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    Combo Wall Plates

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      Combo Wall Plates
    3 RCA Component / F Connector Wall Plate (RGB Component + F Connector) - Coupler Type
    Rating 10
    This elegant and clean wall plate will give your setup a professional and customized look. This plate features 3 ... more info
    3 RCA Component / F Connector Two-Piece Inset Wall Plate (RGB Component + F Connector) - Coupler Type
    Rating 10
    This is a 3 RCA component / F connector wall plate (RGB component + F connector). Red/Green/Blue RCA component ... more info
    Wall Plate for Keystone, 4 Hole w/ Built In VGA Coupler (Gold Plated)
    Rating 7
    This wall plate combines a VGA coupler (female to female) with four keystone holes, allowing you to customize the ... more info
    Cat5e / F-Type Wall Plate (Cat5e + F-Type) - Coupler Type
    Rating 10
    ... more info
    Cat5e / BNC Wall Plate (Cat5e + BNC) - Coupler Type
    ... more info
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    VGA HD15 / 3 RCA Composite / 3.5mm Wall Plate (VGA + Composite + 3.5mm) - Coupler Type
    ... more info
    HDMI®, Component Video, and S/PDIF (Toslink) Digital Optical Audio Coupler Wall Plate
    Rating 9
    Here it is all in one compact wall plate; HDMI® for digital high definition video, 3 RCA connectors ... more info
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