SLR and Accessories Large Camera Bag - Black
    Product # 9583
    SLR and Accessories Large Camera Bag - Black
    Product # 9583
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    SLR and Accessories Large Camera Bag - Black

    Keep your SLR with telephoto lens safe, yet ready at moment's notice with this holster-style SLR and Accessories Large Camera Bag from Monoprice!

    This tall case is designed to accomodate an SLR with an attached telephoto lens in the main compartment, plus two additional telephoto lenses in the side compartments. The primary feature is an adjustable camera cradle for the main compartment. The cradle has a hole in the center through which the lens is inserted, front end down. The cradle should be adjusted so that it holds the camera by the body, with the end of the lens hanging free above the bottom of the case. This ensures that no adverse forces are put on your camera body or lens and allows the camera to be quickly pulled out and pointed in one easy motion.

    The bag is heavily padded on all sides for both the main compartment and the two side lens compartments. The interior is lined with nylon and faux suede to ensure that your camera and lenses will not be scratched by the bag itself. The top lid for the main compartment is securely closed with two zippers operating from opposite ends of the zipper.

    The front of the bag features a medium-sized zippered pocket, with an interior nylon mesh pocket, while the back of the bag features a large, zippered pocket. The adjustable, nylon shoulder strap features an adjustable shoulder pad and can be removed from the bag if needed. The bottom and lower 2" of the bag is weatherized to prevent moisture from seeping in, even if it is set down in a shallow puddle of water!


    • Heavy-duty ballistic nylon construction for a lifetime of rugged use
    • Thickly padded interior and side pockets provides excellent shock protection
    • Adjustable cradle in main compartment suspends camera body without putting pressure on lens assembly
    • Includes two padded and cushioned 6.5" deep lens compartments
    • Extra thick padding for maximum protection
    • Extra large zippered pocket, perfect for stowing lens caps, filters, etc.
    • Heavy duty, removable, and adjustable shoulder strap with padded shoulder grip
    • Large rubber zipper pulls provide a perfect grip every time
    • Exterior Dimensions (HxWxD): 11" x 13" x 7.5"
    • Interior Dimensions (HxWxD): 9" x 7" x 4.5"
    4.5 / 5.0
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    9583 SLR and Accessories Large Camera Bag
    Although some reviewers have found the lens compartments snug for large lenses, I had no problem.
    I originally bought the medium bag 9529 but it was too small for a 200 zoom lens attached to my Canon T3. I like both bags. Good quality stiching. Strong handle. Good price.

    PROS: 5 compartments
    Thin design
    Quality made

    CONS: Lens compartments may be snug for some
    April 3, 2013
    A marvelous but not perfect bag
    I've used this bag for about 8 months now and finally outgrown its needs. It has held up well across a few all-day walks around Washington DC, a 2 week trip to China, a week in Las Vegas and Death Valley, a 13 day excursion through the US Southwest (including some tough hikes through Chaco Culture), and day trips to San Diego, Boston, and Madison. I guess you can say this bag is durable! It shows some wear, but not as much as you might expect for all the plane rides, hikes, and other abuse it's been through!

    The flap in the main compartment that holds the camera in place is beginning to tear off, however. The hole has ripped around the edges and the flap is about 50% torn off the top stitching. I constantly take the camera in and out of the bag when I'm walking around, so the wear I have put on it may be more than usualand keep in mind that it's been used extensively over more than a month solid of daily and constant usage.

    The rubber attachments to the zippers have held up exceptionally well. Aside from some outside wear, the inner flap is the only thing that doesn't look 80% as good as new.

    The equipment I have in it (you can look up dimensions):

    Main compartment: Pentax K-5IIs w/ Sigma C 17-70 attached

    Side pocket 1: Pentax-M 80-200 telephoto lens

    Side pocket 2: Pentax-M 50mm f/1.4 + random things (remote, extra battery, memory card wallet, etc.)

    Front pocket: filters in a trifold case

    Thin back pocket: some small laminated charts

    What I like most about this bag is that it is compact and absolutely wonderful to carry around. It's light and doesn't impede your movement at all. It sits nicely on your side, allowing you to shield it from potential thieves, as well as convenient access it quickly.

    It also organizes your equipment well and allows you to locate things quickly. Need a lens? You can just pull it out of the side pocket. Want to change filters? Pull it out of the front easily.

    The downside is that the side pockets are not all that large and you are limited in what you can carry. You absolutely won't get a 70-200 f/2.8 lens in there. The side pockets are not terribly long or wide, as my compact Pentax 80-200 takes up most of a pocket itself. If the lens were wider, it would still fit, but any more length and it wouldn't work.

    If I take the Sigma off (with it's 72mm filter thread), it will fit in the side, but it's a tight fit. Anything that uses a 77mm filter or larger isn't going in there, however. My Pentax DA*300mm also will not fit in either of pockets.

    The other downside is that there's limited room for accessories. My filter collection (just three) consumes the front pocket, so the other side pocket contains my 50mm lens, extra battery, and other random things. I don't use the 50 all that much, so it's not inconvenient to put it in the bottom and put the random stuff on top of it. However, if you have three lenses you switch between, you may find this bag not up to your needs.

    Even if you don't fill the bag, there's limited room for papers, maps, and pamphlets. If you acquire things during the day, there's really no space for them. There's also not much room for a bottled beverage. What I do is carry it in the center pocket when I have my camera out and then put it back in my hands when I put the camera away. It's not a great system, but it works alright.

    Finding a replacement for this bag has been difficult. I'm really going to miss its compact size. I intend to keep this bag and use it when it will fit all my needs. On hikes in the wilderness, I don't always need my long lenses and I don't need extra space for souvenirs, so this bag will still accompany me. The size is just so perfect for that.

    PROS: Very compact

    Light, delightful to carry around

    Organizes your stuff for you

    Durable, even if it doesn't look it

    CONS: Accommodates only moderately sized lenses

    No room to accommodate things you acquire during the day

    Very limited space for maps, papers, etc.

    Exterior material looks kinda chinsy
    January 4, 2014
    Great bag
    I got this bag for my partner to hold her Nikon D3100 camera. It fits perfect and has plenty of storage. Love it!

    PROS: Nicely made.

    Great strap.

    Fits our Nikon D3100 just great!

    CONS: Haven't found any.
    February 24, 2014
    Good beginner camera bag
    A really well build bag. It works great for our entry-level DLSR. About half the price of a premium bag from a camera store.

    PROS: materials
    July 6, 2014
    I really like it. Fits my needs perfectly.

    PROS: Portable. Lightweight. Sleek yet holds lots.

    CONS: So far haven't discovered any
    November 15, 2014
    Nice Bag
    This a good bag with the right price tag. if you dont bother about the looks too much and utility is what you want. this might be the right one for you . Btw i am just a casual photographer who likes to keep the camera wherever i go and pull it out only if i need it. if you are a proffessional and have a lot of additional gear i guess you wont be looking at this. this camera is good enough to take camera and 2 lenses/flash + whatever small accessories like your SD cards, filters and hoods. If you carry a monopod tripod always then this may not be it

    PROS: Good build quality
    enough space for a DSLR and two extra lenses
    Nice padding which makes me feel confident enough to put it my trunk with camera in it
    Fits like a glove for my Nikon D5100 with 18-55/55-200

    CONS: Not the prettiest when compared to some of the case logic models. Could improve the looks
    July 29, 2013
    Great Camera Bag
    Overall, we love it. Its compact but holds everything. The bag we got with the camera is a bit larger and bulky to carry around. This bag is thin and gives you a bit more room to navigate tight spaces when traveling or using it on activities.

    PROS: Perfect fit for our Nikon 5200 and D40x. Lightweight. functional pockets. Heavy duty shoulder strap. The price was right. Love the pockets for the lenses and the small ones for extras. We now carry 2 bags, one for camera and minimal accessories and one for everything else!

    CONS: The strap did begin to fray at the camera bag top. It appears the material was thin there and pulling on the handle a few times made it separate. Its nylon and has begun to come apart. The handle will function but the cover over the structure is now loose. I will not return it for this reason alone, just a bit of super glue will fix it.
    September 1, 2013
    I had thought the the side pouches would have been large enough for accessory lenses, but they really are too small. My full-frame DSLR with 24-70mm lens barely fits in the middle section, but the cradle had to be removed. When I'm traveling lighter, I can put multiple smaller cameras and accessories in the bag instead of my DSLR. I like the zipper on the rear flat compartment, which is where I would store an instruction manual.

    Suggestion: A bag of this style that was perhaps 10-20% larger would be more practical for those with slightly larger gear.

    PROS: Well made. Good value.

    Probably good for smaller DSLR's, but not a full-frame DSLR with lenses.

    CONS: Side pouches are not big enough for even small-to-medium diameter lenses.

    Cradle is too small to be of any use unless your camera is really compact. I had to remove my cradle.

    February 19, 2014
    Great Bag
    This is a great bag. I use it to hold the a Linemans Test Set PID 8136.
    January 16, 2016
    If you shoot mirrorless, this is the bag for you
    I absolutely love this back. I have become a loyal fujifilm user, and my X-t1 is now my camera of choise. I've struggled to find a back that would allow me to carry 3 lenses without adding too much bulk. I have finally found that bag!

    If you are a mirrorless user, proceed without caution. You'll love it.
    August 24, 2015
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