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HOME > Cables > Serial ATA / SATA Power Cables > 8inch 4pin MOLEX Male to Two 15pin SATA II Female w/ 90 degree Power Cable
8inch 4pin MOLEX Male to Two 15pin SATA II Female w/ 90 degree Power Cable
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The Serial ATA standard provides for the adoption of a new 15-pin drive power connector, replacing the ubiquitous 4-pin Molex connector. However, existing system cases and power supplies may have an insufficient number of SATA power connectors, while still retaining the older Molex connectors.

This 8" adapter cable plugs into a 4-pin Molex power plug and provides two 15-pin SATA 90-degree power connectors. Each SATA connector is at the end of its own 8" lead, so they can be connected to drives further than 8" apart, so long as the each drive is not further than about 8" from the Molex connector.

Warning! The Molex connector provides only 5 and 12 VDC power. While many SATA drives only require these power levels, some require the additional 3.3 VDC power provided for in the SATA specification. Make sure your drive does not require 3.3 VDC before purchasing this adapter cable.

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