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    Video/Audio Switches

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      DVI KVM Switches
    2-Port DVI KVM Switch  - Retail
    Rating 6
    The Monoprice IC-1712-ID bring KVM convenience to DVI video based computer systems. Features: ¦ Controls ... more info
      Auto & Powered HDMI Switches
    4x1 HDMI® Switch with Analog, Digital Coaxial, and Digital Optical Audio Outputs
    Rating 8
    If you're looking to expand the input capabilities of an A/V receiver that doesn't support HDMI®, then this ... more info
    Blackbird 4K 4x1 HDMI Switch with Digital Coaxial and Digital Optical Audio Outputs
    Rating 6
    This is a high performance HDMI® switch with four inputs, one output, and separate digital and analog ... more info
      Analog Video Converters
    Component (YpbPr) to Composite Converter
    Rating 9
    The Component Video (YPbPr) to Composite Video and S-video converter box is a Plug N Play automatic video converter ... more info
    Component (YpbPr) to VGA Converter
    Rating 9
    This product converts Component video to VGA, allowing connection of Xbox®, Wii, Apple TV®, Vudu Box, or ... more info
    VGA to Component (YpbPr) Converter
    Rating 7
    Mirror the your PC's VGA output to a Component Video equipped HDTV with this adapter from Monoprice! This adapter ... more info
      RCA (Composite or Component) to HDMI Converters
    Component Video + Digital Coaxial and Digital Optical Audio to HDMI® Converter
    Rating 9
    This Component Video + S/PDIF audio to HDMI® converter combines your analog high def and/or progressive ... more info
      HDMI Extenders
    Blackbird HDMI Extender Over Cat6, 50m, EDID, Loop Out
    The Blackbird™ HDMI® Extender allows you to transmit a 1080p video signal to distances up to 164 ... more info
      DVI to HDMI Converters
    DVI Video + Digital Coaxial and Digital Optical Audio to HDMI® Converter
    Rating 9
    Connect a legacy HD video device or your computer's video and audio output to an HDMI-equipped HDTV using this DVI Video ... more info
      HDMI Active & Powered Splitters
    Blackbird 4K Pro 1x4 HDMI® Splitter with HDCP 2.2 and EDID Support
    Rating 8
    The Monoprice Blackbird 4K Pro 1x4 HDMI® Splitter with HDCP 2.2 and EDID Support distributes a single HDMI source ... more info
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      HDFury - HDMI Analog/Digital Converters
    HDFURY Gamer Edition
    HDFURY Gamer Edition
    Product ID: 14110
      The global phenomenon that is HDfury is now available in a brand new shape. The H​Dfury Gamer ... more info
      Video Extenders
    VGA UTP Extender with Audio, Receiver Only
    Rating 8
    The Monoprice VGA Extender system allows you to easily extend and distribute analog VGA ... more info
      S/PDIF (Toslink) Switches
    Toslink® S/PDIF 4x1 Switch with Remote
    Rating 8
    This Toslink® S/PDIF Optical Audio Switch allows you to connect four digital optical audio devices to a single ... more info
      S/PDIF (Toslink) Splitters
    Toslink® S/PDIF 1x4 Splitter
    Rating 10
    This Toslink® S/PDIF Optical Audio Splitter converts a single digital optical audio signal to four identical ... more info
      HDMI Audio Inserters/Extractors
    Blackbird 4K Series 7.1 HDMI Audio Extractor
    Rating 9
    This HDMI® 7.1-Channel Audio Extractor allows you to extract the audio material from your ... more info
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      SDI Converters
    Mini 3G-SDI to HDMI Converter
    This adapter allows you to use inexpensive HDMI® displays for monitoring SDI video content. It supports ... more info
    Mini HDMI to 3G-SDI Converter
    This adapter allows you to view or use HDMI® content on SDI equipment. It supports the SD-SDI, HD-SDI, ... more info
      SDI Splitters
    3G SDI 1x4 Splitter
    Rating 10
    3G SDI 1x4 Splitter
    Product ID: 10322
    Designed for professional SMPTE video applications, this 3G SDI 1x4 Splitter allows you to distribute a single SDI ... more info
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