16-channel Audio Mixer with DSP & USB
    Product # 615816
    16-channel Audio Mixer with DSP & USB
    Product # 615816
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    16-channel Audio Mixer with DSP & USB

    Do you want to get total control over a PA system, a studio recording, or a live performance? If so, you need a great, multichannel mixer. You need this 16-channel Audio Mixer with DSP & USB from Monoprice!

    This mixer features ten balanced mono inputs, each with a 3-band equalizer with midrange frequency that is sweepable from 100 Hz to 8 KHz. It also includes six stereo inputs, each with a 4-band equalizer. +48V Phantom Power is available on all MIC input channels.

    The mixer includes a USB input/output function, so you can send audio to or from your PC or Mac® for recording or effects. Also included is a 24-bit digital effects processor with 100 presets and a true stereo 9-band equalizer on the output.


    • 10 MIC inputs with gold-plated XLR and balanced TRS jacks
    • 6 Stereo input channels with balanced TRS jacks
    • Ultra-low noise discrete MIC preamps with +48V Phantom Power
    • SUB1-2, Sub3-4, & MAIN L-R signal assignment switches
    • 4 AUX Sends per channel:
      • 2 PRE/POST faders switchable for monitoring application effects & sound processor input
      • 2 POST faders as external send or for internal digital DFX
    • 3-band EQ with sweepable MID on mono inputs
    • 4-band EQ on stereo inputs
    • Channel Insert and Direct Outputs on each mono channel, plus Main Insert for flexible connection of outboard equipment
    • 2-TRACK IN assignable to Main Mix, Control Room/Headphone Outputs
    • USB port for input/output to a PC
    • 24-bit digital effects processor with 100 presets
    • True stereo 9-band graphic equalizer on the output
    • Includes rack mount adapters for use with a standard 19" equipment rack
    • Supports 16-bit stereo USB audio in/out with sampling rate up to 48 KHz

    Support Files:

    Apple and Mac are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.

    Mono Input Channels
    Microphone Input Electronically balanced, discrete input configuration
    Frequency Response 10Hz to 55KHz, ±3dB
    Distortion (THD & N) 0.005% @ +4dBu, 1 KHz
    Gain Range 0 to 50 dB (MIC)
    S/N Ratio 115dB
    Line Input Electronically balanced
    Frequency Response 10Hz to 55KHz, ±3dB
    Distortion (THD & N) 0.005% @ +4dBu, 1 KHz
    Sensitivity Range +15 to -35 dBu
    Stereo Input Channels
    Line Input Balance/Unbalanced
    Frequency Response 10Hz to 55KHz, ±3dB
    Distortion (THD & N) 0.005% @ +4dBu, 1 KHz
    Microphone Input 1,400 Ohms
    Channel Insert Return 2,500 Ohms
    All Other Inputs > 10,000 Ohms
    Tape Out 1,000 Ohms
    All Other Outputs 120 Ohms
    Hi-Shelving ±15 dB @ 12 KHz
    Mid Bell (Mono) ±15 dB (100 Hz ~ 8 KHz)
    Hi-Mid (Stereo) ±15 dB @ 3 KHz
    Mid-Low (Stereo) ±25 dB @ 500 Hz
    Low-Shelving ±15 dB @ 80 Hz
    Low Cut Filter 75 Hz, 18 dB/Octave
    Main Mix Section
    Bus Noise Fader 0 dB, Channels Muted: -100 dBr (ref: +4 dBu)
    Fader 0 dB, all input channels assigned and set to UNITY Gain: -90 dBr (ref: +4 dBu)
    Max Output +22 dBu Balanced XLR
    +22 dBu Unbalanced 1/4" TS jacks
    AUX Returns Gain Range -∞ to +15 dB
    AUX Sends Max Out +22 dBu
    Power Supply
    Main Voltage 100 ~ 120 VAC, 60 Hz
    Power Consumption 50 watts
    Fuse T1.25 AL
    Main Connection Standard IEC receptacle
    Dimensions 18.5" x 15.8" x 1.5"/4.5" (471 x 400 x 38/115 mm)
    Net Weight 14.2 lbs (6.45 Kg)
    DSP Section
    A/D & D/A Converters 24-bit
    DSP Resolution 24-bit
    Type of Effects Vocal, Small Room, Large Hall, Echo, Echo+Reverb, Flange+Reverb, Plate,
    Chorus+, GTR, Rotary+GTR, Tremolo+GTR
    Presets 100
    Controls 100-position Preset Selector, DSP Mute Switch with Peak LED indicator

    10 Reviews

    87% of the reviewers recommend this product


    Continuation of "This appears to be a great item"

    • Patric Butch Amarando http//www.pbcaudio.net,
    •  Marion, NY 
    • 3/28/2016 12:28:12 PM

    Pros: Inexpensive unit, easy to use. I am very pleased with its performance, great looking.

    Cons: I have to give it a 4 out of 5, since I am not totally familiar with all that it can do, but I remain optimistic. Looks like to me that this unit is made for Monoprice by Mackie or Behringer. I think Behringer. Any guesses?

    This review is a continuation of a review that I submitted earlier on the same mixer that I returned as defective ... the right channel died on my after a short trial usage period. Monoprice picked up the shipping for me to return it for a new one. One week later, I received a new mixer, free of shipping charges. After getting used to it in my basement, I am now using it for church services where I have at least 8 mics going at one time. It's doing a superb job.

    Was this review helpful to you?

    This appears to be a great item

    • Patric Butch Amarando,
    •  Marion, NY 
    • 2/25/2016 1:24:20 PM

    Pros: I am currently working with Monoprice to get a free replacement, with no charge for return shipping and no return shipping to me for the new unit. Thus far, Monoprice has been very cooperative.

    Cons: After talking with the technicians there, I was told that this particular failure has been observed in the past. In packaging it for return, I can see where the fault of this failure might be attributed to. The Styrofoam packing inserts when put it place, put a great deal of stress on the leftmost and rightmost sliders. This may explain why the right channel crapped out on me. When I packed it for return, I put the leftmost and rightmost sliders at their maximum positions, thus the packing did not interfere with them.

    I am expecting a replacement by next week's end or the week after. Once I get the replacement, I will evaluate, and add to this post.

    I took delivery of this mixer on Thursday, 2-18-2016. It wasn’t until Saturday (2-20-2016) that I got a chance to set it up and work with it to get a feel of what it does, it’s controls, etc. Things were working fine, then the right main output quit on me. No matter what I did, I could not get it to work properly (switches and all, checking cables, the whole gamut / whole 9 yards).

    Was this review helpful to you?

    Good Mixer

    • Anonymous,
    •  LAVON, TX 
    • 4/19/2015 5:49:08 PM

    Pros: Easy to setup and operate right out of the box.

    Cons: noise from usb output during computer recording

    Overall very easy mixer to setup and operate. There is noise generated from the USB out during recording. I believe someone else reported this as well. I was able to remove noise using audacity, but would have been nice to have a clean record

    Was this review helpful to you?
    • Dean Baker,
    •  ,  
    • 12/22/2014 10:31:52 AM

    Pros: Direct in & outs for 4 mono tracks, very powerful graphic EQ, all aux can be returned either mono or stereo while using fx loops.

    Cons: The gain stages are still very powerful but I noticed it doesn't take alot for them to begin hissing.

    This piece of equipment far serpasses any of the 16 channels boards out there especially for the price range. It has powerful gain stages and a great EQ system on the single tracks as well as the graphic EQ. I have used this board for live sound and even recorded the bands live and aquired excellent recordings, I have used it for studio recordings as well and still does a great job it's like a giant proffessional board but smaller. Even sounds better than most boards.

    Was this review helpful to you?

    Great Mixer for the price

    • Sound Guy,
    •  Brookhaven, PA 
    • 11/1/2014 8:28:55 PM

    Pros: Smooth sliders, plethora of options, sturdy, dependable

    Cons: Strange DSP workings, USB output has a lot of noise making it unusable.

    I have been using this mixer for a church for about a year now and it has done quite well. I haven't had any major issues. The EQ isn't that great but it is there and usable. I am glad to see that I am not the only one who had a hard time figuring out the DSP and how to use it.

    Here is a tip on using it:
    In the AUX Returns Solo, select the button for main mix and adjust the amount along with the effects for the individual tracks.

    They are not fantastic but there in a pinch.

    The USB output is garbage. I have tried many different things and it has a ton of noise not found in any other outputs for the system. Don't bother thinking of the USB output as an option. I was seriously bummed out about that.

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