Caliber In Ceiling Speakers 6.5 Inch Fiber 3-Way with Concentric Mid/Highs (pair)
    Product # 7605
    Caliber In Ceiling Speakers 6.5 Inch Fiber 3-Way with Concentric Mid/Highs (pair)
    Product # 7605
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    Caliber In Ceiling Speakers 6.5 Inch Fiber 3-Way with Concentric Mid/Highs (pair)

    Get superior bass response from your in-ceiling speaker installation using these 6-1/2-inch Dual Woofer Micro Flange In-Ceiling Speakers from Monoprice!

    Each of these in-ceiling speakers features a 6.5" DuPont™ Kevlar® woofer, a 5.25" Mica Cone mid-bass driver, and a 3/4" Silk Membrane dome tweeter for superior overall frequency response in a single pacakge. They are rated to handle a nominal 80 watts each, with a maximum of 160 watts. The 12dB per octave crossover features a switchable 0dB, -3dB, and -6dB pad to help adjust for extremely "bright" audio environments.

    Each order includes two (2) speaker assemblies.

    Please note that this video shows the specific instructions for installation of PID 4101. However, it is representational of the steps, tools, and types of procedures that would be used for the installation of any in-wall or in-ceiling speaker and is included on this page for reference purposes only. Please refer to the installation instructions of the in-wall or in-ceiling speaker you have for the specific dimensions and installation procedures.

    Note that the price listed in the video was the price for PID 4101 at the time the video was made. Prices can fluctuate up and down based on production costs and the value of the US$ against foreign currencies.

    Model 7605
    Frequency Response 50 Hz ~ 20 kHz
    Impedance 6 ohms
    Power Handling Capacity 80 watts Nominal, 160 watts maximum
    Woofer 6.5" Kevlar® woven cone with 22 oz. magnet and rubber surround
    Midbass 5.25" Mica cone with 16.5 oz. magnet and rubber surround
    Tweeter 0.75" Silk Membrane dome
    Sensitivity 89dB ±2dB (1.0m/2.83V)
    Crossover 12dB per Octave (with -3dB, -6dB Switch)
    Cut-Out Dimensions 12.0" x 5.4" (305 x 137 mm)
    Overall Dimensions 13.2" x 5.7" (335 x 145 mm)

    Support Files:

    DuPont™ and Kevlar® are trademarks or registered trademarks of E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company.


    16 Reviews

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    • Scott,
    •  Edmond, OK 
    • 5/30/2016 7:31:54 AM

    Pros: Sound
    Price point

    Cons: The cover
    Size can limit some installation areas

    Quite remarkable package. I am running a 9.2 system through a Marantz 7008 utilizing this speaker throughout with two in-ceiling 10 inch subs. I was precise in their positioning, utilizing a compass to set up my angles for each speaker. Combining that with the receiver's Audyssey program, I am impressed. I have one major complaint, and that is the speaker grill which SUCCKKKS getting on and off. It is so tight, that the last tab would not fit into the rim. Pressing too hard runs the risk of denting the cover. If you want to improve this product, Please follow Dayton's lead with a magnetic covers.

    My technique involved a metal spatula to pressure that last tab into the rim, and then placing a large board over the entire speaker cover and giving it a firm TAP with my fist. The board displaces the energy over the entire cover and eliminates potential point dents in the cover, and seals it in place. Good luck getting the cover off, as it will bend the keys sent by Monoprice.

    With all that said, I like the speakers. I own in ceiling speakers by Micca and Dayton. They are all rimless which is the look I like and why I chose them. I think these sound the best, and the price point is excellent. Theyare big boys, and require a 12 inch diameter hole, so make sure you are precise in centering your circular cut between ceiling joists.

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    • French user,
    •  askdf, CA 
    • 3/14/2016 7:38:50 AM

    Pros: Sound quality at high and low volume
    Angled speaker
    Easy to install

    I bought 3 pairs of 7605 to install in my nightclub last year. So I'm very happy with them!! Very loud and crisp sound, the angled speakers allows to focus the sound only on the dancefloor, so this feature is very appreciated by my customers! They all are very reliable, after 1 year, only 1 tweeter down, the system is used 4 days per week at his maximum (105dBA on the dancefloor) during 8 hours non stop!

    Nightclub system composition :

    Dancefloor : 6 x 7605 + 1 x FERTIN MRH-31 sub bass bin
    Bar Zone : 2 x 7604

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    Great speakers.

    • Andre,
    •  Scarborough, ON 
    • 4/30/2015 8:31:59 PM

    Pros: Great sound, beautiful micro-flange, good price

    Cons: Well, the first thing you'll see is the size. How for the love og God are these 6 1/2" speakers. They are 12" speakers, so make sure they' will fit in place before you buy.
    Next thing is.... The clamps. My ceiling is plastered with two layers of gypsum board each 3/4" thick. There was no way the clamps could have accomodated. I had to turn them upside down, that got me some clearence.
    But since I unscrew the screws and then installed the speakers to make sure they fit, then took them down and finaly tried to install them for the last time, the screws ate up the plastic in the clamps got loose an were not engaging the clamps anymore. Ohhh was that the pain! Literally. It felt like I was lifting 100lb after some time.
    Well, it is installed now, so all is good.

    Please consider supplying your speakers with mounting system your subwofers come with. Nice metal frame to fit in the opening, long sturdy screws make the installation a breeze instead of gym workout.

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    • FM,
    •  SAN RAFAEL, CA 
    • 11/8/2014 10:41:09 AM

    Pros: Sound is excellent, build is solid, connectors are much improved over my older 8" in-ceiling speakers from monoprice

    Cons: Heavy, clamps could be more robust, more clearance for the clamps to accommodate thicker materials would be better, some guidance as to how to position the angled tweeters and mid-range would be nice.

    Installed 2 speakers into older wood lath and plaster ceiling. 1.25" clamps barely fit! Used screw-down banana clips from monoprice on monoprice's 12 gauge in-wall speaker cable. Since the drivers are angled, took some doing to figure out how to direct the mid and highs into my space. Once I did they sound WAY better than I expected from in-ceiling speakers. We have a long narrow living room with an open kitchen on one end. With the speakers about 1/3 of the way into each end of the room and mids facing each other (space between speakers is same as ceiling height of 9') they sound amazing when you're between them. I have some floor standing 3-way NHT's and these approach their quality for 1/10th the price. When you move around the room the sound is ok, but as is to be expected from in-ceiling installation, it is more of an atmosphere sound than it is a focused stereo sound. One good thing about the angle of the drivers is that you can direct the mids and highs away from an area you might want quieter. For us that means you can have the house rocking, but still carry on a conversation in the kitchen only a few feet away.

    We have an open attic above with blown insulation, so I created a mesh enclosure over the speakers. Four "posts" of wood about 14" high screwed to the rafters then stapled some screen door mesh over them to keep the blown insulation out. Lastly, I rolled pieces of R30 fiberglass insulation (without paper backing) over the boxes. Assume this is helping fill out the sound, but haven't experimented without the insulation yet.

    DO NOT use a screw gun to tighten the clamps, you need to be able to feel them engage and they are plastic and deform/break pretty easily.

    Also, the switch on the speaker is used to dampen the tweeter in case they are too loud compared to the woofers. You can take off 3 or 6db of volume to try and balance them for your needs.

    I love these speakers and if you have the space for the 12" cutouts I highly recommend them.

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    13" speaker. NOT 6-1/2"

    • Jason Cherun,
    •  ,  
    • 9/17/2014 12:46:58 PM

    Cons: HUGE!! Not sure how MonoPrice considers these 6-1/2" speakers.

    Totally my fault as I didn't read the overall/cut size but this thing is over 13". I read that they are big but I thought it was just the depth in question. Never even took them completely out of the box so I can't vouch for the quality. Just make sure you have the room side to side and you don't mind a 13" speaker over your head. In my opinion, they look ridiculous.

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