2.4GHz 2-Way Wireless Microphone System (with Hip Clips & Camera Mount)
    Product # 600120
    2.4GHz 2-Way Wireless Microphone System (with Hip Clips & Camera Mount)
    Product # 600120
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    2.4GHz 2-Way Wireless Microphone System (with Hip Clips & Camera Mount)

    Enjoy the benefits of hands-free, wireless, two-way communications using this Wireless Microphone System from Monoprice.

    This 2.4GHz wireless communications system is designed for professional videography and personal communications applications. In a videography scenario, it allows you to record audio from the on-camera talent and to give audio cues to the talent to distances up to 150 feet, without those cues being recorded.

    The microphones at both end are "always on", so it is also perfect for hands-free, two-way personal communications. This makes it well suited for use by busy professionals who need to be in constant contact on the job, such as stage hands, security personnel, restaurant staff, and event coordinators.

    The receiver and transmitter are each powered using two AA batteries (not included). The transmitter features a belt-clip, while the receiver includes both a belt-clip and a cold-shoe mounting option.


    • 2.4GHz wireless two-way communications system
    • Only audio from the transmitter is recorded, allowing the camera operator or producer to give live audio cues to the on-screen talent without those cues included in the recorded audio feed
    • Lavalier microphone includes foam windscreen/pop filter and lapel clip
    • Microphones are "always on", allowing for hands-free communications
    • Receiver includes both cold-shoe and belt-clip mounting options
    • Receiver and transmitter are paired at the factory, so no additional pairing is required
    • 150 foot actual range in clear air

    Support Files:

    Model 600120
    RF Modulation GFSK (Gauss Frequency Shift Key)
    Frequency Band 2.4GHz (2405-2478 MHz)
    Frequency Response 35 Hz ~ 14 kHz ±3dB
    Signal to Noise Ratio > 76dB
    Distortion < 0.1% (32Ω, 1kHz, 65mW output)
    RF Output Level 5mW
    Earphone Output Level 32Ω , 65mW
    Reception Sensitivity -85dB ±3dB / 0dB=1V/Pa, 1kHz
    Audio Input Connector 3.5mm TRRS
    Operating Range up to 164 feet (50 meters)
    Power Requirements 3.0 VDC (2x AAA batteries) each
    Transmitter Power Consumption 3.3V/110mA
    Receiver Power Consumption 3.3V/100mA
    Transmitter Battery Life approximately 3.5 hrs
    Receiver Battery Life approximately 4 hrs
    Transmitter Dimensions with Belt Clip 2.4" x 3.4" x 1.1" (60 x 86 x 28 mm)
    Receiver Dimensions with Cold Shoe 2.4" x 3.4" x 1.6" (60 x 86 x 41 mm)
    Transmitter Weight without Batteries 4.8 oz. (136g)
    Receiver Weight without Batteries 4.9 oz. (152g)

    Package Contents:

    • 1x Wireless transmitter with belt clip
    • 1x Wireless receiver
    • 1x Belt clip for receiver
    • 1x Cold shoe / 1/4"x20 mount for receiver
    • 1x Earphone with inline microphone
    • 1x Earphone
    • 1x Audio signal cable
    • 1x Lavalier/lapel microphone with foam windscreen/pop filter
    • 1x User's manual

    8 Reviews

    60% of the reviewers recommend this product


    Exception value for what it is

    • Anonymous,
    •  Newport News, VA 
    • 8/29/2016 8:57:24 AM

    Pros: Extremely low price, reasonable performance, compact.

    Cons: Possible WiFi congestion interference, moderate lag in audio (latency).

    When I purchased this, I noticed outwardly, except for the badge) it looked identical to the $100 priced Boya WM-5. after removing the case on the transmit pack, it became clear they were the same. The PCB said BY-WM-5 so it is undoubtedly the same beast, but at 20% of the cost. So what should you expect of a $20 wireless mic? Certainly not the same things you'd expect from an $800 system. Overall, I have no complaints about it's performance. Others have complained about the fact it's plastic. Face it, they all are. This may not be as sleek as some expensive models, but it's not bad.. The microphone connector is a bit odd in that it's essentially wired the same as a headset for a typical smartphone is. As such you can't just plug any old mic with 3.5mm connector into it. You'll either need a custom cable, or one of the adapters designed to provide separate mic/earphone jacks from the TRRS connector. The transmitter does use plug-in power to support other mics (not phantom powered mics of course). I didn't try any sort of maximum distance test, rather figuring I didn't need huge distances try something reasonable. I had no dropouts or noise around a corner into another room through walls at about 40'. Line of sight should top that easily. It might be white noise levels could be a little less using a better mic, because I noticed the background noise dropped with the mic unplugged. Still, not objectionable. Remember folks, you're getting the mic, transmitter, receiver, mounts, earphones... all for $20. Don't expect the same performance as a $200 lav!

    The manual mentions, there's a time delay between what you say and what you hear at the receiving end. They suggest up to 1 second which would be completely unusable for video if you can see the speaker's lips moving. Maybe its a typo and really says up .1 second. Anyway, I measured about 105 ms (0.105 seconds). so while you can hear it (try talking into a mic and listening to the delayed audio can be interesting). In a quick video test, I didn't find the delay to be obvious while watching the speakers lips. If you're using multiple wireless mics in a single session, you probably don't want to mix digital and analog due to the differing delays You could conceivably hear the same sound at multiple times due to the latency difference. My guess is if this is you WM system, it's probably a single system or two of these.

    You can easily spend more for a system, but hard to spend less and get what this system delivers. I bought a second just in case.

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    You get what you pay for...

    • Anonymous,
    •  Cook, NE 
    • 1/29/2016 7:07:47 AM

    Pros: Cheap. Ideally would be great since both packs are battery-powered, plus having two-way audio would be great.

    Cons: Cheaply built felt like they were going to fall apart at any second. Which wouldn't have mattered since the connection was never clear of static, making these unusable.

    I purchased these in anticipation to use for on-camera video interviews for the fall sports season. However, I quickly realized these would not work. I was never able to get a clear signal when outdoors (it was pure static). When I tried them indoors, the receiver unit had to be place ever-so-perfectly to ever get the audio clear with no static. Despite knowing this, I attempted to do one interview and the results were horrible. Only about 5 seconds of audio was usable when the static briefly stopped. Haven't used them since.

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    Great product and at a great price!

    • Kimberly Ferguson,
    •  ,  
    • 1/19/2016 7:04:19 AM

    Pros: Great value and at a great price. Gives you another option for audio capture.

    Cons: Made of plastic and feels/looks cheap but definitely not a deal breaker if you need the freedom of a wireless mic but have a limited budget. Besides, your talent will mostly likely pay little to no attention to it any way.

    I had been researching wireless microphones that are identical but sold under different brands (Movo, Boya) on another major online retailer website and was quote surprised to see the same set on the Monoprice website for half the price. It may not be a five or six hundred dollar wireless lav mic system but it did exactly what I needed which was to give me good quality for a quick video advertisement that I was shooting. I purchased it in order to give the talent the option to move around freely while still allowing me to capture sound and it worked just fine for me. If you have a limited budget and are not planning to do a large production, then this mic would be a great buy.

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    Too Bad...

    • hippop,
    •  Arden, NC 
    • 10/1/2015 2:29:17 PM

    Pros: Easy to use and no noise

    Cons: 15 ft range.....

    I'd be pleased as punch if it worked for half of the 150 foot range claimed in the specs, but mine was only good for 15 feet before it dropped signal. So disappointed as the potential is there.... transmitter and receiver sync immediately, volume control on both units and no noise. Mic quality is good, a better mic would cost about twice what the price paid for the whole system... Unfortunately with a range of just 15 feet it doesn't give any advantage over using the mic on the camera....RMAing for refund so I'll post a follow up on that experience as well...

    by Monoprice Administrator
    Hello hippop,

    Thank you for your review and my apologies for the issues you have experienced with PID 600120. Unfortunately, it sounds like you may have received a defective product. It does use a 2.4GHz signal so there is a possibility of signal interference if there were other devices around that are using a 2.4GHz signal. I see that an RMA has already been created. Would you mind if we did a little bit of troubleshooting to understand the setup?

    by hippop
    it should be 1 star, as it is unusable and does not meet the specifications as listed. As to trouble shooting I am a well versed in RF transmission, networking, audio and video. The device goes from synced slow flashing green ( actually alternates between receiver and Transmitter when it is synced to quick flashing when dropping signal. I tested the unit with the transmitter in line of sight to the receiver worked fine from 0 to 10 feet started dropping out then completely lost sync at about 15 feet. The issue could be the 2.4 GHz band and a combination of power/discrimination verses clutter, the nearest router was 30 feet away and I can see 10 active in the area....but at 15 feet outdoors in line of sight I suspect the unit is defective.

    by Monoprice Administrator
    Hello hippop,

    Thank you for that information and my apologies for the issues you have experienced with PID 600120. A shame the unit was defective. I will be sure to add to the RMA that was set up that we spoke and pass this info along to our product team so they can look into the matter further. Thanks for your support and sorry again for any inconvenience this may have caused. Should you have any questions, feel free to contact us!

    Mark P.
    Tech Support Associate

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    Delay in audio

    • Joel Ortega,
    •  Ontario, CA 
    • 8/4/2015 9:36:11 PM

    Pros: I did not get any static as others described, but, I also did not go farther than 15 ft.

    Cons: There is a noticeable delay in the audio when hooked up to a speaker. I know they are not necessarily made for that, but still annoying.

    See above....

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