Hi-Fi Over-the-Ear Headphones
    Product # 12230
    Hi-Fi Over-the-Ear Headphones
    Product # 12230
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    Hi-Fi Over-the-Ear Headphones

    Our Hi-Fi Over-the-Ear Headphone makes it onto Business Insider's "The 26 best headphones you can buy for under $100". Find out more.

    Hi-Fi Over-the-Ear Headphones

    These Hi-Fi Over-the-Ear Headphones are the best sounding passive headphones we've ever offered! The comfortable over-the-ear fit is perfect for keeping outside sounds from interfering with your music. The removable audio cable features an in-line controller with built-in microphone, so you can answer/terminate calls and control music playback and volume on your Apple® or Android™ smartphone.

    Super Bass
    Comfortable Over-the-Ear Design
    In-Line Play/Pause Controls
    Built-in Microphone
    Super Bass
    Comfortable Over-the-Ear
    In-Line Play/Pause Controls
    Built-In Microphone

    Sound: Life is too short for headphones that don't sound great! We believe that the whole point of listening to music is to hear it as the artist intended. Our engineers and audio experts have spent countless hours listening to and comparing various headphones until we were satisfied we had found models that fit our demanding standards.

    Comfort: Featuring a heavily padded headband and soft leatherette ear pads, these headphones feel as good as they sound!

    Quality: The solid build quality means that these headphones are built to last. The detachable audio cable means that you'll never have to toss these 'phones because the cable breaks and a semihard storage case is included to protect these phones when they are packed in luggage or stored in the overhead bin.

    In-Line Controller: Featuring an in-line controller with a microphone and play/pause and volume controls, you can also use these headphones answer/terminate calls on your Apple® or Android™ smartphone.

    Hi-Fi Over-the-Ear Headphones

    The 40mm neodymium drivers on these headphones produce crystal clear music in the high- and mid-ranges, and deep, powerful bass at the low end. The 102dB sensitivity and 99dB sound pressure level, ensure that you won't be struggling to get enough volume from your mobile device.

    Designed for use with the latest generation of smartphones, the in-line controller lets you control playback, answer or terminate phone calls, and control the volume. It is Apple® MFi certified for full compatibility with iOS® devices, as well as Android™ smartphones and tablets.

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    Drivers 40mm dome
    Frequency Response 20Hz ~ 20kHz
    Sensitivity 102 dB/mW
    Impedance 32 ohms@1kHz
    Built-In Microphone Yes
    In-Line Controls Play/Pause, Answer/Terminate Calls, Volume
    Cord Length 49 inches
    Weight 9.2 oz. (261g)
    MFi Certified

    Apple® is a trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.

    IOS® is a trademark or registered trademark of Cisco in the U.S. and other countries and is used under license.

    Android™ is a trademark of Google Inc.

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    Deep pads
    We bought these for my 18-year-old son. He is quite picky about how headphones fit. They must go around his ears and his ears must not be squished by the interior speakers. The thick pads of these headphones are perfect. He says the speakers are kept off of his ears while they are inside the pad. And they sound great!

    PROS: Think pads are comfortable and keep the speakers from squishing your ears. Sound is great.

    CONS: My son did not mention any.
    January 9, 2016
    Quality Headphones
    I got these headphones because I was looking for over-the-ear headphones that didn't cost much. These headphones have certainly impressed me already for several reasons. They are made with quality materials and construction. The noise isolation, when they are worn, is very good. The bass and overall audio quality of the headphones is far better than I was expecting, especially for the price. Monoprice has done it again by selling superior products at very reasonable prices.
    September 9, 2016
    3X better than 8323?
    First off, let me give a couple of caveats:

    1) I'm a HUGE fan of the 8323s. I've bought over 20 pairs for my church, friends, studio, etc. They are still without a doubt the best bang for the buck around.

    2) I've ONLY tested these through my Focusrite audio interface. I have an HD player at home that I still want to try.

    3) I haven't really burned these headphones in yet. They've probably had maybe 5-10 hours of music through them.

    I compared these to my trusted 8323s. Here's a brief synopsis of my observations:

    These headphones have some AMAZING clarity. The soundscape is wide open. I can pick out every instrument and it's location while listening to the Yellowjacket's Madrugada. The sound is nice and airy. Although my ears have admittedly suffered from both age and abuse, it seems the high end of these headphones goes beyond the 8323s. In contrast, the 8323s sounded a bit muddy compared to these headphones. Which is kind of a surprise, because I always thought the 8323s were pretty clear. :) The 8323s also seem a bit 'narrower' — things come more from the center of my head rather than spread out.

    The one area I noticed a difference was in the low end. The 8323s have a stronger (hyped?) low end than these headphones. Perhaps the break in process will shake loose some more low end? I'm not sure. Listening to an HD 24bit 96Khz recording of "Beat it" and "Billy Jean", the 8323s do go down lower, although at the possible expense of some clarity.

    The fit and finish of these products is great. They truly feel like a luxury item, and you don't have to make excuses or apologies for putting these on in any studio. I don't know if they're 3x better than the 8323s, but they definitely are a step up!

    PROS: Open, airy, wide soundscape

    CONS: Lacking some low end.
    August 26, 2015
    Great High Quality Headphones
    These Hi-Fi Over-the-Ear Headphones were provided to me by Monoprice for review.

    Let's get the "cons" out of the way first, since they are most definitely in the minority with these headphones.

    They will fit fully around smaller ears, but those with average to larger ears will notice the pads sit on their ears. Just something to keep in mind since everyone has their own personal preferences.

    Lastly, the cord measures in at 49.5 inches (just over 4 feet), plenty long for using your phone or other portable media device. Though it could be short if you were trying to use it with a stationary device such as a computer.

    Now we can move on with the pros and what we thought of these Monoprice Hi-Fi Over-the-Ear Headphones.

    Your iPhone and iPad will be able to take full advantage of the inline controller and built-in microphone to control your media and answer calls, while your android devices will be able to do it all except use the volume controls (at least in my testing), you can still play, pause, and skip to the nest track on your media as well as answer and hang-up calls. We tested it out on the iPhone 5 and Galaxy Note 4.

    They seem to work well as "just headphones" with all the other devices we tested as well, such as the Galaxy Tablet, PC and laptop, and portable gaming devices. So don't be afraid to use them as such.

    So how do they sound? Everyone who tried them thought they sounded good for their price point. Crisp and clear, no muffled or distorted sounds listening to a wide range of rock and country music. The bass in some cases is not as pronounced as you would get with larger headphones, but it wasn't "bad" either. They also worked quite well for TV, movies, and gaming with no noticeable issues. '

    When it comes to comfort, the pads are soft and at no time did they hurt my larger ears (No sweating, itching, or burning) or otherwise make me want to take them off. They remained comfortable, even with prolonged usage.

    The headphones themselves come in a nice zippered hard carrying case and seem to be built very well, they do not feel cheap in any way, they really do seem as though they were built to travel. The cord is removable, a huge plus in my book. It does not feel cheap or frail, I had no fears of it breaking or fraying.

    Overall I was very pleased with these headphones. They sound good, seem to be built to last, and work exactly as they were designed. A perfect travel companion for your mobile devices for those of us who prefer "real" headphones over ear bugs.
    September 1, 2015
    Great pair of headphones for the price
    I don't consider myself an audiophile by any means but these headphones are a pretty amazing buy for the price. For comparison, my main high quality headphones prior to these were the original Audio-Technica ATH-M50 (No detachable cable and harder ear cups). As for audio, I primarily use these as a gaming headset with a V-MODA BoomPro mic and wire. However, for this review I also used the NPR article "How Well Can You Hear Audio Quality?" to listen to 6 uncompressed WAV files of various genres.


    Very simple and minimal. Box with the headphones and wire inside a hard case. No "papers we will never read" inside. The hard case was a pleasant surprise as they were not in the description.


    Lots of plastic with a couple chrome covered pieces on the headband but it is a solid build nonetheless. Nothing feels like it will break in the long term. The soft touch coating on all the plastic does give it a more premium feel. One difference (Compared to the M50) is that these can only fold flat away from you and not toward you. When resting headphones around my neck, I do prefer the ear cups to rest on my collar rather than plastic.


    These have the M50 beat. The ear cups and the headband are way softer and thicker. I don't do super long gaming but I had no problems with them 1-3 gaming sessions. One problem I had with the M50 was that they got very warm around my ears even with the M50x replacement ear cups. I don't have sweaty ears with these.


    These have a great sound but not quite up with the M50. Not sure if it is a case of the 45mm (M50) vs 40mm (12230) drivers but the sound overall does not have the big range or soundstage of the M50. Vocals and instruments lack crispness and sound almost muffled. Bass does do be lacking even compared to the relatively flat M50.


    Great but not excellent headphones. However, you probably can't beat them for the price. I was comparing them to a pair of $150-$170 headphones. Also, for my main purpose of a DIY Hi-Fi gaming headset, $100 for the headphones and V-MODA BoomPro mic, I feel like I got a better buy than specific gaming headsets in the same price range.

    PROS: Great price

    Great sound for the price

    Super comfortable

    Detachable wire

    Included wire has mic and controls

    CONS: Just barely make the "over-the-ear" category

    Some sound leak for people near you

    Headphones can only fold flat away from you and not toward the user

    Sound quality not quite up there to be in the excellent category
    September 26, 2015
    Hi-fi not any-fi
    These headphones are legit AF, you cannot beat the price for this quality. Paired with a hi-fi device (duhhhhhh ) these headphones shine. If you don't have an amp or hi-fi player I'd suggest the Bluetooth brushed metal headphones. And ps a DAC converts digital to analog but usually you need an amp. Fiio A1 is a great companion for Audiophiles. But if you are super serial go with the e17k alpen 2.

    PROS: Build, comfort, price, clean highs and tight bass.

    CONS: Not for everybody's setup
    May 27, 2016
    Recommended! (Initial Review, only had them a few days)
    I am very pleased with these headphones so far. My pair of monoprice dj headphones finally broke after a few years and I decided to get something that was sturdier. These have a MUCH better build quality and they really are premium they don't feel cheap. They are very comfy without needing to make modifications like new ear pads or a headband cushion. I've worn them for hours at a time since I got them I don't feel like they clamp down hard and my ears do not get sweaty, just warm.

    The sound quality is great right away, though technically I am still "burning them in" as the armchair audiophiles would say. They fit over my ears better than the dj-style phones did, providing more isolation and they sound AT LEAST as good as those. I am using them for mobile devices or the computer.

    I mostly use Koss headphones (porta-pro or ksc-75), I have a pair of Grado Sr80i. and use in-ear phones for portability. I like good sound without spending a lot, and these fit the bill. Since I already mostly have open-back headphones, I wanted to have a good pair of closed headphones, which is what I liked about the old dj-style headphones.

    PROS: Comfortable right away
    Excellent Sound Quality
    Build Quality
    Comes with a nice case
    Detachable cord
    FAST shipping

    CONS: none so far
    January 28, 2016
    Great headphones!
    These headphones do well to block a great deal of outside noise. They're comfortable and the audio is clear. I have not used the microphone portion.

    PROS: Comfortable
    Some outside noises muffled

    CONS: None
    July 24, 2016
    Great set
    Outperforms many of my much more expensive headphones. Great buy
    October 14, 2016
    Although these headphones only arrived today, I have already tested them in my computer, iPhone, home theater system and music workstation. To my 70-year-old ears they sound as good as the $400 headphones at the very highly regarded international company's retail store. I especially love the sense of presence using my iPhone or computer as the source of the music.. Home run, Monoprice! I would buy them again AND recommend to a friend.

    PROS: Sense of presence
    Frequency response range
    Dynamic range
    Comfort & fit over my ears
    Cable control features

    CONS: None so far!
    December 24, 2015
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