PC+TPU Edge Bumper for iPhone® 5/5s/SE - Black
    Product # 9772
    PC+TPU Edge Bumper for iPhone® 5/5s/SE - Black
    Product # 9772
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    PC+TPU Edge Bumper for iPhone® 5/5s/SE - Black

    This bumper case is designed to fit around the outside edge of your iPhone® 5/5s. It is made of a TPU inner ring molded to a polycarbonate outer ring. The bumper covers the volume and power buttons with TPU material, which allows the controls to be manipulated, while keeping out dust and dirt. It has cutouts for all the other controls and connections.

    iPhone not included!

    Apple and iPhone are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.

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    Great Product, Great Value
    I've had the bumper for about 4 months now, and I'm very impressed with how well it works, and how durable it is. It's made of two types of plastic, molded together. The basic frame is a shiny, tough plastic. This material is about the same hardness as a fingernail You could cut it with a steel blade, but a fingernail makes no impression on it. It's not brittle, but flexible and tough. It's molded with a shiny texture, and wraps around the sides of the phone. The front and back edges of the frame have a very dark gray, more rubbery plastic material that is raised up about 1 mm around the front and back edges of the phone, like a minimalist picture frame. It's about 3-4 mm wide and smoothly radiused. This material is softer and more elastic than the basic frame. It deflects when pressed with a fingernail, but it springs back immediately, leaving no impression. It is a slightly more grippy material, which keeps the phone from sliding around when placed on a surface. If you place the phone on a reasonably flat surface, the raised edge keeps the actual phone glass from coming in contact with the surface, preventing most scratches. The buttons are the hard plastic inserts molded into the softer elastic material, and while they are not a slick as the metal buttons of the original phone, they are not ugly or awkward, and they work very well. They are not showing any sign of wear or damage.
    The design of this bumper complements the style of the phone very well, and if you don't see the naked phone side by side, it doesn't seem like the phone has a bumper or cover attached. I've gotten to the point where when I look at my iPhone with the bumper off, it looks too delicate somehow, like something's missing. The phone still fits in my pocket very well, and the only drawback of this grippy rim, is when it's in the pocket of some floppy material like gym shorts, it can be difficult to extract because the fabric clings to it a little bit. That might be an advantage when it's in a shirt pocket, though, so you be the judge on that. Now that I think about it, I've only had it fall out of my shirt pocket once, and I do frequently carry it there, so that's just one of those things that's a trade-off, so what advantage or disadvantage that might be to you, depends on how you will use it.
    I've dropped my phone a couple of times, and there has been no apparent damage to the phone, or the bumper itself, until about a week ago, I dropped it on a cement pool deck, and the phone landed on the corner. The shiny hard plastic now has a small scar from this, but there was no cracking of the bumper, or any damage to the phone. I have noticed one very recent development, which I reflected above in the Cons remark above, is that the sides of the harder plastic are much thinner where it is cut away for access to the speakers and headphone jack. This part of the bumper has always been the weak spot, and when you grasp the phone by the bottom edge, sometimes the sides will slip off and you end up pinching the sides together. There has now developed a crack in the hard(er) plastic at the thinnest part. The rubbery plastic is still holding, but it seems likely that it will fail sooner or later. Still, to keep things in perspective, I know people who have to replace their phone cover every month, because they break, and this one has lasted 4 months of daily use already, and although it is cracking, I feel it will be ok for another month or two before it fails. That makes these a great value at the reasonable price of $5 or so. I definitely recommend this bumper, and although I'd like to see them beef up material around the speaker and connector area, I definitely feel it was worth the money, and I'd definitely buy it again.

    PROS: Great Price
    Attractive design
    Significant protection with minimal added bulk
    Very durable and strong

    CONS: Slightly weak around Speakers and Plug area
    June 2, 2013
    I want to love this case really badly. It looks great, it's very slim, it's sharper looking than the ebay special I have on there now, but it makes using the phone just too difficult.

    All the problems stem from the "rubber" material used as the soft part of the case.

    The TPU/rubber substrate is too hard, which leads to several problems:
    1. The volume and power buttons are a molded part of this rubber, and because it is not flexible enough, they are difficult to press, even when the case is not on the phone. They feel like they're attached too much to the hard plastic frame which isn't allowing them to press in enough.
    2. The rims around the edge of the screen and back are not very flexible, which makes it very tough to put the case on. I felt like I was going to scratch the sides of the phone with the case.
    3. Because those edge rubber gaskets are so stiff and fit so tight, they would peel any decal or screen protector right off when you put the case on.

    So I bought a generic black and clear bumper for $5 shipped. Here's how they compare:
    + generic had softer rubber substrate
    + generic installed easier
    + Monoprice seemed a little more secure
    + Monoprice cutouts were better
    + Monoprice frame is thinner overall
    - generic so thick the silent switch is tough to flip
    + generic has metal buttons mounted on a soft rubber membrane, looks 100x classier
    + generic's buttons communicate the phone's "clicky" feel
    - generic's rubber is not perfectly trimmed and feels like little edges need to be trimmed
    - generic's transparent plastic is super ugly. I found one in all black and ordered it

    Overall I'm sticking with the generic one until someone provides an Apple-quality bumper case like for the 4/4S.

    PROS: I got it days before the iphone was even released, giving me peace of mind on day one
    Extremlely thin. Several people thought it was part of the design of the phone
    Just enough lift on front and back to keep it off the table

    CONS: Fit almost too snug. Feels like a lot of force to get it on and off.
    Volume buttons are small and very hard to push
    Power button very spongy
    Would never be compatible with a rear decal or screen protector
    October 1, 2012
    excellent, already paid for itself
    excellent protection in a minimalist package. Dropped the phone from approx. 4.5 feet, direct hit onto concrete, one bounce after hitting the concrete, struck another corner, and then fell on it's side. not a scratch on the actual phone. the case has two scuff marks. this case has already paid for itself many times over.

    PROS: excellent fit (except one thing, see con)
    front and back lip of the case protect the aluminium back and front screen
    protects the phone very well from drops

    CONS: the opening for the lightning connector is not large enough. with some manipulation it will fit. A more permanent solution can be obtained with an x-acto knife (only reason for deduction of a star)
    October 12, 2012
    My favorite "case" for iPhone 5
    This is a fantastic product that I would (and probably will) buy again. I want the smallest possible case that will protect my phone if it drops, and this does just that. I've dropped it twice on hard surfaces, and while the bumper is scuffed, my phone is just fine. Thanks for another great one, Monoprice.

    PROS: Very small profile, absorbs shock, slides in & out of pocket easily, protects phone from falls, buttons / holes all well designed

    CONS: I'd like the TPU part to be black instead of grey case wraps around front far enough that it pushes the side of my Monoprice screen protector and causes a "bubble"
    November 27, 2012
    Anonymous from Hayward, Ca

    PROS: Low cost and fit well to iPhone 5. All openings are at right size that makes connecting accessories function well.

    CONS: A bit too plastic looking and the name Monoprice on the side,but not a big deal. I like this product. It's design and build quality seems way beyond its low cost. Good job, Monoprice.

    Great Product
    Monoprice does it again! I ordered 2 more just to be sure.

    PROS: Fantastic and cheap.

    CONS: None.
    November 18, 2012
    Best bumper/ case IMO
    This is the best I phone case available in my opinion. As I said in the pros, it is slim, but unlike many other slim cases provides protection to the screen and around the phone. While it has a rubberised feel that surrounds the shiny plastic core it is not sticky like latex and slides easily into and out of your pocket while providing enough resistance to keep it from slipping out unintentionally.

    My only complaint about this case is that it does not work with the 30 pin convertor. If the access on the bottom were just a tad larger it would be great. I have a car hookup with the old style 30 pin connector and have to use an adaptor for my i phone 5. Whenever I want to use it I have to pull the case away. This is inconvenient and has damaged the case. But thats my fault i guess.

    PROS: Slim
    Not Grippy (Unlike latex cases, you can remove it from your pocket easily)
    Responsive Buttons
    Good Feel
    Unobstructive (For the most part, see cons)

    CONS: My only complaint about this case is that it does not work with the 30 pin convertor. If the access on the bottom were just a tad larger it would be great. I have a car hookup with the old style 30 pin connector and have to use an adaptor for my i phone 5. Whenever I want to use it I have to pull the case away. This is inconvenient and has damaged the case. But thats my fault i guess.
    August 14, 2013
    Great after a slight modification
    Nice, inexpensive bumper style case for the iPhone 5. Fits very snugly, which is a good thing. I did have to use a razor blade to trim about 1mm of plastic off of the border around the lightning connector cutout to get the sync cable to make solid contact. Before doing this, the connector would intermittently lose contact, causing charging to stop or syncing to fail. If I had paid $20, i'd be annoyed, but for $4 i'm willing to do a bit of surgery to make things work 100%.

    PROS: Nice tight fit. Nice price.

    CONS: Lightning connector cutout too small.
    September 23, 2012
    Good, not great
    See pros and cons. Good phone protector at great price, but has some limitations

    PROS: Great price. Snug fit. Low-profile bezel.

    CONS: Bottom opening is too small to accommodate Lightning-to-30 pin adapter. Can be forced, but rigid plastic cracks. Also, small as it is, phone is so thin that the bezel completely changed the feel of the phone in your hand.
    February 16, 2013
    Excellent Bumper but Cracks at Bottom
    I would highly recommend this case for those who like the minimalist approach to cases and is not concerned with fancy decoration. The case completely protects the iPhone from the casual impacts and scratches one might expect.

    Unfortunately, the case will begin to crack at the bottom where the hole for the speakers is located. First one side and then the other. I have decided this is the price to pay for a minimalist design and I don't know how this might be improved while keeping the size small. Each case lasts me ~6-months before being so weak it needs replacement.

    I now purchase 5x cases at a time and replace as necessary. Even the cost of 5x cases is less than the bigger and clunkier cases at retail outlets.

    PROS: Great fit. Has protected my iPhone5 from numerous drops. Completely eliminates scratching when laying phone on surfaces. Minimalist design looks good and is not obtrusive. Doesn't make the iPhone too big after inserting.

    CONS: Case cracks at the bottom where the hole for the speakers is located.
    August 20, 2014
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