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Monoprice 9V Alkaline Battery, 2-Pack
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Why spend more on batteries than necessary? Get batteries that are just as good (or better) than the leading national brands at a fraction of the cost when you use Monoprice branded Alkaline Batteries!

While rechargeable batteries are ideal for many applications, the classic "alkaline" battery is still a superior solution for devices that do not have a high current draw, that are usually off, or that need to provide full power for longer periods of time, such as remote controls, flashlights, and electronic toys. These alkaline batteries from Monoprice have been tested by a top independent test lab, with results that show they meet or exceed the power and duration capabilities of similar batteries from leading national brands. Additionally, our batteries are guaranteed fresh for FIVE (5) years, so you can stick them in your drawer, glove box, or toolbox with confidence that they will be ready for action when you need them!

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