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PS/2 Keyboard/Mouse to USB Converter Adapter, Black
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PS/2 Keyboard/Mouse to USB Converter Adapter, Black

Use your legacy PS/2 keyboards and mice with modern USB, equipped systems using this PS/2 Keyboard/Mouse to USB Converter Adapter from Monoprice!

This adapter cable allows you to connect a PS/2 keyboard and/or PS/2 mouse to any USB equipped PC. This can be particularly useful if you have a specialty keyboard or mouse device and a PC without PS/2 ports. It is also useful in a KVM (keyboard/video/mouse) extender situation, allowing PS/2 keyboards/mice to be used with USB KVMs.

No software or special drivers are required. Just plug it in and it works!

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Too Tight

  • Mike,
  •  Maize, KS 
  • 9/16/2015 3:58:24 PM

Pros: Might work if I forced it.

Cons: Rectangular hole that guides mating piece is too small.

If it does not fit, force it??? Not if it causes me to bend a pin on my mouse cord.

by Monoprice Administrator
Hello Mike,

Thank you for your review and I'm truly sorry to hear about the fit issues experienced with PID 10934. I do not recommend forcing the connection as that can damage your equipment. If you would like, I can assist you in setting up an RMA for a replacement. We cover this adapter with a one year warranty and obtaining the replacement would be of no additional cost to you. Please let me know if you would like to proceed and I will get that going right away. My apologies again for the trouble and I hope this helps!

Gabby V.
Tech Support Associate

by Mike

Thanks for your response, your offer speaks well for your company. It is a pleasure to do business with a company that stands behind its products. I do not want to take any action because what it cost was minimal. I shall put it in my spare parts locker and perhaps someday have a PS/2 receptacle it fits perfectly. Just because it doesn't fit the hardware I have, it doesn't mean that it is your device that is out of tolerance.

by Monoprice Administrator
I'm happy I could help, Mike! If you try converter with another mouse and it continues to not fit, please don't hesitate to contact us again for further assistance. We would cover both return shipping and shipping costs for sending the new one out to you. Thank you for your continued support and business. If there is anything else that I can assist you with at this time, please feel free to let me know!

Gabby V.
Tech Support Associate
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  • Sean Gill,
  •  Port Clinton, OH 
  • 9/3/2015 9:44:02 PM

Pros: Quality Product
Excellent price


Ordered on a Thursday paid extra to get it by Monday. It showed up on Tuesday - in a town that I was then 130 miles from where was. Contacted Monoprice (truth be told, I've never had problem with them in the past). Received a canned email that tried to explain the alchemy and astrological logistics of their shipping policies. Thought they might give me some kind a credit but they essentially said "Eat it." Bye-bye $15 that I paid for shipping (which was a dollar or two less than the items I ordered).

Hate to say it (since I've referred dozens of people to Monoprice) but it might me worth the hassle to order this kind of stuff from Walmart, pick it up at the store and not have to pay for the shipping.

by Monoprice Administrator
Hello Sean,

Thank you for your review and truly sorry to hear about your last ordering experience. I will forward these concerns to our customer service department to be taken into consideration. One way to add a testimonial or comment about issues regarding shipping is to go to our Company Testimonial page which can be found here:

Unfortunately, we will be unable to post this review as this section is dedicated to feedback based on the product's performance. Please note that the review guidelines state we will remove reviews that:

Fail to focus on the product. Complaints about shipping or customer service issues will be forwarded to Customer Service to be addressed. Reviews that discuss other products, catalog copy, pricing, or other ancillary issues will be removed.

The guidelines were implemented to help promote scores and comments that are true to the product itself. In order for us to post this review, we would need to remove the complaints regarding shipping. Please let me know if this would be acceptable or if you wish to rewrite a new review. My apologies for any inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.

Gabby V.
Tech Support Associate

by Monoprice Administrator
As a side-note, this will also apply to your reviews that were submitted for PIDs 12794 and 87.

Gabby V.
Tech Support Associate
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Works perfectly with Belkin KVM switch

  • Anonymous,
  •  Littleton, MA 
  • 8/22/2015 4:59:34 PM

Pros: Works with Belkin KVM switch

Cons: Slight imperfections in PS/2 port moldings (no functional issues)

This adapter worked fine between a Windows 7 host (USB side) and an old Belkin KVM switch (PS/2 side). I am thankful for this because Belkin no longer makes such an adapter (discontinued) and a number of other brands have not worked in this setup.

On some of the adapters in the batch I ordered I found plastic flashing in the molding of the PS/2 connectors. It was nothing that would block the connection, but it wasn't the cleanest molding I am used to seeing on precision ports.

I should also note that these adapters do have distinct keyboard and mouse molded marks, not just the color coding, on the PS/2 cable connectors. While this is welcome, it was not clear based on the pictures available. There are brands out there that do not have such molded marks.

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PS/2-USB adapters are perfect!

  • Anonymous,
  •  Aberdeen, SD 
  • 5/9/2015 2:45:17 PM

Pros: They did exactly what they were designed to do. The enabled me to use an old PS/2 keyboard with my Dell laptop. I hate laptop keyboards and had several old plug in type keyboards on hand. They were inexpensive to boot.

Cons: I have found NOTHING negative about them.

I was completely satisfied with the adapters and I will buy from Monoprice again. The transaction went perfectly smoothly.

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  • Fat_Matt,
  •  Provo, UT 
  • 2/27/2015 7:43:25 AM

Pros: It serves its intended purpose

Cons: None

One little quirk about using these is that the latency and problems of your old ("legacy") keyboards is not corrected. They still have trouble, even if you have a fast computer with USB3 connection. That is not a problem caused by the hardware of this PS/2 Keyboard/Mouse cable. It is your old hardware. I would recommend simply buying a new keyboard and/or new mouse. Do not buy this product if your own keyboard and mouse have trouble. This product does not fix those problems.

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