Component Video + Digital Coaxial and Digital Optical Audio to HDMI® Converter
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    Component Video + Digital Coaxial and Digital Optical Audio to HDMI® Converter

    This Component Video + S/PDIF audio to HDMI® converter combines your analog high def and/or progressive scan Y, Pb, Pr (Component) video signals with an S/PDIF Digital Coax or Digital Optical Toslink Audio from your source devices and outputs them in HDMI® format.  This allows you to connect your legacy Component Video sources to your newer HDMI® HDTV's and A/V receivers.  No need to replace the high end video player you bought only a few years ago just because it doesn't support HDMI®.  This Analog to Digital converter provides a perfect interim solution until you decide to move on to the next great high def format.
    **Note - This device is a format converter, not a scaler.  It will not upscale a standard definition signal into high definition.  It will simply allow a component signal to be plugged into an HDMI® port in a situation where no Component inputs are available.

    HDMI, the HDMI Logo, and High-Definition Multimedia Interface are trademarks or registered trademarks of HDMI Licensing LLC in the United States and other countries.

    • Input Video Signal:  1.2V p-p
    • Input DDC Signal:  5 V p-p (TTL)
    • Output Connector:  HDMI® Connector female.
    • Video Connector: 3 RCA Component
    • Audio Connector: 1 RCA Digital Coax / 1 Digital Optical Toslink
    • HDMI® Video Amplifier Bandwidth:  1.65Gbps/165Mhz
    • Frequency:  Up to 165Mhz
    • Supported Resolutions:  480i thru 1080p
    • Size:  91mm (w) x 22mm (h) x 75mm (d)
    • Shipping Weight:  0.12 Kgs
    • Operating Temperature:  0 degree C to 70 degrees C.
    • Operating Humidity:  10% to 85% RH (no condensation)
    • Storage Temperature:  -10 degrees C to 80 degrees C.
    • Storage Humidity:  5% to 90% RH (no condensation)
    • External Power Supply:  5V DC @ 2A
    • Regulatory Approvals:  FCC, CE UL

    HDMI, the HDMI Logo, and High-Definition Multimedia Interface are trademarks or registered trademarks of HDMI Licensing LLC in the United States and other countries.

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    Can I assume that based on specs provided, this will not support 240p resolution? Trying to convert my Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo to HDMI from Component, but the systems will only work if the converter supports 240p.
    Victor Q on Jul 1, 2017
    my application is:I need to attach HDMI output from a cable settop box to the converter input and then RCA plug composite video/audio out to a slingbox. This seems to be opposite the design. Can it work? Anyone doing this?
    Thomas M on Dec 6, 2016
    BEST ANSWER: My understanding is that the system is not bi-directional, I do not think that your idea will work. There are other devices to do what you want.
    My monoprice component to vga finally gave way this week. I was looking at this and I am wondering if anyone who owns this have ever tested this with a Playstation 2 and hooked up to a monitor that has HDMI support? I know it says it has no scaling function so I assume it is a straight 480p. However, I am not sure if my monitor will do some magical auto-adjust like it does in the VGA side (I experienced an issue with a component to vga that had no scaler) and it caused painful issues for it. So if someone who owns this or perhaps a monoprice tech staff can answer this question it would be appreciated.
    Alistair T on Mar 28, 2017
    BEST ANSWER: Thank you for your question. Sorry to hear about the Component to VGA going out on you. Should it be within warranty, feel free to reach out to us regarding replacement options.

    As for the Component to HDMI converter, it should work no problem using the HDMI port on your monitor. HDMI will use EDID information to provide the supported resolutions. It would choose the highest resolution that the PS2 would output via Component.

    Feel free to contact our tech support team should you have any further questions any of the methods available here:

    Our knowledgeable Technical Support staff would be more than happy to assist.

    Thank you
    I have a Y Cr Cb connection. Is that compatible with a Y Pr Pb connection?
    A shopper on Mar 21, 2017
    BEST ANSWER: There is a difference, Y Cr Cb is the digital version and Y Pr Pb is the analog version, Most displays today will auto sense the input signal and pick the best display settings, If your display was manufactured within the last 10 years you should be OK.
    Does this device work both ways? I have a calibrated 2001 Mitsubishi TV WS-55807 with a 1080i component input. I need a device that will accept the HDMI signal from my DirecTV Genie (client) and output 1080i Component Video to the TV.
    A shopper on Feb 21, 2017
    BEST ANSWER: With regards to your question this item does not work in both direction. This will only take a component input and output HDMI.
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    Component to HDMI converter
    Got this product VERY fast, linked it to my Denon AVR 1913 and Xbox 360 and worked instantly. Very handy when I want to swap my Xbox into my living room where I cannot reach the component cables on my tv - due to it being hung up.

    PROS: Easy to set up, works great!

    CONS: A little lag with the AVR, only 1st time however.
    December 18, 2012
    Excellent product at an Excellent price
    I immediately knew that this was a quality product simply by it's packaging, and this belief was validated as soon as I began using the product.

    It does exactly as the description states. You connect it to a Component Input, along with an optical audio source (or digital coax if you would prefer), and outputs to HDMI.

    I have observed very little latency in the signal conversion (this was tested by comparing the change in latency measured using Microsoft XBox's Rock Band game). Furthermore, the converter automatically powers itself on and off based upon if an input signal is available.

    It is an excellent product, and for the price that it is sold for, you simply cannot ask for better.

    The only consequence of this product is the power consumption. I cannot recall of hand exactly what the power draw from the included adapter is, but I believe it was in the neighborhood of 2 Amps. However, based upon my knowledge of how much processing is required to convert these signals in realtime with minimal latency, such power requirements are necessary.

    PROS: Does exactly as described. Obvious quality in manufacturing evident simply from the packaging and enclosure.

    Has worked seamlessly and exactly as expected for over a month now.

    Fantastic product at a fantastic price.

    CONS: Power consumption, although this is necessary for what it does. Please see my review for further information.
    November 25, 2011
    Great way to use older console with modern AVRs
    Overall this is an excellent device. My only real suggestion would be to adjust the video output so that it more closely matches the input, instead of crushing the blacks.

    PROS: I am using this to connect an original Xbox to my Onkyo receiver. Everything works as expected for the most part (see cons.) The audio works flawlessly - it sounds perfect and my receiver even shows DTS or Dolby Digital signals as it should.

    CONS: I read some reviews here that stated the converter crushes black levels (makes everything darker.) This is indeed the case. You will need to adjust brightness and contrast settings in your device being converted, your receiver, or your TV/display to get it to look "natural." On the bright side (no pun intended) the detail in the crushed blacks is still there, so the picture quality is salvageable with the right settings.

    Also, the widescreen output of my Xbox doesn't work quite right. My display is acting like the picture is still 4:3, even though it's 16:9. I can set my display to stretch to fit, but then quality is lost and I still get some letterboxing. I won't take off points for this however, as it might be an issue with the Xbox, my receiver, my display or a combination of the three.
    July 16, 2014
    Works for first generation XBox
    I bought this to use my first generation XBox (component output only) with my 27" iMac with DisplayPort input. There doesn't appear to be a YPbPr component to DisplayPort converter on the market, so I used this unit in combination with an active HDMI to DisplayPort adapter, along with a DisplayPort to Mini DisplayPort cable. (The HDMI to DisplayPort conversion must be done with an active unit the cheap dongles won't work for input). This unit does up to 1080p conversion, but the iMac doesn't recognize 1080p as an input resolution, so output is limited to 780p in this configuration.
    May 12, 2012
    Better than expected
    I have a BOSE 321 Series II HTiB system, and the best video quality it outputs is component, rather than HDMI. Although my TV has component inputs, I have several HDMI devices that I send to it via an external HDMI switch. Although trivial in the big scheme of things, I hate having one oddball device that requires accessing the TV's input menu. I bought this in a frivolous mood to make it so all of my device switching involves the same process (i.e., toggling the external HDMI switch). Once it arrived, however, I felt silly for spending $50 on it and figured I should send it back.

    But, I first decided to try it out, just to see how it would work and, believe it or not, I get BETTER image quality on my TV using the HDMI from this converter than I did from the native component connection from the Bose.

    It isn't clear to me why this would be the case. Does an LCD TV first convert an analog signal to digital before making an image? If so, maybe the D-A converter on this device is actually better than my TV's. Alternatively, it occurs to me that I had a fairly long (6 foot) component cable between the Bose and the TV previously, but I now only use a very short (1.5) component cable to connect the Bose to this converter, and the rest of the run is now over HDMI. Seems implausible to me, but perhaps there was appreciable signal degradation over that length with an analog cable, that doesn't occur over the digital cable.

    In any event, I've decided to keep this device. The convenience alone wouldn't be worth $50, but coupled with the unexpected improvement in signal quality, I'm sold!
    January 16, 2010
    Works Great!
    I had to write this review to correct some previous reviewers who stated that it doesn't pass 5.1 audio- they are wrong. I plugged my XBOX 360 in through this with component cables and the optical (audio) cable and the picture is clear, and it is definitely passing 5.1 surround sound audio through the HDMI. I played a couple games of Halo and there is no question it's 5.1 surround! That was my only concern when purchasing but Monoprice comes through again!

    PROS: This DOES pass 5.1 surround audio when using the optical cable, and the picture is great.

    CONS: There is a very bright light on one end of the unit which I had to cover by taping piece of paper over it. Now it's just a more-bright-than-necessary light.
    January 9, 2012
    Worked perfectly for 2 years
    I needed this converter to capture video from PS3 and Xbox 360 and it worked great for a very long time, with a perfect image and sound capture through the TOSlink cable. Unfortunately after 2 years of good service it started flickering and sputtering and finally stopped working completely. I would really like to recommend this converter, but I can't vouch for its reliability.

    PROS: Worked perfectly with PS3 and Xbox 360.

    CONS: Stopped working after 2 years. I needed to put black tape over the very bright red LED.
    September 11, 2013
    Great Product!
    Once in a while you do get what you pay for and this converter was exactly the product I had expected and for the price I budgeted. The quality in design and manufacturing was evident from the case layout, color scheme and ease of installation. If you decide on this product, you can't go wrong. Our intended purpose was to address problems with the latest LCD's sporting only HDMI inputs. I had no problem with integrating with my audio/video equipment to my LED TV. I would highly recommend this component for anyone who needs to convert signal inputs to an HDMI interface.
    January 19, 2010
    Not what I needed

    PROS: Product arrive quickly and was well packaged.

    CONS: This product didn't work for integrating the older Sony TV that I was hoping I could connect to my new surround system. I was mistaken to think that it was bi-directional. It was clearly marked as a single-direction device. Now I must return it to Monoprice.
    January 14, 2015
    Just set it up and it works as advertised.

    I setup a home theater in my living room and had everything wired up to my receiver/projector in HDMI. Well, I'm moving out but had to put my old system back in (as apart of the lease agreement) and needed this device to go from my component out receiver to the HDMI projector hanging from the ceiling. This thing works like a charm.

    PROS: Easy to setup up
    Works as advertised

    CONS: Red LED is bright, but thats fine behind tinted black glass.
    October 18, 2012

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