issue as Drew (New Holland). I work evenings and play music at fairly low volumes. After following the instructions in the manual to setup the amp, I ended up with the volume switches on the back being at "max". When my pre-amp (Outlaw 990) volume was at -30 db, the amp would "clip" and I would get no sound. (At this point I think perhaps it was changing to the Secondary input as Drew mentioned). Anyway, I didn't think of changing to the secondary inputs. Instead, I cut the master volumes on the back to about half way, then to get the same output volume, I had to turn up the volume on my pre-amp a little. At this point, the clipping stopped.

    PROS: Price, simplicity, plain look.

    CONS: Its not clear when it goes into standby mode. I've read some reviews here that say the light goes Red when its active and orange when its in standby. I don't think mine ever enters standby (I am using the trigger from my Outlaw 990). Perhaps I will try moving the inputs to the Secondary as Drew mentioned.
    August 26, 2016

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