Active Noise Cancelling Headphones with Bass Boost
    Product # 12231
    Active Noise Cancelling Headphones with Bass Boost
    Product # 12231
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    Active Noise Cancelling Headphones with Bass Boost

    Active Noise Cancelling Headphones

    The world is so full of noise that it can be difficult to find the quiet you need to concentrate or to enjoy your favorite music. When you need to block out the sounds of the world, you need a pair of these Active Noise Cancelling Headphones! The Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) circuitry uses four microphones to eliminate up to 95% of external noise, giving you the quiet you need to clearly hear the quietest sections of your favorites music, or without audio content to give you the peace and quiet you need think and concentrate. And when you have the quiet you need around you, activate the bass boost circuit instead, to give an extra low-end punch to your favorite jams.

    10dB Bass Boost
    Active Noise Cancelling (ANC)
    Comfortable Over-the-Ear Design
    In-Line Play/Pause Controls
    10dB Bass Boost
    Active Noise Cancelling (ANC)
    Comfortable Over-the-Ear
    In-Line Play/Pause Controls

    Sound: Life is too short for headphones that don't sound great! We believe that the whole point of listening to music is to hear it as the artist intended. Our engineers and audio experts have spent countless hours listening to and comparing various headphones until we were satisfied we had found models that fit our demanding standards.

    Active Circuitry: The Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) system uses four microphones to reduce outside ambient noise by up to 15dB. Alternatively, the Bass Boost option gives 10dB of extra punch to the low-end of your favorite music.

    Quality: The solid build quality means that these headphones are built to last. The detachable audio cable means that you'll never have to toss these 'phones because the cable breaks and a semihard storage case is included to protect these phones when they are packed in luggage or stored in the overhead bin.

    In-Line Controller: Featuring an in-line controller with a microphone and play/pause and volume controls, you can also use these headphones answer/terminate calls on your Apple® or Android™ smartphone.

    Active Noise Cancelling Headphones

    Powered by two AAA batteries (not included), these headphones offer two active and one passive mode of operation for maximum flexibility. When surrounded by noise, you can activate the Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) system to reduce outside ambient noise by up to 95%, allowing you to listed to music at more comfortable volume levels or to simply block out all sound for when you need peach and quiet.

    When you don't need to block out noise, you can activate the Bass Boost system to give low frequencies 10dB of extra punch, so you can really enjoy bass heavy content. Finally, you can save batteries by turning off both active systems and using them as standard passive headphones.

    Designed for use with the latest generation of smartphones, the in-line controller lets you control playback, answer or terminate phone calls, and control the volume. It is Apple® MFi certified for full compatibility with iOS® devices, as well as Android™ smartphones and tablets. In addition to the headphones and audio cable, the package includes a 3.5mm to 1/4" adapter, a flight adapter, and a semihard storage/travel case.

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    Service & Support

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    Drivers 40mm with neodymium magnets
    Frequency Response 20Hz ~ 20kHz
    Total Harmonic Distortion < 0.1% @1kHz in Passive mode
    < 0.5% @1kHz in ANC or Bass mode
    Impedance 32 ohms in Passive mode
    100 ohms in ANC or Bass mode
    Sensitivity 93dB ±3dB / 1mW @1kHz in Passive mode
    103dB ±3dB / 1mW @1kHz in ANC mode
    104dB ±3dB / 1mW @1kHz in Bass mode
    Noise Cancellation Up to 15dB
    Bass Boost 10dB
    Amplifier Power 5 watts
    Built-In Microphone Yes
    Microphone Frequency Response 100Hz ~ 10kHz
    Microphone Sensitivity 45dB ±3dB
    In-Line Controls Play/Pause, Answer/Terminate Calls, Volume
    MFi Certified

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    IOS® is a trademark or registered trademark of Cisco in the U.S. and other countries and is used under license.

    Android™ is a trademark of Google Inc.


    20 Reviews

    77% of the reviewers recommend this product


    Very Comfortable, Almost puts me in a sound bubble.

    • Mohamed R. Alturkistani,
    •  Alba, TX 
    • 9/20/2016 10:04:00 AM

    Pros: Noise cancelling works well.
    VERY comfortable.
    Battery life so long you almost forget you need them.

    Cons: Not rechargeable.
    Doesn't make me breakfast, lol.

    These came out to be quite comfortable, they do provide quite a bit of pressure on the sides, but the noise cancelling wouldn't work very well without it. The padding is something of a wonder, it feels like synthetic clouds, they breath a lot, so my ears never feel hot or sweaty during long listening sessions. The sound is great, especially when you use the base boost feature, I do rarely hear distortions in sound, but nothing that breaks the experience. The noise cancelling works very well on consistent sounds, like air conditioning or highway traffic, even the dishwasher can't be heard. It doesn't work quite as well on non consistent noises, like people talking, or maybe your cellphone going off, and by "not quite as well" I mean the noise is quieter but still audible to a degree. Overall I think these headphones were kind of a steal for under $100, especially since the noise cancelling and base boost last almost 30 hours on only 2 AAA batteries.

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    I've had this product for 3,5 years and it is worn off, decided to leave a review.

    • Broer,
    •  ,  
    • 8/10/2016 10:47:18 AM

    Pros: -Very comfortable
    -Bass boost works very well
    -Lasts long on battery
    -Nice sound

    Cons: -The ANC version is a little underwhelming

    This is an amazing product, i'd recommend it to anybody. It's perfect for listening music with your phone, working/listening to music on your laptop and it even works great when you're gaming and using a mic with a stand. Overall great product. Very durable and sturdy. The only thing that isn't very good (nor very bad) about this product is the ANC function. If you're looking specificly for the best ANC, this isn't the best. But if you're looking for good bass boost or just overall a very good product, i recommend buying it. Sorry for my bad english.

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    Decent but one significant flaw

    • Charles,
    •  Seattle, WA 
    • 7/12/2016 11:15:41 AM

    Pros: Affordable
    Nice case
    Sound good
    ANC works pretty well in office environment

    Cons: Pop noise and audio cuts out when batteries start to get low, even though the batteries clearly have life in them

    These are pretty decent noise-cancelling headphones especially for the price. But after using them for a few months there is one significant flaw - as the batteries start to get lower, the headphones will randomly "pop" in ANC mode and audio cuts out. Turning ANC off then back on again restores the audio and noise cancellation so it doesn't seem that the batteries are completely out of life. It would be nice to get full use out of the batteries without having to deal with this annoyance.

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    Disapointing Noise Canceling as compared to Monoprice's 10010 headphones

    • Nietzsche,
    •  Aurora, CO 
    • 6/11/2016 2:31:29 PM

    Pros: Good Bass boost
    Very Comfortable
    Great Passive Noise Canceling

    Cons: Disapointing Active Noise Canceling (useless even) as compared to Monoprice's 10010 headphones

    When you 1st put them on, they feel great, they even isolate you from some ambient noise (is that what they call passive NC?) but then you turn on the (ANC) Active Noise Canceling and it's very disappointing as compared to Monoprice's 10010 headphones. Not only do they not cancel any noise (say from the tv ), but they add more noise from the static buzz (albeit this static buzz is also present in the 10010's it actually works as noise canceling in that model). I even thought my set was defective but when I tried it w/ some music the Bass boost did improve the sound, so they're still a useful headset but regardless the ANC is useless.

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    would be pretty good if not for the INTERFERENCE!

    • Lillbighorn,
    •  Loveland, CO 
    • 5/27/2016 9:13:32 AM

    Pros: Comfortable
    Aesthetically pleasing
    controls work well with IPhone
    Base boost is pretty good
    Noise cancelling is pretty good
    Sound with noise cancelling on is pretty good

    Cons: Sound without noise cancelling is muffled, not sharp and clear at all.
    Base boost is not really that good. Definitely not hard-hitting or head shaking.
    NOISE INTERFERENCE. the darn things pick up tons of interference noise making them almost unbearable. It completely negates the point of having active noise cancelling. I would not recommend these to a friend.

    These are good headphones, however, noise interference when using it with my IPhone 6, AT&T, I get terrible interference noise which completely negates the benefits of noise cancelling.

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