Retro Vision Solid Body Electric Guitar - Blonde
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    Retro Vision Solid Body Electric Guitar - Blonde
    Product # 610151
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    Retro Vision Solid Body Electric Guitar - Blonde

    With the versatility to play classic country, rock, blues, and jazz tones, you can make this Retro Vision Solid Body Electric Guitar the workhorse of your collection!

    This full-sized, 22-fret, single cutaway electric guitar features two single-coil pickups and is capable of producing a wide range of tones. With the bridge pickup, you can get that bright, rich, cutting tone known as the country "twang" made famous by artists such as Merle Haggard and Waylon Jennings. With the neck pickup you get a warmer, mellow, bluesy tone, such as that of Albert Collins or Muddy Waters. Additionally, rock musicians as diverse as Syd Barrett, Chrissy Hynde, and Keith Richards have found a way to make their own distinctive sound using this style of guitar.

    The guitar is constructed with a basswood body, bolt-on maple neck, and rosewood fretboard. It features locking tuners and is strung using Monoprice's coated-steel strings (light, 0.010"). The chrome volume and tone knobs are accompanied by a three-position switch, which lets you select the neck or bridge pickup, or both.

    Before it gets shipped to you, each Monoprice guitar undergoes a setup, tuning, and inspection process by Master Luthier Roger Gresco here in Southern California. The setup ensures that the neck is straight, the action is right, and that it will stay in tune. Additionally, it comes with everything you need to get started, including strings (installed), a heavy-duty zippered black gig bag with shoulder strap, and a truss-rod wrench.

    Body Style Double-Cutaway
    Body Material Basswood
    Neck Material Maple
    Fingerboard Material Rosewood
    Construction Bolt On
    Scale 648mm (Full-Size)
    Weight 7.7 lbs
    Machineheads Chrome Locking
    Pickups Single-Single
    4.5 / 5.0
    78 Reviews
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    1 Star
    Beyond satisfactory
    I've been wanting a guitar in this style for a long time, but never seemed to save up the money for the really nice traditional brands. When I saw this listed I was super skeptical, especially given the positive reviews. I play often, and well, but I'm not great. Anyway, I would also like to travel with my guitars more and didnt want to risk my other guitars I already own so I bought this one in blonde. Man I love it! It sounds so good through my tube amps as-is. The finish is really good, even without considering price-point. This is no pawn-shop special. I love jamming out with it. Just change the strings when you get it, and maybe eventually consider switching out the pickups if you really want to, but this is already the perfect setup for a beginning/traveler/jam session with buds/little niece comes over and you don't want her playing your Fender/etc.

    I'd buy it again.

    PROS: - Good quality
    - Decent action/setup
    - Surprisingly decent sound
    - Not made of cardboard or something (I don't know how they made it this cheap)

    CONS: - Not perfect show-room quality? Nobody is paying this little and expecting to show this guitar anyway, its for jamming and risk-free travel and you know it.
    November 2, 2016
    Like Butter
    I would call the color "Butter Burst" so people wouldn't confuse it with a famous guitar maker's "Blonde" or "(Vintage) Butterscotch Blonde".

    Mine is definitely a burst pattern, with solid butter yellow edges tapering to show translucent wood grain toward the middle. I love the color and Deep finish, which works great with the white pickguard and rosewood. Can't make out a wood seam on the front. It's not a "standard" color, but Someone did a nice job on my Retro Vision body.

    Nice neck, with proper Tele shape and fretboard radius. The guitar arrived with lockers unlocked and 3 turns of string around the tuners. Fortunately, I think it was just a matter of convenience, as the factory setup intonates fine and doesn't stress the nut with the smaller effective spindle diameter with the lockers engaged and the extra string nipped off.

    The guitar arrived totally playable out of the box with just a tune. Tuners don't inspire a lot of confidence, but they all work pretty close to the same. Bridge doesn't distort or exhibit any other functional goofyness (and a lot of aftermarket Tele bridges and benders carry strings without a body passthru anyway).

    Pups sound great, though not very loud. Twang and grease, and some blue smoke, as well as standard Tele single-coil clean through my old Hellhound (and new Monoprice 40w). Pots are smooth and even, and feel nice, except one came a little crooked. I can still make all the train sounds.

    Factory strings aren't bad, but changing to my DR 10-46s gave me a basis of comparison.

    Green Grass and High Tides, My Next Broken Heart, Suspicious Minds, Baby Please Don't Go...This Monoprice Tele did them all the day it arrived.

    This is a lot of guitar for $133!

    PROS: Sound

    Playability and Setup




    CONS: A fret edge would catch a callous every now and then. I taped around it with scotch tape and filed the little microburr with an emery board.

    As mentioned, strings don't pass through the body. Time will tell how hard this is on the bridge end and the 7 mounting screws.
    November 25, 2014
    My High Expectations Were Exceeded
    I wanted a standard Tele to round out my collection of guitars, and I was fully prepared to pay retail at Guitar Center during their next 20% off sale. Then I remembered Monoprice. I read the reviews, for the Retro Vision guitar, and thought, what have I got to lose? I expected a trip to the guitar shop for set-up, but it came out of the box dialed in tight, with perfect action. I flicked the switch to the bridge pickup, dialed up the overdrive on the amp, and let the blues licks rip. What a delicious sound! The action is so tight that playing is effortless.

    PROS: Perfect condition for play straight out of the box.
    Flawless paint job.
    Delicious sound.
    Comfortable to play.

    CONS: None so far, and I've looked hard to find some.
    September 15, 2016
    More yellow-colored than pine-colored, but plays wonderfully
    So.. this is my 3rd guitar I purchased from So even though I'm a beginner guitarist, I'm a certified Monoprice frequent-flyer! What the anonymous reviewer said about the yellow-ish finish is correct, and I knew that going in - so I was less disappointed.

    My suspicion is that the wood used to make the body of the guitar is slightly uneven in natural color - but I can't really confirm that and it's only speculation.

    The sides of the body "plank" are definitely yellow and look like... (Red: 239 Green: 217 Blue: 105 ) or EFD969. That said, on the front and back sides of the plank, the finishing color looks thinner, and you can definitely see the dark streaks and lines that you'd normally see in a plank of pine wood. And the wooden "patina" of the front of the plank is much more visible from a little further away.

    OK, so that said, I think Monoprice should re-do the pictures for this guitar, because it doesn't look like the one in the picture. However, the guitar finish itself is of a great quality, as are the electronics, and the feel of the guitar and the tones are the twangy kind you'd expect from a more classic guitar with this same kind of pickup configuration.

    All in all, a great guitar. Definitely excellent for a beginner for myself. I'm very pleased with Monoprice's quality, delivery, packaging and service. It's obvious to me that Monoprice wants to leave a favorable impression - and they do!

    PROS: Great tones, great electronics, excellent guitar for a beginner, excellent packing for shipment, set up was super-easy and quick, great finish.

    CONS: Color is definitely more yellow than pine or wood-colored.
    July 9, 2014
    Quality, beauty, workmanship, great sounding gig rig.

    PROS: Great guitar.

    CONS: Priced unbelievably....good.
    March 20, 2015
    These were our first Mono guitars. If they all sound as good as these we will be getting more.

    PROS: Very easy to play. Smooth action. Finish flawless. Strings are top notch. Love the "M" logo on the headstock. Nice touch.

    CONS: Cons: It seems most of the screws holding the pick guard and some on the other hardware are stripped. The driver inserting these screws was not adjusted correctly. Both guitars are effected. Not a huge deal, but something that could be addressed.
    May 31, 2015
    Another Gem!
    This is my second Monoprice guitar (Cali Classic is my first) and I must say that the Retro is as good or better than the Cali! Once again, a perfect body finish and the neck, including the frets are great. This thing is so easy to play and this guitar really stays in tune. I'm not sure if it's the locking tuners or just the guitar itself but it tunes and stays in tune a little better than the Cali. Although the pickups in this sound fine, the output is a tad weak. I've ordered some Bill Lawrence PUPs for the Cali so I may do the same for this if they pan out well. Well done Monoprice....I don't know how they do it for such a low price!

    PROS: Great looks, play-ability, sound, tuners (locking)

    CONS: For this price I can't justify a "con"
    November 2, 2014
    Great Guitar!
    A fine guitar by any standard.

    I've tried import Telecasters from other venders and never bonded with them. This one is a another whole story. I've been playing for 48 years and am floored by the quality instruments that are being imported today.

    The set up was as expected. ALL guitars need to be set up according to their owners playing style. I enjoy this work, do it to all my guitars and also as a side job to performing and teaching. I found it odd that the strings were installed on the locking tuning pegs with lots of wraps around the posts (?)

    After some back and forth with Monoprice excellent customer service, they made good on the defective tuning peg.

    Thanks for making great products at great prices.


    PROS: Nice finish, neck and electronics.

    CONS: One defective locking tuner.
    December 18, 2014
    Retrovision Solid Body Electric (Telecaster Style)
    Very impressed with the quality of the instrument for the price. The neck was smooth, with no sharp edges on the frets, and well set up. Pups are hot, but noiseless. Remarkable sustain. As a starving musician in 1984, I had to trade my butterscotch '72 telecaster for a car. I've lamented that decision ever since. Back then, it wasn't likely you could find a quality, low-cost instrument. But the proliferation of low-cost electronics, new manufacturing methods, and global trade, have coalesced to shake things up. I may upgrade this guitar (Fender pups, neck, etc.), but I'm in no hurry to do so.

    PROS: - Playability
    - Sound
    - Sustain
    - Price

    CONS: For the price, really? I've nothing negative to say.
    May 24, 2016
    What a deal!
    I can't believe how good this guitar is for the price - you can't buy a decent T-style guitar kit to build and finish yourself for the cost of this guitar. The blonde version I received is a translucent butter color, very pleasing to the eye with just a little of the wood grain visible through the finish. Nice that the "Pro Audio Series" label has been replaced with the Monoprice 'm' logo on the headstock. I replaced the factory strings with a set of Ernie Ball Regular Slinky strings and the action is superb. Pickups are strong and clear.

    This guitar compares favorably to the made in Mexico instruments from a well-known manufacturer that cost several hundred dollars more. I have a large collection of vintage guitars and a few months ago bought the gold-top Route 66 Modern LP-style guitar from Monoprice just to see what it was like. I was so impressed that I bought the Retro Vision model as well. These will be my go-to guitars for practice and traveling, saving my vintage stuff for gigs and recording.

    Well done Monoprice!

    PROS: Setup out of the box was perfect. Finish is perfect. Price point is excellent for this quality. Packed well, shipped fast.

    CONS: Plastic parts (e.g., pickguard) are a little below the quality of the rest of the instrument.
    May 21, 2015
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    What are the dimensions of the neck pocket, and will it allow installing a Fender neck? What is the spacing of the screws holding on the neck?
    A shopper on Dec 4, 2016
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