California Classic Sunburst Guitar with Gig Bag and 20-Watt Amp, Tuner, Strap, Cable, Picks, and Replacement Strings
    Product # 610603
    California Classic Sunburst Guitar with Gig Bag and 20-Watt Amp, Tuner, Strap, Cable, Picks, and Replacement Strings
    Product # 610603
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    California Classic Sunburst Guitar with Gig Bag and 20-Watt Amp, Tuner, Strap, Cable, Picks, and Replacement Strings

    Get everything you need to play electric guitar with this California Classic Guitar Bundle from Monoprice!

    You know it when you hear it. That distinctive California Classic sound made famous by artists past and present. Whether it is surf, blues, psychedelic rock, country, or classic hard rock, this California Classic Solid Body Electric Guitar from Monoprice is the perfect axe for your daily practice and performance needs.

    The included 20-watt guitar amplifier features an 8-inch, 4-ohm driver, which produces solid clean tones, as well as an optional overdrive tone, with 86dB of gain. It features a standard 1/4" TS input for the guitar, but also includes a 3.5mm auxiliary input, so you can plug in an mp3 player and play along to the music.

    In addition to the guitar and amp, you get everything else you'll need to start rockin' the house. The guitar comes with a set of installed strings, a tremolo/whammy bar, a heavy duty zippered gig bag with shoulder strap, and a truss rod wrench. In addition to everything mentioned above, the bundle includes a guitar strap, clip-on chromatic tuner, 10-foot cloth-covered 1/4" guitar cable, a full set of replacement strings, and a 12-pack of guitar picks.

    Before the guitar gets shipped to you, each Monoprice guitar undergoes a setup, tuning, and inspection process by Master Luthier Roger Gresco here in Southern California. The setup ensures that the neck is straight, the action is right, and that it will stay in tune.

    Click the following links for full details of each item included with this bundle:

    610103 California Classic Solid Body Electric Guitar, Sunburst Finish

    611720 20-Watt, 1x8 Guitar Combo Amplifier

    611303 2-inch Guitar Strap, Synthetic Leather with Leather Ends, Tan Fashion Design

    611210 Clip-On Guitar Tuner

    611000 Medium Celluloid Guitar Picks, 12 pc, Solid Black

    601410 10ft Cloth Series 1/4-inch TS Male 20AWG Instrument Cable, Black & Gold

    611140 Electric Guitar Strings, Coated Steel, Super Light .009-inch

    7 Reviews

    88.57% of the reviewers recommend this product


    Unbeatable deal!

    • Anonymous,
    •  Anaheim, CA 
    • 8/19/2016 5:33:27 PM

    Pros: Excellent quality for the price paid

    Cons: None except no authenticity certificate issued with the guitar

    I am 66 years old and have been around guitars most of my life. I saw this package and already knowing the quality of Monoprice instruments from their reviews, I just had to add it to my collection. What a joy to spend so little and get so much. No issues with any of the components of the package. The guitar plays beautifully and the amp is great for what it is. The fit and finish are quite acceptable. My only disappointment was that i did not receive the authenticity set-up certificate that I have seen come with other Monoprice guitars. This will be a good one to hand down to one of my grandchildren should they become interested in playing.

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    Frett buzz, darn it

    • Scotty Kay,
    •  Fayetteville, AR 
    • 5/19/2016 3:37:35 PM

    Pros: Seems to be a great value for the $$. The tuner is a wee bit difficult to use but works OK. The strap, amp, gig bag and 10' instrument cables were just better than I expected. No opinion on the strings have yet to mess with them. If it weren't for the fret buzz this would be a solid 5 star rating.

    Cons: Fret buzz with two strings.

    Really like the guitar and the quick Monoprice service. Everything works fine EXCEPT for Fret buzz with the low E and A strings. . Communications sent to Monoprice customer service soliciting advice on how to cure the problem without going thru the hassle of an RMA have not yielded a response. I suppose I'll have to submit an RMA request if I don't receive a reply by the 5/24/2016.

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    Nice stuff, as far as I know, but not great communications

    • Toophless,
    •  Clemmons, NC 
    • 5/10/2016 5:48:50 PM

    Pros: Great set. The amp will piss off your wife. The guitar, in my limited experience, sounds really nice. The strap is 100% strap-like. Seems durable and attaches securely. Once I get to the "spin the guitar around my neck" lesson I think it'll do ok. The tuner is actually really good. I was kind of arrogant about being able to tune an instrument... but this thing is, perhaps, a bit better than my ear. I'll give it that. The 1/4" mono cable is really nice. Stout but flexible. Looks like it'll hold up to abuse (maybe even neck-spinning). That case is guitar shaped which I suspect will come in handy if I ever need to case my guitar. Still waiting for something called a "gig". I haven't used the replacement strings yet as I do not "shred", like the kids call it these days. The picks are really, really light. So light they are non-existent.

    Also the packaging for shipping was done really well. Everything was boxed within box with padding where needed. I like good packaging. It got here safely.

    Cons: The picks are non-existent.

    I can't play guitar. 30+ years ago I was first Cellist from elementary through high-school and I can't even play cello anymore. So there is the grain of salt you should take with my review.

    I still have a good ear and this thing sounds just fine. I YouTube some lessons. I break my wrist trying to get my fingers in the right place... but when I do hit the notes, yeah, this stuff sounds pretty darn good. I'm certainly looking forward to getting slowly and painfully better, but more-so, I'm glad to have another instrument in the house that my 7 year old daughter can be exposed to. For a guitar beginner, I'm giving all of this a thumbs up.

    The only issue I've had is that I send a note to customer support that I didn't get the picks. I don't really care that I didn't get the picks but I do care that I didn't get a reply from customer support. Instead I purchased a pick punch from Amazon and I've turned expired credit cards into picks. So that option exists. Granted, I'll have to make 2 million picks before the punch will pay for itself, and it was just $10 or so.

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    Setup Matters

    • D Steinberg,
    •  Beachwood, OH 
    • 2/22/2016 8:47:21 AM

    Pros: Great Tone
    Easy to play
    Nice tuner

    Cons: Quality control

    The first guitar played and sounded great, but had some cosmetic issues with the fretboard and body finish. I exchanged it, and the process went OK, but the second guitar played horribly. I came to find that this one wasn't set up at all - the truss rod was loose (neck bowed) and the string heights were a mess. Gresco's signature looked like a bad forgery as well. Now that its all apart I'll do some upgrades and adjust it myself, but clearly getting a competent setup is key. I like the tuner. The amp is decent, but not as great a value as the guitar - makes a harsh popping noise when switching channels.

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    Guitar Package

    • DK Christensen,
    •  Port Orchard, WA 
    • 12/20/2015 3:12:36 PM

    Quick shipping and packed well. Guitar looks nice and amp will work for what I need. However there were no picks or strings included. Good value.

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