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6 Outlet Power Surge Protector - 1050 Joules - Plastic w/ 3ft Cord
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This 6 outlet power strip is an economical solution to allow you to plug multiple devices into a single power outlet and to protect them from power surges. It can be used for home entertainment setups, computer hardware, major appliances, small kitchen appliances, office products, shop & hobby equipment, and security equipment.

A/C Rating: 125V, 15A 
Outlets: 6 surge protected outlets
Joule Rating @ (8x20 us): 1050J
Clamping Volt: 400V
Response time < 1 nanosecond: Yes
Surge indication: Yes
Wire fault indication: Yes
Max. Spike Current: 19500A
Max. Surge Voltage: 6000V
Power shut down: Yes
EMI/RFI Frequency: 150khz to 30Mhz
Noise filter Attenuation: up to 20dB
Saftey Standard: UL/CUL
On/Off switch: Not Lighted
Breaker Switch: 15amp
A/C plug: Straight
Power cord: 3 ft 14/3 AWG
Slide Saftey cover: None
Time Spaced outlets: None
Transformer spaced outlets: None
Fail Safe: No
Audible alarm:   No
Phone/Data Clamping:None
Line Energy: None
Protection left through voltage: None
Coax Clamping voltage: None
Protection Maxi surege current: None
(shielded) Insertion loss at 10Mhz: None
Satellite Clamping voltage: None
Protection max surge current: None
(shielded) insertion loss at 10Mhz: None
USB charger output: No