Premium 3D Printer Filament PLA 1.75MM 1kg/spool, Gray
    Product # 11778
    Premium 3D Printer Filament PLA 1.75MM 1kg/spool, Gray
    Product # 11778
    Out of Stock ETA: 5/25/2016


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    Premium 3D Printer Filament PLA 1.75MM 1kg/spool, Gray

    Get outstanding 3D printing results when you use 1.75mm PLA 3D Printer Filament from Monoprice!

    PLA is a good choice for a printing material if you are looking for high accuracy and high resolution. It extrudes at lower temperatures, does not require a heated base, and has a very low shrinkage rate (0.3%). PLA is harder than ABS, but is therefore also a bit more brittle. Additionally, PLA is a plant-based plastic, which means that it is biodegradable and gives off a slightly sweet odor, like roasting corn.

    This 1 Kg spool features a thickness of 1.75mm ±0.10mm, with a roundness variation of only 0.03mm. It has a nominal processing temperature of 210° C (410°F). Thickness and roundness factors are laser measured at the factory to ensure accuracy over the entire length of the filament.

    The negatives of using PLA is that it is vulnerable to degradation from moisture, sunlight, and heat. Additionally, it is more prone to overheating during processing, which can cause dripping and drooping if it gets too hot.

    Reel Dimensions:

    • Reel Diameter: 195mm (7.68")
    • Hub Diameter: 95mm (3.74")
    • Spindle Diameter: 38mm (1.50")
    • Reel Width: 80mm (3.15")

    6 Reviews

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    Not very good. :-(

    • planner29,
    •  DeKalb, IL 
    • 8/23/2015 5:05:44 PM

    Pros: Reasonable price. Nicely packed.

    Cons: Poor layer adhesion. Very Stringy.

    I've been 3D printing for over 2 years. I was excited to see one of my favorite online retailers, Monoprice, offering filament. I made both of my 3D printers (one Cartesian and one Delta). Even people with very expensive turnkey 3D printers compliment my printers for their high quality. Unfortunately, I just got average to poor prints using this gray and the pink filament. The filaments produced very poor layer adhesion. Layers are also not very uniform compared to other filaments I have usedProbably a result of the inconsistent diameter of the filament. I'm disappointed. I have never said that about a Monoprice product.

    by Monoprice Administrator
    Hi planner29,

    I am truly sorry to hear about the issues experienced with PID 11778. If I may ask, do you happen to have calipers so we can measure the diameter of the filament at different sections of the spool? Approximately how much filament have you used thus far? Also, do you happen to have the order number for this purchase? Please let me know so we can look into this matter further. Thank you in advance!

    Gabby V.
    Tech Support Associate
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    First Purchase

    • Martin Mueller,
    •  Hudson, MA 
    • 4/29/2015 7:30:29 AM

    Pros: Good color consistency, makes good objects.

    Cons: Quite a bit of variance in diameter

    I had to adjust the feed multiple times to keep the print going properly. There were thin spots in the filament that caused feed issues but I did not have any breaks or jams.

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    PLA Gray 1.75 MM

    • tking101,
    •  Allen Park, MI 
    • 12/3/2014 4:50:31 PM

    Pros: This is my second roll of this gray PLA filament. I'm using the Monoprice Dual 3d printer and making both two color and single color parts. The filament has performed perfectly when making parts. The parts come out almost perfect every time, the filament has never jammed or broken going to the extruder. When compared with other brands costing $48.00 and up, the Moneprice performs better in making parts at all three levels, low, medium, and high setting. Four Stars.

    Cons: Price is a little high, compared with other vendors selling PLA filament, but the filament works well.

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    • Anonymous,
    •  Midland, MI 
    • 10/3/2014 11:54:37 PM

    Cons: Keeps clogging the extruder when printed with .35mm nozzle

    Unfortunately I hate to give this product a bad review. I was so excited to see that Monoprice had started carrying 3D printing filament. When I think about Monoprice I always think about the great prices and how good the quality is of their products (it truly is unreal) it often is better than name brand products. I bought two spools of the black PLA back a few moths ago with the intent of printing a bunch of things for my friends. I quickly realized that I may not be able to as my extruder kept jamming. I found it to be hit or miss as to if my print would finish before a jam came along. I finally made it most of the way through spool 1 and decided to give spool 2 a try, hopping that I just received a bad spool. I started to print things off with spool 2 and after the first few successful prints, I was felling mush happier with the quality until spool 2 began clogging up the extruder also.. So bad so that I had to completely dissemble the printer in order to free the jam. I have completely stopped printing with this filament as its not worth the constant hassle. I hope Monoprice can achieve a consistent quality in their 3D filament line as the achieve in their cables. But for now, I will hold off from buy my next filament from Monoprice and stick to cables.

    by Monoprice Administrator

    Thank you for your review. And I am truly sorry to hear of your experience you have had with this product. For now, if you prefer, I can assist you in setting you up for a replacement on the item if you haven't done so already. We do have a lifetime warranty on cables as well as a 1 year warranty for everything else. It will be of no additional cost to obtain a replacement, so please let me know if you want to continue. Thank you!

    John Lingo
    Tech Support

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    • ed,
    •  Keystone Heights, FL 
    • 9/22/2014 2:05:32 AM

    Pros: Nice print.

    Cons: none

    Has consistent diameter and makes a nice print without a lot of temperature fluctuations.

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