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      Professional Modular Crimps, Strips, & Cuts Tool
    High Quality 8P8C RJ-45 Network Cable Crimper
    Rating 9
    Steel frame, harden & black oxide finished, light weight & durable. Deluxe type, with guide for ... more info
    Cuts/Strips/Crimps Tool for 6P/8P Modular Plug w/o Ratchet Type
    Rating 9
    This tool has a cable stripper, two plug holders for crimping, a crimper, wire cutter, and a comfortable an soft grip. ... more info
      Other Tools
    BNC Connector Removal Tool - 12 inches [HT-2212]
    Rating 8
    This tool is used to remove BNC connectors in high density or hard to reach locations. ... more info
    11-in-1 Hydraulic Precision Screwdriver Set w/ Ratchet
    Rating 9
    Like something out of a science fiction movie, this 11-in-1 ratcheting screwdriver is here to save the day! This ... more info
    Multi-Function Crimping Tool w/Ratchet Type for RG58, 174, Fiber Optic
    Rating 8
    A Multi-Function Crimping Tool w/Ratchet for RG59, 62, 6, fiber optic, and BELDEN 8281 ... more info
      Cable Testers
    RJ-11 and RJ-45 Modular Plug Tester
    Rating 9
    This Monoprice RJ11/RJ45 tester is a simple, yet powerful, tool that helps troubleshoot network and telephone cables ... more info
    Multi-Function BNC, RJ-12, and RJ-45 Cable Tester
    Rating 10
    Features: Visible LED status display Quickly ... more info
      Adjustable Wrench
    10" Adjustable Wrench - Large
    Rating 10
    This 10" Adjustable Wrench is ideal for working with both metric and Imperial nuts and bolts. It features a black ... more info
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