Premium 3D Printer Filament Flexible 1.75MM 1kg/spool, White
    Product # 12303
    Premium 3D Printer Filament Flexible 1.75MM 1kg/spool, White
    Product # 12303
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    Premium 3D Printer Filament Flexible 1.75MM 1kg/spool, White

    Print flexible, elastic items using this spool of Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) 3D Printer Filament from Monoprice!

    Thermoplastic Elastomer. or TPE for short, is a flexible, elastic material that is perfect for making a wide variety of items, including toys, custom belts, and other rubber-like items. It has a low tack, low CoF exterior, which allows for smoother feeding through the filament guides.

    The recommended extruder temperature for printing is 210 ~ 225°C (410 ~ 437°F) and prints best with a platform temperature between 20 ~ 50°C (68 ~ 122°F) and with a print speed of 30mm/second.

    This 1 kg spool features a thickness of 1.75mm ±0.10mm, with a roundness variation of only 0.05mm. It has a nominal processing temperature of 230° C (446°F). Thickness and roundness factors are laser measured at the factory to ensure accuracy over the entire length of the filament.

    Reel Dimensions:

    • Reel Diameter: 195mm (7.68")
    • Hub Diameter: 95mm (3.74")
    • Spindle Diameter: 38mm (1.50")
    • Reel Width: 80mm (3.15")

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    4 Reviews

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    Complete failure to print

    • Sean,
    • 9/7/2016 7:23:33 AM

    Pros: None

    Cons: Too soft/Binds and clogs easily

    My experience parallels that of Nate above. If there is a printer out there that is just the right configuration to work with this filament I would like to know which one it is. The filament is too soft to feed through the Bowden tube of my Rostock Max. It just bunches up in the extruder housing. It also failed to work at any temp on MonoPrice’s own Maker Select Mini printer. It fed a short amount and then completely clogged the extruder head, which will probably need to be disassembled now. I previously requested a refund but it was ignored. I cannot recommend this filament to anyone based on its complete failure to print.

    by Monoprice Administrator

    Thank you for your review and I am truly sorry for the inconvenience you've encountered with this item. Did you want to try a replacement to see if it'll work better? Or, if you are unsatisfied with the item, I can assist you in setting up a return. Please let me know, thank you!
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    Poor Results (so far...)

    • Nate,
    •  Salt Lake City, UT 
    • 7/8/2016 11:12:01 AM

    Pros: Good price for 1Kg spool

    Cons: Won't get a consistent print. Won't load properly compared to ABS or PLA.

    So over the last few days I have played with multiple parameters using the flexible 1.75mm filament with my Monoprice Dual extrusion printer. I have to say this is the first real problem I've had with any filament or the printer since I bought it almost a year ago. The Monoprice printer is excellent and better than any other FDM printer I've ever used. I've used dozens of different filaments with this printer and all have worked very well. This filament is the first that has not worked though.

    If I had to guess, I think it is a problem with the material being too soft. I have ninjaflex which seems to be moderately stiffer. It pulls into the extruder fine compared to the Monoprice material. I have cleaned out the extruder head multiple times but still it fails to load properly most of the time. If I do get to load it draws very slowly, and once I'll start a print its as if nothing will even come out. I've tried multiple speeds, temperatures, etc with no luck. I'll keep trying to find any parameters that work, but until then I'd avoid this filament.

    by Monoprice Administrator
    Hello Nate,

    Thank you for your review and I am truly sorry for the inconvenience you've encountered with this item, did you want to try a replacement to see if a different spool will get you better prints? Please let me know, thank you!
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    Good product but had to print at much higher temp

    • Jim Shank,
    •  Ventura, CA 
    • 5/25/2016 10:25:20 AM

    Pros: Good Material
    Great Price

    Cons: Suggested printing temps didn't work

    I printed this on the Maker Select Printer with a Flexion extruder upgrade and a glass bed with no treatment. I was only able to get good bed adhesion at 255 C extruder with 60 C on the bed (actually read 60C with IR thermometer). I printed a bike handle which looks and feels great! I had it bind up twice but it could have been due to a number of factors. The symptom was a knot of material that wouldn't fit into the hotend intake.

    3D printing is an adventure. and this is one of the more challenging filaments. I sliced my print with incrementing temperatures from 215 to 260 C in 5 degree increments until I got good adhesion. I found that the lower temperatures would be pulled off the bed at the next pass of the extruder nozzle and loop around the extruder. Eventually enough built up that the print failed.

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    Inconsistent diameter

    • Eric,
    •  Antioch, TN 
    • 8/9/2015 8:17:22 PM

    Pros: Good price when compared to Ninjaflex.

    Cons: I would have the filament stop feeding, with my idler turning but the filament not moving. My extruder can handle fluctuations in diameter, but not quite to the degree of this filament. I pulled out my calipers and at some points it dipped all the way down to 1.5mm. With it being flexible filament if I then compressed it at all (and generally filament does get compressed into the gear in order to be driven through your extruder) it dipped even lower than that which my extruder just couldn't handle.

    In my opinion the superior price is really only useful if you have an extruder that can handle filament that is far under 1.75mm. I'm not sure if they take returns on filament, but you may want to hold on to the box longer than I did and make sure it works with your extruder before tossing the box. Usually the biggest with flexible is having it buckle or loop around your gear wheel, but for me the biggest problem with this particular spool has been the small diameter so when it hits one of the smaller sections the filament ends up just sitting there with the gear spinning. If I had kept the box to ship it back in I would probably even try to do a return despite the better price than other flexibles - it's significantly harder to print with than flexibles with larger diameters.

    I have attached a Youtube video of a segment of the spool that I cut off, as you can see my calipers measured 1.51mm - with pressure that dips all the way down to 1.3mm which is simply too thin for any bearing based extruder. (spring tensioned might be able to use it still)

    by Monoprice Administrator
    Hello Eric,

    Thank you for your review on PID 12303 and for providing the video. I will submit a complaint regarding the fluctuating diameter along with the so our product team can look into this matter further. Your time and feedback is truly appreciated! If I may ask, approximately how much filament out of the spool have you used thus far? I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused and thank you in advance!

    Gabby Villa
    Tech Support Associate

    by Eric
    Very little filament is used - mostly just where I would cut a little off and try again hoping to find a section closer to 1.75mm. I've been trying to redesign my existing extruder and print out a replacement that can handle the smaller diameter of this filament - and after ~100mm feeds through (4 inches) I sometimes have to cut it off and try again further down the spool.

    by Monoprice Administrator
    Got it. If you would like, I can assist you in setting up an RMA for a replacement spool. Once the RMA is set, our returns department will email you with a return shipping label to send the defective one back to us. You would not need to send it back in the original packaging, any box will work. Once we receive the filament, we would then send a new spool out to you. Please let me know if you would like to proceed and I can get that started right away. My apologies for the trouble and thank you for your patience throughout this issue.

    Gabby V.
    Tech Support Associate
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