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    Laptop Coolers

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      Laptop Coolers
    Adjustable Aluminum Laptop Riser Cooling Stand with Built-In 70mm Fan, Black
    Rating 9
    Keep your laptop cool with this Adjustable Aluminum Riser Cooling Stand from Monoprice! ... more info
    Cooler Master NotePal LapAir - Laptop Lap Desk with Pillow Cushion and Cooling Fan - 1650 rpm - Blower - Aluminum, Plastic, Rubber, Polyurethane - 2.2" x 16.9" x 12.4" - Black
    The Notepal LapAir is a simple and elegant solution to a problem that has existed since the mass production of laptops. ... more info
    Cooler Master NotePal U2 Plus - 2 Fan(s) - 2000 rpm - Aluminum, Metal, Plastic, Rubber - 2.4" x 13.6" x 11.1" - Black
    Patent Moveable Cooling Fans High Definition Sound Standard is a groundbreaking technology that eliminates distortion ... more info
    Cooler Master NotePal X2 - Gaming Laptop Cooling Pad with 140mm Blue LED Fan - 1400 rpm - Ball Bearing - Metal, Plastic - 1.7" x 14.8" x 11.4"
    With efficient functions and superb silent concept in mind, the NotePal X2 creates optimal comfort for laptop users. ... more info
    Cooler Master NotePal X3 - Gaming Laptop Cooling Pad with 200mm Blue LED Fan - 1 Fan(s) - 850 rpm - Metal, Plastic, Rubber - USB Hub - 2.8" x 15.7" x 12.2" - Black
    Designed to transcend the typical issues that plague laptop coolers, NotePal X3 utilizes a massive 200mm fan, metal ... more info
    Cooler Master NotePal X-Lite II - Ultra Slim Laptop Cooling Pad with 140 mm Silent Fan - Cooler Master NotePal X-Lite II
    At only 28mm thick, X-Lite II is a very slim laptop cooling pad. A metal mesh surface and 140mm silent fan provide a ... more info
    Cooler Master NotePal X-Slim - Ultra-Slim Laptop Cooling Pad with 160mm Fan (R9-NBC-XSLI-GP) - 1 Fan(s) - 1400 rpm - Plastic, Metal, Rubber - 1.8" x 10.6" x 15" - Black
    NotePal X-Slim, a lightweight and simple laptop cooling pad for the classic NotePal X family. X-Slim is the ideal ... more info
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