Rechargeable Digital Pen for Interactive Pen Display 10707
    Product # 11428
    Rechargeable Digital Pen for Interactive Pen Display 10707
    Product # 11428
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    Rechargeable Digital Pen for Interactive Pen Display 10707

    This is a replacement pen for the Monoprice 10707 19" Interactive Pen Display. It uses an internal rechargeable battery and comes with a USB charging cable, a pen tip clip, and 4 replacement pen tips.

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    4 Reviews

    75% of the reviewers recommend this product

    • Anonymous,
    •  Lees Summit, MO 
    • 10/22/2015 2:47:20 PM

    Pros: When it works, it works fantastic. Excellent tilt, pressure and accuracy on the screen

    Cons: easily broken

    The thing does not tell you that it's not supposed to twist on the cap. If it twists, it ruins the whole thing. This is a heavy design flaw, but so long as you don't twist it, it'll work fine. They really should put that somewhere in it's manual or a HUGE warning.

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    Replacement Pen

    • John C,
    •  Katy, TX 
    • 8/25/2015 6:15:04 AM

    Pros: Works exactly as original, fixed my problem, daughter loves it.

    Cons: These pens are fragile, the mouse buttons are in a terrible place and they don't seem to last long. It is an exact replacement for the original.

    My new Monoprice tablet is about 3 months old and my daughter was complaining about the tablet being flaky and inconsistent (ghost lines when she wasn't touching the tablet was the main problem). I just ordered another pen to see if it would fix the problem (and it did). Nothing better or worst than the original, but I think I will buy a few of them to stock up (just in case).

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    Great Pen

    • Raychel Le Fay,
    •  Atlanta, GA 
    • 11/20/2014 12:54:07 AM

    Pros: -Feels excellent in your hands.
    -Extra dibs are great.
    -Smooth feeling over the glass surface of the Interactive Pen Display.
    -Holds a charge for a long time. ^_^

    I recently purchased an Interactive Pen Display, and it came with a pen, but I wanted another one, just in case it broke, or died on me while I was in the middle of an awesome rush of inspiration!! ^_^. So I wouldn't mix them up, I color coded them, and I keep them in a safe, place so they don't fall, drop, bend, or have anything placed on top of them. You know the responsible thing to do, when you have something like this.

    works excellent, takes an hour to charge, which isn't a problem. Enoy!!

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    Good tablet, but fragile pen?

    • Anonymous,
    •  Saint-Nicolas, QC 
    • 6/14/2014 1:40:24 PM

    Pros: The tablet it is used for is so far(especially since the windows drivers were updated last april) an excellent drawing tool in my eyes despite the oft criticized viewing angles.

    Cons: The pen seems to be extremely fragile.

    Unless I missed something, after only 4 months with the tablet, the pen that originally came with the tablet gave up. Note I always kept it charging when not in use to make sure it would be charged when I would need it.
    At some point, however, it just stopped working. The pen would still charge when plugged in, but it would stop giving any reaction with the tablet whatsoever. My cursor will simply not move.
    Ultimately I gave up figuring why and ordered a pair of new pen to replace it(one as the replacement, the other as back-up).
    It has been only 2, -maybe- 3 weeks since I ordered them, and one of them has already similarly failed me which.... is relatively frustrating. Again the pen seems to be fully charged when I plug it in and so on. There is just no reaction from the tablet when I use it, which is making me forced to bring out the back-up pen much sooner than I would have expected or liked.
    I have always tried to take good care of the pen, keeping it charging when not in use, avoid to handle it too roughly. In fact, just yesterday as I was working on art commissions for clients, it was still working perfectly fine. The only and only thing I can think of that happened today before I fired up my computer was the pen accidentally rolling off my desk and falling to the ground. That is it.

    If this is what broke the pen, I must admit to be very disappointed by it's apparent (lack of) durability considering the much superior abuse the pens of my previous tablets have suffered without affecting their capacities in the slightest. I love the tool and will probably will keep using Monoprice's 19-inch pen display, but I am very disapointed in the durability of the pens.

    by Monoprice Administrator

    Thank you for your review and my apologies for the issues you have experienced with PID 11428. A shame this didn't work out for your needs.. I will be sure to pass this info along to our product team so they can look into the matter further. Thanks for your support and sorry again for any inconvenience this may have caused. Now if you no longer have a need for the pen, I can help setup an RMA for a return. If you would like me to proceed with the RMA, just let me know and I can get this started right away. Sorry again for the trouble and hope this helps!

    Jonathan Arteaga
    Tech Support Associate

    by Anonymous
    I've already submitted a RMA not long ago and recently received a replacement pen.
    On this, I must verily thank you for the prompt delivery and processing since I should be able to complete a commissioned project in time now.
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