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    Monoprice Cable Management Kit, White
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    How many Cat6 Ethernet cables could i fit in this?
    A shopper on Mar 28, 2017
    BEST ANSWER: Thank you for your question. You will be able to fit around 8 Cat6 Ethernet cables in the raceway.

    Should you require additional assistance, please reach out to our technical support team with a detailed question via any of the methods available here:


    Our knowledgeable Technical Support staff would be more than happy to assist. Thank you
    Can this hold 5 sets of cables in it? It will be to hold 2x 14 gauge speaker wire, 1x coaxial cable, 1x cat 5e cable, 1x subwoofer cable.
    Jaspreet J on Feb 23, 2017
    BEST ANSWER: I have 4 cables in mine - cable coax - power - toslink (thin) - digital coax (thick) and still room for more if I needed - just need to lay it out properly - the track cover seems to be flexible - hope this helps
    Are these very wide? I'm looking for smaller raceways just to house 14 gauge speaker wire.
    A shopper on Dec 16, 2016
    BEST ANSWER: 1cm tall, 2 cm wide. I don't consider them incredibly thick, but you might consider using something like cable clips if you're only running a single cable.
    Monoprice Circle Cable Clips with Steel Nail, 10mm, 100 pcs/pack
    Monoprice Circle Cable Clips with Steel Nail, 10mm, 100 pcs/pack
    Will this fit 2 hdmi, 1 power cord, and an audio cable to my soundbar?
    Paul F on Jul 8, 2018
    BEST ANSWER: It will depend on the thickness of your HDMI cable and insulating outer cover. Vertically, it shouldn't have an issue with most standard-sized HDMI cables, but it may require two runs of conduit side-by-side to fit that much cable.
    How do you open the hinge?
    Yaron G on Dec 6, 2017
    BEST ANSWER: You might want to do this before sticking the runs to the wall. Look at the end. You will see that one side is a hinge and the other side is where it comes open. The base part has a bead and the top has a hook that goes over the bead. I used a screw driver as a tool. Inserted it into the end opening and then pry the hook from the bead. As soon as you get started, then you can manualy pull it open along its length
    Will this cover a thick extension cord?
    A shopper on May 9, 2018
    BEST ANSWER: Yes should fit without much worry. I currently have a coax and a 4x 12gauge speaker wire (which is thick as a thick extension cord) placed in the track. That's about the maximum it will hold.
    Will this fit your Commercial Series Professional Standard HDMI® Cable with Ethernet (Item #6058)?
    Jason B on Oct 19, 2017
    Monoprice Cable Management Kit, White
    Monoprice Cable Management Kit, White
    Monoprice Commercial Series Standard HDMI Cable - 1080i @ 60Hz, 4.95Gbps, 22AWG, CL2, 50ft, Black
    Monoprice Commercial Series Standard HDMI Cable - 1080i @ 60Hz, 4.95Gbps, 22AWG, CL2, 50ft, Black
    I have a question about an inner corner piece. I have two sets of speaker cables going into a corner. One set of speaker wires needs to exit into the corner, but the other pair needs to extend around the corner and down the wall. How do I use the same raceway for both sets; am I going to have to cut a small slot in the corner piece to all the exit of one set ? Also, the corner piece does not seem to connect to well when the raceway is up against a baseboard that is not completely flat. It would have been nice if there was a little flag on the corner piece to allow exit, while also allowing continuation around the corner. Curious how others did this, if anybody.
    A shopper on Jul 13, 2017
    3.9 / 5.0
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    I got these to cover my Speaker Wire Runs for my 7.1 Set up in my new house. Because Monoprice always has great prices I was able to do this project for under $50 Shipped compared to buying the same amount at a local Big Box Hardware Store for over $150. I got these in and I was a little off on one of my ceiling runs and got it a little diagonal. I tried to pull it off to reset it and it was on there GOOD. Oh well it was a little bit off. So Make SURE you have where you want it EXACTLY before you peel off the Wax Paper on the Adhesive. Speaking of Wax Paper I had 2 of my 30" Strips have Defective Adhesive that bonded to the wax paper. I would have been fine if only 1 of the 30"s were bad but 2 left me unfinished. Hopefully Monoprice can get me a replacement. Getting the Wires in the Raceway is a little challenging. it was a little hard to open so my reccommendation is once you open the packages open all your 30" and 9.25" Raceways so that you will save some time and frustration during the install.

    PROS: Affordable
    157" of Raceway per package
    Nice selection of Space Covers
    Strong Adhesive

    CONS: Adhesive may be TOO Strong
    A little hard to open and close the Raceways
    Blister Packaging...Really?
    November 28, 2011
    Great price, but improvement needed
    I'm disappointed that the product has not been improved with so many submitted reviews that universally pan the mounting (double "stick") tape. The tape is completely ineffective and should just be eliminated from the product all together (having it pre-stuck to the tracks makes it more difficult to implement your own effective mounting method). Supplying a few screws (and some pre-drilled holes) with the kit would be far superior - screws straight into drywall would actually be much more effective. I expect name-brand double stick tape (3M) would work just fine (perhaps the instructions should just tell the consumer to provide their own). I only had a short vertical run, so I thought I would be okay without supplemental mounting methods. But the supplied mounting tape couldn't perform even under these light duty conditions.

    The price, on the other hand, makes this product a value. Keep in mind the track is VERY narrow. I was able to fit an HDTV power cord, a Blue Ray Player power cord, a VCR power cord, a Nintendo sensor bar cord (very small) & a Nintendo component A/V cable. All this was a very tight fit - it took significant cable grooming to get all the twists out of the two flat cords (Blue Ray & VCR cords) and I could barely close the cover. It would be nice if they had a similar, wider product.

    Go ahead and buy this product. Just be sure you understand the limited space and plan on augmenting the mounting system (your own 3M tape would likely be easiest).

    PROS: Price, length of track, hinged cover

    CONS: double stick tape doesn't stick to wall (does this make it single stick?), very narrow - limited number of cables, product feedback has not resulted in product improvement
    January 29, 2013
    Cable Management Kit
    When I first saw the kits online, they were not in stock and there was very little information available, just one picture. I talked to tech support, but they did not have any more information than what was listed. The main concern I had was that the length was not given, so I was not sure if 2 kits would provide enough length or if I would need 3 kits. They were so much cheaper than similar kits at other stores (brick and mortar as well as online) that I would spend about half as much even if I needed 4 or 5 kits compared to just two of the competitors'. I kept a watch out for when they were in stock, which wasn't too long, and took a chance that 2 kits would be sufficient. I figured that they were cheap enough that even if they ended up not being what I expected I wouldn't be out that much if they didn't work for me, and if I needed another kit the shipping time wasn't too long either.

    I am using them to conceal two 14 gauge surround speaker wires, also from Monoprice, in a 5.1 system in an apartment. Since I am in an apartment and did not wish to pay for damage to the drywall, I left the wax paper on the double sided foam tape that comes attached to the raceways. Instead, I drilled small pilot holes at each end and used 6 x 1 inch screws directly into the drywall (and framing behind the drywall when I could). The small holes will be easy to fill in when I move out of the apartment. I am running the surround wires up and over a closet door and the front door, so the horizontal raceways are helped by partially being supported against the door trim. I debated using wall anchors, but decided I would try the screws alone and could put anchors in later if I needed the extra strength. Since they are in a position where they won't run a risk of being knocked into, the screws without anchors are fine. I only have 2 surround speakers, so the weight of the cables is pretty light. If I had a 7.1 system I would definitely have used anchors.

    The kits have 30 inch raceways x 4, and 9.25 inch raceways x 4, plus connectors for straight runs, right angles for flat surfaces as well as interior and exterior corners, and T-intersections. I had to cut one section to length which was done easily with a $4 hack saw from a hardware store.

    The raceways were a little stiff to open fully, so driving the screws took a little coordination to hold them open while screwing them in. Once mounted the two runs of 14 gauge cable fit in nicely with plenty of room to spare. I could have easily gotten 4 cables in there if I needed to. I would recommend trying to have the cables with no twists. It just makes it easier to handle if they are uncoiled and untwisted. The raceway connectors are a bit wider than the raceways themselves, so make sure you allow for the extra thickness if mounting them in a corner or against trim. I was a bit too close on one raceway and had to finagle it to get the connector in place. The raceways are paint-able, but they blend nicely with the standard white eggshell paint color of the apartment. Since they run along the door trim they are pretty unobtrusive.

    Once the cables were in, the raceways snapped closed very easily. I was a little surprised that the length was only 30 inches, since most other kits were 36 to 48 inches, but as I stated above, the price is so much less than other kits that having to buy one or two extra kits from Monoprice would still save you a substantial amount of money over the competition. The shorter length makes them a little easier to handle if you are installing them by yourself.

    This was my first time doing business with Monoprice, although several friends have used them for years and recommended them highly. Other than the lack of details of the kits when I first saw them and having to wait a little before the kits were in stock, the experience was a very good one. The kits have worked great for me, just the way I expected them to work. By mounting them with screws instead of the supplied tape, I will be able to remove them with minimal damage to the walls, and in the meantime my cables are safely held unobtrusively out of the way. The kits must be popular because I noticed they are out of stock currently. They work great, but the blister pack was difficult to open as blister packs always are. I would give a "10" for the actual raceway system, but the blister pack could be improved upon. Monoprice has more pictures and a very good description of the kits now compared to when I first found them a couple months ago. The kits were a new product at the time, so evidently it took a while for the description to be posted. I just hope they are in stock next time I need to conceal wires.

    PROS: Price, ease of use, solid construction, aesthetics compared to bare wire

    CONS: Blister packaging
    January 28, 2012
    I was a bit worried that these things wouldn't have enough room to run my 30 foot redmere slim HDMI cable and 3 sets of speaker wire to my surround sound system. I was wrong. I ordered 16awg speaker wire thinking it was going to be a tight fit but could have gone with 14awg if I knew they were this roomy. I went ahead and used 3M double sided tape as nearly all the reviews here stated the adhesive sucked on these. For a seperate application, these things also had room to run a 12 foot subwoofer cable and 2 pairs of 16awg CL2 (in wall rated) speaker wires to the rear of my room.

    PROS: Roomy and super cheap compared to the comparable one at home dee-poo

    CONS: Somewhat hard to open but I guess not a big deal as you'll probably only need to do this once.
    December 3, 2012
    Good quality basic cable management kit
    I purchased this with a wall mount kit to hide the cables that would run down behind a dresser. I ended up letting a friend use this kit because the track is too narrow for an HDMI, component, power, and coax. I wish this product came in a 2 or 3 inch wide model.

    PROS: Comes with good assortment of bends and straights.
    Good quality.
    Great price.

    CONS: Doesn't come in a wider model
    September 30, 2013
    Great economical product!
    This cable management kit worked great! Needed to cover three Ethernet network cables and guide them along the ceiling-wall line, and the edge of some cabinets. Simple, straight-forward installation just make sure you lay out and fit all pieces and joint covers before finally sticking them up. Based on previous posted reviews, I was concerned if the raceway was big enough to accommodate three Ethernet cables. They fit! 3 Ethernet cables fit very neatly in the raceway - just try to keep the cables straight, and parallel in a Flat ribbon cable configuration. Take your time - If you're sloppy and allow to cables to overlap or "braid-up", then you may not be able to close the latch - forcing it may lead to the raceway getting levered off of the wall. In horizontal ceiling-wall runs, I allowed them to be unlatched for convenience sake - I had the latch-side of the cable facing up so gravity simply nests the cables into the hinge. The unlatching is not even noticeable from below and/or at a distance - the unlatched cover still covers up the cables. Recommend using a level or surrounding wall trim / cabinets as guides to make sure everything is straight before sticking to wall. Adhesive works good for me - I just warm them with a hair dryer or electric heater before sticking to a ore-cleaned wall. If you're going to tack the raceways with small flat-head nails, it would be easier to drill stud-aligned nailing holes first. If the adhesive fails, and the raceway falls off, I'll just replace the double-stick foam tape with another brand of double-stick foam tape - the quality of the raceways themselves are Fine.

    PROS: Economical and serves its purpose well for covering Ethernet network cables.

    CONS: Would have liked one more MP-CMP05 straight connection cover, and one more MP-CMP03 "T" connection cover (but they are available separately if you need more). Wished they made a Closed-End cover - like a MP-CMP05 with one end closed off - to cover the hole where a cable comes through the wall.
    November 28, 2012
    Adhesive is terrible
    Don't use the adhesive provided. It barely lasted two days.

    PROS: it holds cables

    CONS: it doesn't attach to the wall
    August 11, 2016
    Great product and great price!
    Attractive design and I really like the "hinged" style so you only have to fool around with one seam to snap closed. I have 1 large diameter HDMI cable and three speaker cables inside. It is only about 3/4" wide so if you had two large diameter cables the remaining space would be limited. There are many comments about the adhesive foam tape not holding well. I have very seldom been satisfied with the use of adhesive foam tape for anything so I wouldn't have used the tape even without the comments in the reviews. I simply put three small screws right down the centerline of the channel and it is solid as a rock. If I ever remove it, a tiny amount of spackle and a dot of paint and no one is the wiser.

    PROS: Attractive Design, Excellent price, Easy to work with.

    CONS: If you need to customize any of the fittings to work with your space, you have to be exceptionally careful as they crack/spit easily.
    April 15, 2015
    Too small for multiple cables and cheap tape
    This kit works if you have only a few cables to deal with, but all of us Monoprice customers are well aware that we all have many, many potential inputs to use with our tvs and other equipment. The only way I can get my premium monoprice hdmi, monoprice coax, premium monoprice toslink, monoprice cat5e, and premium monoprice loud speaker cables to my tv is to stack multiple management channels on top of each other. It looks a bit tacky. To be fair, the Wiremold Coremate II kits also has the same problems because they have identical interior dimensions.

    SIGH... not sure what I want to do with the two unopened kits...

    PROS: -It's cheap ($ wise)!
    -On par dimensions wise with competitors.
    -Did I mention it is cheap?

    CONS: -11/16" x 6/16" clearance is really only enough space for about 2 premium quality monoprice cables. You have another 2/16" in the back/top area that can manage to fit really thin cables in (speaker cables and such, but even the premium speaker cables will be tight).
    -The tape doesn't work well enough to keep the channels on the wall (this could be seen as a plus, since the Wiremold alternative actually sticks so well, it rips off your drywall and paint).
    February 1, 2013
    Not a proper kit as advertised
    As you've read with other comments the adhesive tape is very poor quality. Even if you manage to get it to stick. Over time (two weeks for me) the weight of the raceway will weaken the tape stuck to the plastic and eventually fall off! Every single one will do this.

    Best thing to do if you purchased this kit is to buy some proper wall/ceiling safe adhesive then remove the tape from the raceway completely and score the plastic before setting it back up. May have to brace it for a few hours depending on what type of adhesive you use... what am I talking about?! Just avoid buying this and find a higher quality product elsewhere until Monoprice can sort it out. I'm sure they will as this product is bogus.
    March 2, 2016

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