Rack-Mountable UPS Battery Backup for Audio & Video Home Theater System - 1000VA / 500W
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    Rack-Mountable UPS Battery Backup for Audio & Video Home Theater System - 1000VA / 500W
    Product # 4153
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    Rack-Mountable UPS Battery Backup for Audio & Video Home Theater System - 1000VA / 500W

    Keep your home theater or stereo system operating through brownouts and short blackouts using this UPS Battery Backup from Monoprice!

    If you suffer from power brownouts and/or blackouts, you need more than a surge suppressor to protect your equipment. This Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) not only offers surge protection, but features a battery with a 1000VA/500W rating to keep your system operating without interruption through power outages and anomalies.

    In addition to allowing continuous operation through power anomalies, this UPS conditions the incoming power to ensure that it is clean and at the proper level using the Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) feature. It features EMI/RFI filtering and Advanced Battery Management to provide for longer battery backup time.

    In addition to filtering and conditioning power, it features RJ-11, RJ-45, and RF Coaxial surge protection, allow protection of telephone, network, and cable devices. The LCD panel on the front panel displays the time as well as battery level, battery run time, and load indications. The UPS comes with power management and monitoring software for Windows 98SE, ME, 2000, XP, and Server 2003. It is rack mountable and includes rack mount ears.


    • Provides continuous power during brownouts and blackouts
    • Provides full-time surge protection for all outlets
    • Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) ensures that the output power is at the proper level at all times
    • EMI/RFI noise filtering
    • LCD display with clock, power, and load indications
    • RJ-11, RJ-45, and RF coaxial surge protection
    • ABM Technology (Advanced Battery Management) provides longer battery backup time
    • Automatically enters standby mode when the battery runs low
    • Auto restart feature allows for unattended recharging in the event of a shutdown
    • USB connection for PC monitoring and control
    • Includes power management and monitoring software for Windows 98SE, ME, 2000, XP, and Server 2003.
    • Includes rack mount ears and screws

    Support Files:

    Battery Capacity 1000VA/500W
    Input Voltage 100~120 or 220~240 VAC, ±25%
    Input Frequency 50 or 60 Hz ±10% (auto sensing)
    Output Voltage Simulated sine wave at 100, 115, or 230 VAC ±5%
    Output Frequency 50 or 60 Hz ±1Hz
    Voltage Regulation (AVR) AVR automatically increases output voltage 15% above input voltage
    if -9% to -25% of nominal. AVR decreases output voltage 13% below
    input voltage if +9% to +25% of nominal.
    Transfer Time 2/4 milliseconds, including detection time
    Spike Protection 4250 joules, 2ms
    Input Protection Fuse or circuit breaker for overload and short circuit protection
    Overload Protection UPS automatically shuts down if overload exceeds 120% of nominal
    at 30 seconds and 130% of nominal at 3 seconds
    Short Circuit Protection UPS output cut off immediately or input fuse protection
    Port Filter 1x RJ-11, 1x RJ-45, and 3x RF coaxial pairs
    Battery Type Sealed, maintenance-free lead acid
    Battery Recharge Time 6 hours typically (to 90% of full capacity)
    Battery Protection Automatic self-test and discharge protection
    Number of Batteries 1
    Battery DC Voltage 12 VDC
    Battery Backup Alarm Slow beeping sound (about 0.47Hz)
    Battery Low Alarm Rapid beeping sound (about 1.824Hz)
    Overload Alarm Continuous beep
    Operating Temperature +32 ~ +104°F (0 ~ +40°C)
    Operating Humidity 0 ~ 95% RH, non-condensing
    Operating Altitude 0 ~ 11482 feet (0 ~ 3500 meters)
    Noise Level < 40dBA (1 meter from surface)
    Dimensions 16.9" x 12.8" x 3.5" (430 x 324 x 88 mm)
    Weight 22.7 lbs. (10.3kg)
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    You get what you pay for.
    Not worth the time, bad experience with the quality of this product.

    PROS: cheap, looks good, large lcd plent of plugs in the back for electronic devices

    CONS: first one did not shift to battery during tested outage and real outage from storm. Second replacement came with the chassis all misaligned on one side. This prevents the side rack mount from being installed, which is important if you are installing it in a server rack. Now I am in the process of RMA this second one. So far, Quality control on this product have been crap.
    July 20, 2012
    Panamax???...not anymore!
    I purchased one of these units and must admit being a long time Panamax user was a bit skeptical until I saw the unit in person and put everything on line. These are aesthetically pleasing units and nice surge/line conditioners with the added value of being battery backups for short power failures, blips or to uniformly shut down equipment in the event of a prolonged outage. No more resetting clocks, losing your cable/sat receiver to a hard reset or for those of us with a all-in-one remote which macros all equipment commands leaving the recliner to manually turn on that one piece of equipment that shut down after a power failure blip or quick surge. The units give the essential power details with LED lights to let the user know the surge, ground and line conditioning is functioning properly. There is also a digital read out that reveals the time, battery charge level, percentage of load and actual voltage at any given moment. You can actually watch voltage fluctuation given in volts in real time. Im using this on a home theater application and have purchased a second for a LCD projection TV being the bulb has a cooling fan and is not to be shut down without the fan which would be the case in an outage. An outage can shorten the life of the bulb or even break the bulb when improperly shut down on projection LCD and DLP TVs. This unit costs less than the replacement bulb for most LCD and DLP apps. Unit has a nice warranty and insurance protection included. I like these so much Ill be purchasing more for a planned media/theater room. The one downside might be I noticed for computer applications it does not claim to be compliant/compatible with Vista someone may correct me if Im incorrect. Id call and ask if that is a concern. In summation, just another quality product priced handsomely as we have come to expect from Monoprice.
    December 6, 2008
    Nice unit, but battery is NOT replacable
    Seems like a good unit, I have two of them, must preferable to the junk Belkin ones that have been discontinued.

    When the battery dies I guess they are more e-waste and a boat anchor. So the reviews saying these are comparable to APC, Furman, etc. are nuts since the battery lasts at most 3-4 years. I am very surprised that no review has mentioned this.

    PROS: Price, functionality

    CONS: Battery cannot be replaced!
    October 31, 2011
    Great Addition to my AV System
    This is great UPS and line conditioner. As a manager of an IT department I have purchased many UPS systems over the years and this one is really nice. The screen is easy to read and full of information. I haven't had any bad weather or lost power, but it powers my 55" LED display, AV receiver and blue ray player and uses only 33% of it's capability.

    The lights on the front are REALLY bright and you might want to place a piece of black electrical tape over them. They will light a dark room and can be distracting.

    September 2, 2009
    Built like a tank!
    this product is made by POWERCOM (www.pcmups.com.tw & www.powercom-usa.com). Has a 2 year warranty & $25,000.00 equipment protection policy. This comes with rack mount ears for rack installations. It is a tremendous bargin at this price. Panamax/Furman has a similar product that sells for $999.99. Just as good as Belkin UPS, APC UPS, Monster, and Panamax/Furman UPS, for less money.

    November 4, 2008
    This is a GREAT Investment
    I puchased this in Dec 2008 to power my Entertainment System. I have both the MediaPC and the 52" widescreen LCD TV running off the UPS backup and the rest of my equipment (receiver, DVD player, etc.) plugged into the power surge outlets. I have the TV cable going in and out of the coax cable surge protection. At first I thought perhaps this was a little too much to spend on a UPC/surge system. But this is a very rugged and commercial grade UPC/power surge system and fits nicely on a shelf. You have to put something like this in perspective: you don't want to use a cheapo surge protector with an under-powered UPS from ***Mart to handle expensive equipment. This is built to protect from surges, hiccups, power outages, and lightning and believe me, it delivers in fine style. It also lets you know what %-age of the battery's capacity is being tasked at any one time, so you don't stress the UPS beyond its capacity. I've never seen a unit quite like this, especially for the price.
    September 2, 2009
    Solid unit with a couple of minor nits. First unit never showed above 76% charge on display. Monoprice got me in touch with manufacture and said the firmware was not in sync for these recent units, but it should be functioning normally. Did a test and it did run off power for just over 2 hours on a 10% load, however the output voltage, as read from an digital multi-meter fluctuated between 106-109 volts on battery power. Monoprice quick to get me a replacement - the replacement shows no more than 80% charge and the output voltage on the battery is steady at 110 volts. Im assuming firmware is still an issue that causes an 80% reading, though this one seems more stable. Couple of items to note, if the load on the unit, when on battery power, is very low, the unit will turn itself off after 3 minutes to conserve the battery. Havent been able to test yet, but I hope DirecTV DVR and AVR in stand-by mode draw enough to keep the unit operating on a power loss of more than 3 minutes. Last nit, the instructions say that when it goes into battery mode, the unit will slowly beep for 1 minute, then go mute until the unit is just about to lose all power when it will rapidly beep. It never stops, it beeps until its battery is exhausted.
    April 21, 2009
    I ordered 3 of these. 2 were DOA. The third just crashed causing database corruption. These are complete junk. Do not buy if you value your equipment. I am extremely disappointed with monoprice for wasting my time with such a poor product.

    PROS: None

    CONS: Units don't work.
    June 14, 2011
    I ordered this unit based on the positive reviews but should have paid more attention to the negative ones. The first UPS arrived and was DOA. It didn't power up at all. I verified that it was the unit and not something else and RMA'd it for a replacement. Monoprice sent the replacement immediately (kudos!). However the replacement I just received was also DOA.

    DO NOT BUY THIS UNIT. I love monoprice but the UPS is garbage.

    PROS: Inexpensive

    CONS: Dead on Arrival. Twice.
    September 15, 2012
    Great Customer Service
    I'm no pro but as far as my setup concerned, I'm really happy with this UPS unit. Works as advertised.

    Also the unit I ordered was defective. I called the customer support and they sent another one immediately. They also paid the return shipping. Great service.
    August 3, 2009

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