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price changed?

Like this site a lot - great selection, service and fill rate is top notch! but - placed an order today and when the confirmation of the ordered prices increased - what gives?

DF, 10/2/2015

Horrible service. Rip off

This company is a hollow front. If you call , no one answers the phone... Ever. They consistently send the wrong, poorly made products and do not stand behind them. Good luck ever getting someone to answer for the crap they sell you cause no one answers the phone.

Electric man, 9/29/2015

Mrs. Smith

After forgetting I'd packed all my charging wires,connectors and battery pack flashlight inside my shoes when returning from Alaska, I promptly reordered everything from Monoprice. On the day the shipment arrived (2 days?) i found the stuffed shoes. Duh! Monoprice took it all back - except the battery charging flashlight which I kept because my sister said she wanted it for Christmas. That item has been useful so many times as both a charger and a flashlight.

Forgetful, 8/23/2015

Just a Regular Customer

Robert H. helped me in live chat with a problem with an old 5x1 HDMI switch that I got from Monoprice. It was at least two years old. He spent nearly 25 minutes helping me troubleshoot, and when all else failed (the symptoms were very, very strange), he suggested trying a new switch with more recent firmware that might handle the hdmi port contention (autoswitch sensing) of my two direcTV hd dvrs. I think the problem is that DirecTV is now assserting HDCP on nearly all HD channels, so it was confusing the old switch. Apparently the new one is immune to the problem Nice job Robert H.! It is a pleasure to work with someone who is technically astute and responsive to the customer's inquiries. Instead of working through some silly script, he actually "thought" about the problem, analyzed it, LISTENED to my analysis, and when we both agreed, a good course of action was obvious. I really appreciate it!

Hasan, 8/14/2015

great company

had a problem with a cable and told customer service and they immediately sent me another one, awesome, I will continue to buy products from this company and urge you to buy also, you will not regret it, thank you monoprice

scott, 8/7/2015


Great people, great products. Have placed countless orders for a variety of products over the years. Very pleased! Really can't go wrong. Exceeds my expectations with everything I have received. One time a product was defective, they were amazing. Told me to keep it! Amazing customer service! THX

A Tech Guy, 8/4/2015

Budget Secretary

We have been very happy with monoprice. Each order is always accurate, and shipping is fast and reliable as well. I would gladly recommend this company to anyone! Keep up the Great work!!!

Cat Brinkman, 7/8/2015

Bluetooth® Home Speaker System-Black

Very satisfied...a value purchase and easy to set up. Sure, a few items could be improved (e.g., side speaker covers; a bit more bass) but for the price, its hard to beat.

Richardi, 6/26/2015

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