Z-Wave Electronic Door Lock, NO LOGO
    Product # 10798
    Z-Wave Electronic Door Lock, NO LOGO
    Product # 10798
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    Z-Wave Electronic Door Lock, NO LOGO

    Add Z-Wave® functionality to your home security system using this Z-Wave Electronic Door Lock from Monoprice!

    Z-Wave is a low power mesh networking communications technology that allows Z-Wave enabled devices to communicate with each other and to distribute Z-Wave messages throughout to network. This deadbolt lock is a Security Enabled device and must be used with a Security Enabled Z-Wave Controller to utilize all of the product features. In addition to allowing operation using different electronic codes, the lock monitors and logs the time and identities of the users who lock or unlock the device. You can even allow specific users access only during specific periods of time.

    This door lock comes with an installation template and two door keys. You will need four AA batteries (not included) to power the door lock.

    Package Contents:

    • 1x Wireless deadbolt lock
    • 2x Door keys
    • 1x User's Manual
    • 1x Installation template

    Model 10798
    Protocol Z-Wave® (ZM3102N)
    Frequency 908.42 MHz
    Operating Range Up to 100 feet line of sight
    Operating Temperature +5 ~ +140°F (-15 ~ +60°C)
    Battery Type 4x AA alkaline

    Support Files:

    Z-Wave® and Z-Wave Plus® are registered trademarks of Sigma Designs and its subsidiaries in the United States and other countries.

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    Can this be rekeyed? What is the keyway type? Schlage SC1 ?
    Jonathan S on Nov 21, 2016
    BEST ANSWER: As it comes, it is neither a Kwikset or Schlage style key but it can easily be changed to either style. If you search Amazon for "Prime-Line Products 1-7/8-Inch Tailpiece Cylinder Lock" (about $8) you can find new cylinders that fit this deadbolt like a glove & they come in both Kwikset & Schlage key styles. If, like me, you have existing Kwikset locks with SmartKey, all you need to do is re-key all of your existing locks to the key included with the new cylinder & you're done. If you have existing Schlage locks, it will be a small bit more work to get all locks working with the same 1 key. You'll need to also purchase a "Prime-Line Products Schlage Re-key kit" (also about $8) & re-key all existing Schlage locks plus the new Schlage-style cylinder with the parts in the kit. The kit includes enough parts for 5 or 6 locks. It's pretty easy & takes about 5-10 minutes per lock if your good with tools & follow the directions. I promise it's not as hard as it may sound. Good Luck!
    I just got this installed and paired to my Smartthings hub. And yes the beeping is LOUD. How do you go about programming codes?
    Gerald R on Nov 30, 2016
    BEST ANSWER: Hello, thank you for your question. Please see our user manual here on programming it properly. Thank you!

    does this come with a quick/easy re-keying option to match my existing key?
    A shopper on Nov 21, 2016
    BEST ANSWER: Re-keyed quickly or easily using you're existing key... No, probably not without getting a locksmith involved. If you like to DIY, you can easily get this to be keyed-alike to most existing locks. Just read the answer to the above question for details.
    Is it easy to press on the buttons? Do they "click" easily?
    Audrey B on Nov 21, 2016
    BEST ANSWER: Yes, it's easy to press the buttons. They are raised and far enough apart for even my fat fingers.
    3.8 / 5.0
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    Good Lock, Bad SmartThings Lock
    This lock has a lot going for it (especially the price) however if you use SmartThings (ST), it will take some time to configure and you will only have limited functionality.
    Hardware installation is straightforward despite marginally useful instructions. I only had a 2" hole saw (directions specify 2-1/8") which worked fine, but required me to carve out a very small section where the deadbolt spring contacted the door hinge side of the hole and caused the deadbolt to stick in the retracted position. Once I had enough room carved out, the lock worked mechanically as expected.
    Software for this device used with a ST hub is not so straightforward.
    I tested combinations of 2 device handlers:
    1. Z-Wave Lock (device type that my ST V2 hub assigned),
    2. Custom Z-Wave Lock (by yracine)
    along with 2 Smart Apps:
    1. Enable User Codes (by Nick Skeba),
    2. User Lock Manager (by ethayer)
    The only reliable combination I got was the Device Handler "Z-Wave Lock" and the Smart App "User Lock Manager".
    The above combination ONLY adds the ability to authorize user codes so that the lock's keypad can be used for entry. The "User Lock Manager" has much more functionality built in however, none of it works with this lock. You CANNOT do the following: obtain battery status, know which code was used for entry, or revoke an entry codethe only way to revoke an entry code is to disassociate the lock, re-associate and authorize all the codes again.
    If this lock had a new device handler specific to SmarThings, it could easily be a 5 star product.

    PROS: Price

    CONS: Limited functionality with SmartThings
    January 31, 2016
    My biggest complaint about this device is the installation guide. It took me a while to figure out where the wire from the keypad attaches to after feeding it through the deadbolt hole to the locking mechanism. The picture in the guide does not show it well and you have to actually insert it into a port that is hidden behind the circuit board. My second complaint is that there doesn't seem to be a way to use the keypad to lock the door. The guide explains how to unlock it using the keypad only. I just did a live chat and was told that there is a way to do it by pressing the unlock key and then the user code, but I'm at work and will have to wait until I get home to test it. Other than that the device does seem to be sturdy. If someone's going to break into your house, they'll break the door frame before this deadbolt. It was easily detected by my VeraLite and responds well using a web browser or phone app. It's also much cheaper than any similar device you'll find. I don't think there's anything comparable to this on Amazon or SmartHome for less than $200. If Monoprice edits the manual to better explain how to connect the wire and include the keypad locking instructions if it can actually do this or update the device itself so it can be locked using the keypad, I would probably be giving this a 9.

    PROS: Was quickly recognized by my VeraLite. Seems sturdy.

    CONS: Installation guide could've been more detailed. A bad picture with lack of description is not helpful.
    July 1, 2014
    Works from phone. Not able to set code
    I bought this lock to work with my wink hub. After some initial problems with Left/Right handed door setup, I managed to install this. Wink instantly recognized the lock after I kept the hub near the lock. I can easily lock and unlock it from anywhere. I can't get to program a number to lock and unlock. The manual says it has to be done through the z wave controller. Perhaps Looks like Wink doesn't allow that. I lost 6% battery on the first day. Perhaps due to the friction between lock and strike plate. After I made the strike hole larger, the battery lose is about 10% per month.
    April 25, 2016
    I purchased two of these locks for a new house. I was interested in getting into some home automation devices so price wise these are great way to get started. For around the price of one Yale or Schlage z-wave lock I got two locks and a Vera Lite.

    The locks paired immediately with my Vera Lite. This was my first experience with the Vera so I was glad everything went smoothly. Was able to program in our pin codes and open and close the locks remotely. I purchased these before we closed on the house so I had some time to get familiar with them. As a previous reviewer noted you do need a z-wave controller to program them.

    Installation was straightforward and quick. I had installed Schlage keypad locks (non z-wave) at our previous residence so I was familiar with how these types of locks install. As noted by another reviewer the port to plug in the cable is a little tough to find, especially if you are trying to do it while installing the lock. Familiarize yourself with its location beforehand. There is a plate that is installed and I thought I would need to drill holes in the door to mount the lock, but the plate hold the faceplate on, then the back gets screwed to the plate. No problems on my doors with fit, I even used the existing bolt mechanism from the deadbolt I removed.

    The keypad part of the lock is quite elegant looking in my opinion. As a said before I had Schlage locks and those always had a fortress kind of feel. The photos of the lock show the front and back as the same size. The back as expected was about 6 inches tall and fairly thick, it houses all the stuff to make it work. The front is about 4 inches tall, fairly narrow, and very thin. I was surprised how nice it looks. In my opinion it is probably the best looking z-wave lock out there.

    My one complaint is with the locking knob on the inside of the door. The lock can be set up for a left or right opening door via a switch. I have two locks. One is on a left opening door, and one on a right. Because the knob is not modifiable, on one door when locked the knob is vertical, and on the other it is horizontal, so it makes it hard at a glance to tell locked from unlocked depending on the door. This design quirk is the only reason I don't rate it a full 10.

    Very happy with the locks. If you are looking to get into z-wave automation these are hard to beat.

    PROS: Paired easily with my Vera Lite

    Elegant look


    CONS: Knob is not reversible.
    January 12, 2015
    Zwave Door Lock
    Installation went very well inspite of real bad instruction printout. I have a SmartThings Hub2 and got ST chat line to help me install the 'user Lock Manager' by ethayer. Worked like a charm to program the key entry codes. All else works very smooth

    PROS: nice looking lock. smooth operation, easy to change batteries, comes with name brand batteries.

    CONS: have to get the zwave hub to change and manage the codes. Smartthings works real well and so does Vera
    July 13, 2016
    Works great, but not with Wink hub
    Giving 5 stars because it works great as a lock. But, I have a Wink hub, and while from Wink and I can easily lock and unlock the deadbolt, I cannot programmer user codes, as the Wink does not support that yet.
    January 9, 2017
    3 months ago
    After getting a Vera Lite, I was able to set PINs. The only thing I don't like about it is how loud the buzzer is on the door. Anytime you make a change over Z-wave or click a button, it sounds like there is an alarm going off. We cannot use the smart features of the lock at all while our children are sleeping because it is loud enough that it wakes them on the other side of the house. There are times that you definitely want it to make noise, but most of the time I would prefer it to be silent.

    PROS: - Easy install

    - Looks nice

    CONS: - Extremely loud buzzer

    - Cannot be programmed without Z-wave
    April 1, 2015
    Good lock, weak instructions
    Seemed a bit flimsy when I took it out of the box, but once it was mounted on the door it feels solid. Make sure the deadbolt can slide smoothly into the door, and you'll have no problems. Paired well with a Vera Edge.

    PROS: Good price.
    Easily programmable.
    Seems solid enough for a normal home front door. I wouldn't use this in a state prison or on a bank vault, but considering I have a window in my door if someone wants in they are getting in.

    CONS: Instructions: Here's some advice - the exterior wire molex connector connects back behind the board. The cutout in the instruction give you no idea where to look. My finished carpenter couldn't find it using the instructions, and it took me some time struggling to figure out where it hooks in.
    April 11, 2017
    Only had it installed for a few hours. Functionality seems awesome!
    I have a Vera Lite, upgraded to the latest version, and I can lock it, I can set pins with schedules, and I get status of batteries. All the Zwave functionality works just fine with the Vera Lite.

    For the door I put it in, it's a nice smooth throw, so no problems with motor grinding. The servo motor is rather loud, and the beeping is REALLY loud. I will probably take it apart and find the speaker and put some tape over it.

    Our door stuff is brass, so having a silver door lock doesn't exactly look pretty.

    PROS: All the zwave stuff works with a VeraLite
    Not terribly expensive
    Works as advertised

    CONS: Loud beeping
    Loud motor
    Only comes in one color
    May 28, 2016
    Good priced zwave deadbolt but needs a controller
    It paired easily with my SmartThings version 1 hub. Using the Lock Code Manager smartapp by one of the ST members, it was easy to add the codes to the lock.

    PROS: Affordable, easy to install.

    CONS: Like others mentioned, the wire connector picture needs to be redone or clarified. It's behind the PCB and not the obvious multi-pin connector that's directly visible. A little plasticky and the inside part of the housing did not sit flush for my install.
    October 29, 2015

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