Wall Mount Bracket for Projector w/ 400-600mm Extension (Max 44lbs) - BLACK
    Product # 8804
    Wall Mount Bracket for Projector w/ 400-600mm Extension (Max 44lbs) - BLACK
    Product # 8804
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    Wall Mount Bracket for Projector w/ 400-600mm Extension (Max 44lbs) - BLACK

    This bracket allows you to mount your projector to a wall or other solid vertical surface.

    This mount holds a projector from the wall at a distance of 16.5" to 23.6"(420-600 mm). It can accommodate projectors with a 3 or 4 mounting holes and a spacing diameter of 1.6" to 12.2" (40-310 mm) and a weight of up to 44 lbs (20 kg).

    Provided the total diameter of the projectors wires/cables is less than the internal diameter of the horizontal mounting bar they can be contained within the horizontal bar for a neat and professional appearance. The projector can be tilted in both the horizontal and vertical axes, ±5 degrees horizontally and ±15 degrees vertically. Positioning screws allow precise control of the tilt angles, while locking screws keep it in the perfect position.

    Once installed onto the wall, the mount assembly can be positioned vertically up to 1.8" (45 mm) from the default position. Additionally, the projector mounting bracket at the other can be adjusted up to 1.2" (30 mm) from the default position.

    Included in the Box:

    • 1x MPCP-D4060 Projector mount assembly
    • 4x M3x30 phillips screw
    • 4x M4x30 phillips screw
    • 4x M5x30 phillips screw
    • 2x M5x8 phillips screw
    • 2x M6x12 anti-slip screw
    • 5x M5x10 phillips screw
    • 4x M6x35 tapping screw sets
    • 4x 6x50 wood screw sets

    Projector not included!

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    14 Reviews

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    Good hardware, terrible instructions

    • Chris,
    •  Allentown, PA 
    • 5/1/2016 9:13:20 AM

    Pros: sturdy, cosmetically attractive, good wire management

    Cons: terrible instructions, mounting bracket not set up for single-stud installation, short arms

    I bought this mount a couple weeks ago, started assembling it today. So far - good hardware, but terrible instructions.

    The Main Bar had a couple scratches on it, right out of the bag. I'm hoping they're not noticeable upon final installation near the ceiling. The mounting bracket holes are spaced widely apart in a rectangle and do not allow single-stud installation (which is the typical use case). The arms are too short for my Epson 5030UB, which will require further fabrication.

    My biggest complaint is the terrible instructions. Here are the stickers on the faster bags:

    Contents of bag 1
    M6x25 4 (no match)
    M6x12 2 (accessory 5)
    M5x8 2 (accessory 4)
    M5x10 5 (accessory 6)

    Contents of bag 2
    6x50 wood screw 4 (accessory 8)
    M5x30 4 (accessory 3)
    M4x30 4 (accessory 2)
    M3x30 4 (accessory 1)

    Bag 1 also contains 4 washers, 4 lock washers, 4 stud posts, not listed on the sticker.

    The instructions list the following fasteners (called "accessories"):

    1. M3x30 4
    2. M4x30 4
    3. M5x30 4
    4. M5x8 2
    5. M6x12 anti-slip 2
    6. M5x10 5
    7. M6x35 tapping screw 4 (cannot find)
    8. 6x50 wood screw 4

    Questions/comments for Monoprice:
    1. There are four lock washers, four flat washers, and four stud posts that are included, but there is no mention of them in the instructions. Where do they get used?
    2. The included M6x25mm is mislabeled as a M6x35mm in the instructions.
    3. Regarding accessory 6 (M5x10): In the instructions, step 1 specifies qty 4 and step 2 specifies qty 2, but that adds up to 6 and only 5 are provided.
    4. In step 2, the second reference to Figure 5 should be to Figure 6.
    5. In step 2, it specifies to attach the Main Bar Overview to the fixation using accessory 4 (M5x8), which is both the wrong quantity and size.
    6. There is no mention of where accessory 4 (M5x8) should actually be used.
    7. On the parts bag, accessory 8 (6x50 wood screw) should be labeled as 6x50 on the tag, not M6x50 (which is a metric bolt reference).
    8. Step 2 specifies to use accessory 7 (described as a M6x35 tapping screw) for masonry installation, but no such masonry fastener is included.
    9. The grammar is terrible. Step says to "invaginate" the low cap. Will that get me arrested?

    I have stopped assembly because of the confusion as to which part to use where. I'm going to open a support ticket for them to address items 1 and 3 above to unblock me.

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    Great Mount - But needs longer arms

    • Terry Tharp,
    •  Cedar Rapids, IA 
    • 12/11/2015 9:06:02 PM

    Pros: Looks fantastic
    Once locked in, no slippage so far, but still positionable
    Easy to mount (although see above)

    Cons: Needs longer arm extensions - will not fit an Epson Home Cinema 5030UB/6030UB as the arms do not span to ~13" as needed. If the mount can support that much weight, why do the arms not reach far enough for large projectors? Baffling. Knew this going into it from another review though and also had arms from a previous mount that I added to these (2 of them) which worked great. A bit silly these are so short though - measure first to be sure! Great for the price though.

    This is a great mount. Easy to install and very secure once it is. Installing it solo it was easier to mount the arm assembly to the slide out piece first and then slide it into the main bracket mounted to the wall. That way I didn't need to support the projector for very long. Tried putting the arm assembly on the "hanger" first but could not get the lock screws threaded before I thought I might lose grip on the projector. If you have two people and a ladder, that would be cake. As it is, one person with a ladder has to work quick and get the first lock screw in while wrangling the projector, and it's not fun. If you have a way to support the projector safely while doing it though, all the better.

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    Heavy Duty

    • losteaglescout,
    •  Minneapolis, MN 
    • 10/1/2015 9:18:56 AM

    Pros: Made with heavy gauge metal and once installed there almost no play.

    Cons: Throw out the screws that came with it and go get some lag bolts. Much easier to work with and the decorative cover hides all.

    Very sturdy and easy to install. Mounting arms are too short for the Epson 5030ub projector. I used extension arms from another ceiling mount and that worked fine.

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    • Vince,
    •  Brentwood, CA 
    • 12/18/2014 10:11:48 PM

    Pros: Great quality build. Has all the hardware needed. Clean, sleek look.

    Cons: Instruction pamphlet needs improvement

    This wall mount is a great buy. I provides a clean look to hanging a projector from any wall. The construction is solid and the parts where made with quality. All the hardware is included, whether you are installing on dry wall or concrete. The cables can be hidden inside the mounting arm. Plus the adjustments to line up your projector is fully functional. You can adjust vertically and horizontally vie tension screws. I recommend this product for anyone needing a wall mount.

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    Excellent Mounting Solution

    • Anonymous,
    •  Fredericksburg, VA 
    • 12/8/2014 3:08:40 PM

    Pros: Easy to assemble, sturdy, attractive, versatile, highly adjustable..

    Cons: Directions could be better, mounting holes are exactly 2" apart, so it is impossible to fit all 4 holes on a standard stud, should include toggle bolts or anchors for holes that can't be mounted to stud

    I used this mount to mount my Panasonic PT-AE8000U on the wall. This install solution enabled me to have an attractive mount on the rear wall rather than using a ceiling mount with a long extension bar (to clear ceiling fan in middle of room.

    Installation was easy and I am confident it is very sturdy. Once installed, it is still height adjustable (+/- 2"), you can adjust up/down tilt (+/-15° ) and you can adjust horizontal tilt/level (+/- 5°).

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