25ft Premier Series XLR Male to XLR Female 16AWG Cable (Gold Plated) [Microphone & Interconnect]
    Product # 4754
    25ft Premier Series XLR Male to XLR Female 16AWG Cable (Gold Plated) [Microphone & Interconnect]
    Product # 4754
    Length : 25ft
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    25ft Premier Series XLR Male to XLR Female 16AWG Cable (Gold Plated) [Microphone & Interconnect]

    Monoprice’s line of Professional Audio cables brings you high performance cables at rock bottom prices.  Whether you’re connecting broadcast equipment, instruments for your band or your high end entertainment system, Monoprice has the interconnect cables for you.


    Balanced audio cables utilize impedance balanced lines that reduce EM and RF noise and extend the effective range of the cable run.  Additionally, unlike standard unbalanced RCA interconnects that utilizes their braid as a signal return, balanced cables have a separate braided shield to provide additional resistance to interference without modulating the interference into the signal.  This prevents ground loop issues.


    Our XLR male to female cables continue our tradition of bringing the highest quality cables at the best prices.  These cables feature thick, heavy gauge wires, gold plated connectors and sturdy connector housings.

    • 16AWG Stranded Copper Wire Conduits.
    • 97.5% Shielded Balanced Connections
    • Gold Plated Connectors
    • Metallic Graphite Colored Connector Housings
    • Molded Strain Relief Boots.
    4.8 / 5.0
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    Good quality, great price
    These 25 foot mic cables are excellent quality for an amazing price. 1/2 the price of my local guitar shop where I often buy equipment.

    PROS: heavy construction. Good quality connectors.

    CONS: None
    October 23, 2014
    Noisy Cable
    I'm not sure why but the Pro Audio cables from Monoprice are very noisy. Unfortunately it's a deal killer for me and I will not be purchasing any pro audio cables here until Monoprice can figure it out. The cable seems tope notch and the connectors look good but for some reason, maybe the shielding - I don't know, the cables are very noisey which makes them unusable. I've had cheap radio Shack cables that were much quieter than these. Hopefully monoprice can figure these out because they seem like solid cable and all their other audio/video calbe is top notch, it's just these pro audio cables that have issue. I hope they do get it right eventually because I love the price. But no matter how cheap the price, if the cable is noisy, it's just plain unusable.

    PROS: Looks like Good quality cable. Even the connectors look decent

    CONS: Noisy. if you move the cable at all you hear noise coming from your speakers. I found this to be an issue with all of Mono Price Pro Audio Cable. The TRS was much noisier than this one but still, these are too noisy for pro audio use. If you don't move the cable at all then you might be find but it live use that just doesn't happen.
    July 24, 2011
    Internal Shorts - Stay Away
    Over time, I bought 6 of these. My first impressions were mostly positive, but that all changed. I've had 2 out of 6 cables develop hard shorts *internal to the cable* nowhere near the connectors. I've cut the cable several inches shorter on each end, but the short persists (in other words, the problem is not a bad connector or bad solder job). So this means the short is located somewhere in the middle of the cable. What!? This is unacceptable, and embarrassing when it happens on a gig. I should point out that I don't even use these for mics, they go from my mixer to powered speakers in my wedding DJ setup. So they see essentially zero abuse, plus I only DJ once in a while anyway.

    The connectors could also use some work. They look really nice, but they don't grip the cable insulation tight enough (which is really amazing considering how insanely thick these cables are), so the cable can slightly spin around on some of them. Also, as someone else mentioned, the screws do come loose. Monoprice: please put Neutrik connectors on these cables! That's what I did with my surviving 4 cables. Also, please please figure out what is happening during the manufacturing process that makes the braided shield get shorted to the black wire. I really want to like these cables, but I'll probably stop using the 4 survivors because I don't know if I can trust them.

    PROS: Look nice and tough, and feel tough (but don't be fooled)
    Very flexible

    CONS: 2 out of 6 cables developed internal shorts with almost no use
    Connectors aren't so great
    July 29, 2013
    Response from Monoprice

    Thank you for your review. And I am truly sorry to hear of your experience you have had with this product. For now, if you prefer, I can assist you in setting you up for a replacement on the item if you haven't done so already. We do warrant our non-electronics and cables with a lifetime warranty as well as a 1 year warranty for electronics. It will be of no additional cost to obtain a replacement, so please let me know if you want to continue. I would just require your order# to set it up. Alternatively, if you are truly unsatisfied of the item I can assist you in setting up a return. Thank you!

    John Lingo
    Tech Support
    November 18, 2016
    Monoprice Administrator M
    Good Quality Cables.
    I got a last minute gig and I needed these cables. I went to my local Dj store and they wanted $45 for each. I used these to hook up power speakers to eachother. Worked great. I will be looking to monoprice for all my future cable needs.

    PROS: Great sound quality

    Cheap price

    Next day delivery by norco

    CONS: none
    June 16, 2014
    I'll be back!

    PROS: Incredible ,great deal

    CONS: None
    October 28, 2014
    Happy Rock & Roller
    Ever since we discovered MONOPRICE, my Rock Band buys ALL of our cables from MONOPRICE... all or our XLR Mic & Rack Component cabling, the DMX cables for our LED stage lighting, ALL of our 1/4" TS & TRS instrument & patch cables, our SpeakOn speaker cables, AND our 12-gauge Power Extension Cords. We could have saved HUNDREDS of dollars if we'd only known sooner rather than later! ANYWAY... THESE are the 25' XLR cables we use a TON of. We also use a bunch of 15-footers.

    CAUTION: If you have any issues with these cables, PLEASE contact Monoprice's Customer Service Dept. to give them a chance to resolve those issues BEFORE you needlessly or inappropriately give the product a poor rating!

    PROS: • Great Price!
    • Excellent Quality!
    • Awesome Warranty!

    CONS: None
    July 9, 2016
    Great quality/Value
    I ordered an assortment of XLR and other cables recently because of the low price of the cables on this site. I figured it wouldn't be much of a loss if they weren't the best quality. When I unpacked the cables, I was shocked... they were much higher quality that anything you can even FIND in ANY retail store in my area (I live in a major city). For the cheapest, garbage quality cables here, I would pay at least 3 times as much, and as mentioned, these are better than the BEST ones I can get here. I'm not sure if this is a reflection of how good MonoPrice is or how much of a rip-off all the other stores here are. Either way, I will definitely be buying all of my cables from here in the future. These are the most durable, rugged, and best sounding cables I can find (Yes, better than those rip-off brand ones that all the box stores claim are so good).
    July 9, 2010
    Quality Cables
    I bought a package deal for microphones and cables for our church from one of big name audio providers. About 6 months in some of the mics began to cut out. I finally realized the mics were used most by the vocalist who move them frequently. Even after I manipulated the cheap expansion ring to try and keep the cable tight it still had a bad connection.

    I had ordered and extra long XLR cable from Monoprice early on. I swapped it out and just attaching the mic to the cable I could feel the firmness of the connect, no flop, no cutting in or out. I could not be more pleased. I am replacing all my cables with Monoporice. Dependability, price, and excellent customer support.

    PROS: Solid connection to microphone

    Excellent price (always is with Monoprice)

    I have always gotten more than I paid for with Monoprice

    CONS: None
    November 5, 2013
    Excellent Quality
    This cables are extremely high in quality and very low in cost.
    May 29, 2012
    cable works very well, and we found the quality a good value
    February 27, 2014
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