Select Series - Full Size Blue Switch Mechanical Keyboard
    Product # 13785
    Select Series - Full Size Blue Switch Mechanical Keyboard
    Product # 13785
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    Select Series - Full Size Blue Switch Mechanical Keyboard


    Continuing to bring value in professional grade products, Monoprice has refreshed its line of mechanical keyboards. This new series provides performance profiles for both mechanical RED and BLUE switches.

    It has full NKRO, so you will never miss a beat when ducking behind cover or providing covering fire. There is no need to break the bank to experience the pleasure of mechanical key switches; enjoy professional grade performance at half the price of other keyboards!

    Monoprice gaming keyboards are designed for competitive play, crafted with high quality components and materials, and offer the great feel and responsiveness you need when victory is essential. They deliver incredible responsiveness and precision to elevate your game to the next level.

    Our expertly designed anti-ghosting technology provides flawless control even when you're pressing multiple keys at once. Monoprice mechanical keyboards have individual switches with dedicated diodes, so every key press results in an input and is 100% ghost free without tradeoff or compromise.

    The stiff suspension chassis and the laser-etched keys are made for durability so they won't degrade over time. 

    • Professional Performance: Mechanical keys switches built to last. Red and blue switches catering to either light or heavy touch preference during use.
    • Ghost busters, never miss a key stroke! 0 Input latency and no ghosting on keystrokes.
    • Super fast typist? Large hands? No problem! You have the ability to depress up to 10 keys at once and register each keystroke.
    • Full size keyboard.
    • Premium cable breakout: Fully braided cable.

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    90.3% of the reviewers recommend this product


    Great Quality, Great Price.

    • Steven,
    •  Largo, FL 
    • 9/10/2016 7:05:35 PM

    Pros: Great keys, Nice Grips, Textured Plastic, And Great Actuation Points.

    Cons: Nio cons

    It has an excellent build quality and a great beginners keyboard has some girth to it and the legs don't snap off the key switches are very nice it has great key switches.

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    Great bargain for a mechanical switch keyboard

    • Big Square Head,
    •  ,  
    • 9/9/2016 4:47:57 AM

    Pros: Price
    Build Quality
    Good Performance

    I use this keyboard daily and find the build quality, responsiveness and overall experience with it very positive. The switch actuation is very good and in line for my expectation of blue switches. I use this keyboard for work and have been very pleased with it. As some reviews note the layout is a little different with an larger than normal ENTER key as well as unique character placement and fonts on the key caps but overall this is a very nice product.

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    Excellent Keyboard with only a couple gripes

    • c0defox,
    •  Buffalo, NY 
    • 9/7/2016 11:44:11 AM

    Pros: Mechanical
    Excellent build quality
    The firmness of the blue switch is just right in terms of actuation force
    I can type on it for hours without much strain compared to my previous keyboard
    Really good price
    The included key puller is also a nice addition if I ever want to change to different key caps, or even my keyboard layout

    Cons: The backslash/pipe (\) key is in the same position as the bar style enter/return key on most US QWERTY keyboards and this has caught my touch typing many times. It is now a much bigger action to hit the return key and most of the time I hit them both at the same time, leaving a backslash at the end of whatever I last typed

    I got this to replace the membrane stock lenovo keyboard I used at work for a while. I already have a gaming mechanical keyboard at home, and this keyboard compares very nicely without adding a bunch of unnecessary features for my day-to-day programming and IT job.

    My co-worker also has a mechanical keyboard that he uses (not sure on which switches are in his) and we've almost convinced our boss to get one as well!

    Just be fine with the clicking sound of the keyboard as it is a little higher pitch than some other mechanical keyboards around - The sound can be modded away with dampeners however (

    I would highly recommend this to anyone looking for their first mechanical keyboard, but don't really feel comfortable spending a whole lot of money

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    A great entry into mechanical keyboards with a few small caveats

    • Anonymous,
    •  Nashville, TN 
    • 9/5/2016 1:20:06 PM

    Pros: Price!
    Sturdy for the cost
    Great entry into mechanical keyboards
    No issues with QC, or major design flaws

    Cons: Lower cost means lower quality in several aspects, mainly build materials
    Keycaps included are a little flimsy and do not support O-ring modification

    I got this while it was on sale for $35 with free shipping (woo!) as my first foray into the world of mechanical keyboards for daily use, and I must say I'm impressed with what I got for that price.

    Despite its generic Cherry MX Blue knockoff switches (Outemu brand), the keyboard seems relatively sturdy, and the keystrokes feel consistent. There isn't a metal backplate, but for the price I didn't expect one anyways. The layout is standard except for the enter key, which is in the European ISO layout rather than the ANSI layout more common in the USA. This can take some getting used to, although I haven't had too much trouble since I like the slightly larger target for my pinky.

    The cable is long enough to thread behind my desktop, so that's not a problem. It's not braided, but, again, for the price do you really expect it to be? I have yet to see if the connections will last without fraying. I don't plan on moving the keyboard much, so I'm hoping it'll last a while.

    Now, the bit of the keyboard that was a bit iffy was the keycaps. On most keys, all four corners have small raised bumps which are nice to help you feel the key, but can lead to a little bit of sensory overload if, say, you're trying to find the home row key bumps on the F and J keys. Monoprice includes a key puller, but you'll find that the included keycaps are a little flimsy-feeling and made of thin plastic. This never presented as a problem unless I tried to pull them off, and I can't feel the flimsiness during regular usage.

    Unfortunately, if you or the people around you are annoyed by the loudness of MX Blues, you won't be able to fix that with this keyboard unless you spend a little more extra money than you might think. Because of the thin stems on these keycaps, O-ring modifications won't have an effect as the key will still bottom out and make the "clacking" sound. If you want to make that mod, you'll need to buy an entirely new set of keycaps.

    All in all, this keyboard was a wonderful purchase and a good way to see if I wanted to use mechanical keyboards for work and daily use. There are a few issues, but for the price I didn't expect a perfect keyboard. Don't expect the level of quality/design from a Corsair, Rosewill, or Razer with real Cherry switches. Instead, buy this keyboard with the mindset that, despite a few small issues, it's a cheap, decently durable and reliable keyboard. And hey, the money you save can go towards a nicer one in the future!

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    Wonderful! Nice Clicky-Clacky value!

    • BananaPeal,
    •  Mesa, AZ 
    • 8/31/2016 7:07:55 PM

    Pros: +CHEAP
    +Seems like it will last forever, nice and heavy
    +if key breaks you can exchange the clickie thing for a lesser-used key
    +texture of key presses is an improvement over the gelpad keyboards.
    +clicky clacky typewriter sound!

    Cons: -clicky clacky typewriter sound...

    Typing on this is a joy. Assuming you're the only one in the room! It does sound like a typewriter when you get up to speed. Might be consideration for shared space. You can buy o-rings that fit under the keys though for about $7-8$ and then painstakingly install them one by one under the keys. or you can pay $10-15 extra for the quieter red series.

    seems accurate! gaming seems better! Typing works well! Try it if noise won't be issue for you! Try it even if it is, might be amusing to some!

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