DisplayPort 1.2a to DVI Active Adapter, Black
    Product # 12784
    DisplayPort 1.2a to DVI Active Adapter, Black
    Product # 12784
    Color : Black
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    DisplayPort 1.2a to DVI Active Adapter, Black

    Connect your DisplayPort equipped PC to a DVI monitor using this DisplayPort 1.2a to DVI Active Adapter from Monoprice!

    This adapter is designed to allow you to connect a DVI monitor to a DisplayPort video output. It conforms to the DisplayPort 1.2a standard and supports DVI Dual Link output to resolutions up to 2560x1600p @60Hz. Being an active adapter, it is fully compatible with the AMD® Eyefinity and nVidia® Surround multidisplay modes.

    It features a true 6" cable length with polycarbonate connector heads. The DVI end has panel screw holes, so you can secure the cable to the connector. The DP connector head measures 14.5mm thick, 25.5mm wide, and 31.0mm long. The DVI connector head measures 19.5mm thick, 48.0mm wide, and 50.5mm long.


    • Conforms to DisplayPort 1.2a standard
    • Supports Dual-Link DVI resolutions up to 2560x1600p @60Hz
    • ACTIVE adapter is compatible with nVidia Surround and AMD Eyefinity multidisplay modes

    AMD is a registered trademark of Advanced Micro Devices.

    NVIDIA is a trademark of NVIDIA Corporation.

    3.6 / 5.0
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    Active, but not exactly Dual Link
    The first one I received only works up to 1080p, at 1440p nothing shows up on screen. Read the reviews on here it appears to be a common problem so I contacted Monoprice for a replacement, the 2nd one has the same issue.
    I have 2 Different monitors, 1 Yamakasi Q270 which is a pass-through monitor and an Auria which has a scaler. Tested with both AMD 7950 and RX 480 cards none would work at 1440p for either monitor through this adapter, though both monitors works fine when connected to DVI directly to my 7950.
    Now, I am an Electrical Engineer and this curiosity got the better of me so I cracked open 1 of the 2adapters that I now have, this adapter is designed around a Parade Tech PS170 Active Displayport to HDMI/DVI conversion chip. A little digging around on the Internet and I found a datasheet for this chip which clearly state that this chip only has enough channels for SINGLE LINK output.
    So how did some people got it to work? well it appears that there is an optional specs of DVI that allows for single link speed of 340MHZ which is essentially double the rate of normal DVI, some monitors support this, such as Dell U2711 & U3011 and Philips 288p6. Monitors with dual-link DVI-D input that requires two 165MHZ link signal will not get resultion higher than 1080P!!!
    Unfortunately all active adapters that I can find on the market uses this same chip design since they are most likely made in the same factory in China, which mean that if you have a monitor that require normal speed dual-link DVI you might as well get the $80 adapter.

    PROS: Active adapter for cheap

    July 21, 2016
    Really does support Dual Link
    Ordered this for a friend who was having issues finding a working mini DisplayPort to Dual Link DVI adapter (that wasn't super expensive & powered) for use with a 1440p Monoprice monitor attached to a Macbook Pro w/ Thunderbolt. There is a similar cable sold here with a mini DisplayPort connector but the description is contradicting and reviews were iffy, so I purchased this one instead and used a mini-to-full DisplayPort adapter with it.

    It seems to have done the trick with the Macbook & Monoprice 1440p combo - however it only partially worked with my own monitor, an Achieva Shimian 27" 1440p. The picture flickered and there were green lines and occasional screen blanks using the adapter with my Achieva, even at resolutions as low as 640x480. I tried with a Radeon R9 290 (GPU scaling on and off) as well as a laptop with Intel 4600 integrated GPU. The cable used was the one that came with the monitor which works well when connected to to an actual DVI port.

    The Monoprice monitor which works with the adapter is actually based off of the Achieva which 'sort of' works, however it must have a better control board than the Achieva. In other words, your mileage may vary depending on your monitor and how sensitive it is to the timings (or who-knows-what) of these adapters.

    PROS: Supports Dual Link

    Works at 2560x1440

    CONS: No mini dp variant - had to use mini dp to full dp adapter
    October 21, 2015
    Great adapter
    Nice quality, fast delivery. Should have ordered a few more. Probably will!

    PROS: price & quality

    CONS: none
    July 8, 2016
    great price and works as advertised
    I am using this to support older DVI monitors that require an active converter (from DP). This is actually driven from a Thunderbolt-3 to dual-DP converter. The monitors are 2kx2.5k (5MP), and work fine through this DP/DVI active converter. So for the price, this is a great deal.
    July 8, 2016
    Works perfectly as advertised
    Works as advertised, can drive a 1440p monitor at 60Hz. However, I was hoping these would work a bit above spec, and to an extent, they do. I have one Acer GN246HL monitor which is a 1080p that runs at 144Hz.

    This adapter is perfectly capable of displaying at this resolution and refresh rate with no issues whatsoever EXCEPT that the monitor puts a giant box over the display saying that the cable is incorrect. The picture behind the box is perfect, though!

    The picture changes a bit when it comes to my Qnix QX2710, however. At 1440p 60Hz it works perfectly, but while I can get it to 120Hz on my video card's built-in port, it starts to get artifacts at 70 with the adapter.

    I'm not taking any stars off because this adapter never claims to support above 60Hz and technically it's outside of the DVI spec, but I know I can't be the only one wondering if these work.

    PROS: Works as described. If you're a normal person with a normal monitor, don't hesitate to purchase one of these.

    CONS: Compatibility with monitors above 60Hz may be spotty
    July 1, 2016
    Simple, Cheap, Works Great
    Not much to say about an adapter. But it is sleek, looks good, fits snugly but not tight. Build quality seems good and I like that the adapter supports dual link.
    January 6, 2016
    It works!
    I bought this adapter to connect my circa-2011 laptop to a 1440p monitor that had only a dual-link DVI port as the input. The laptop had a Displayport output and I connected the adapter directly to the laptop and the other end to the monitor through a dual-link DVI cable. I wasn't sure it would work because the laptop was kind of old (July 2011 vintage) but the first time I turned on the monitor, it showed a very crisp picture of the laptop output. It works great!

    PROS: It works great!

    CONS: There are some artifacts that show up occasionally but I think it has more to do with my old laptop's underpowered graphics card than with the adapter.
    November 2, 2015
    Fourth display/Eyefinity goodness
    I bought this to allow me to keep 3x-screen Eyefintiy enabled and have my 55" TV connected in Extended mode, all at the same time. It works as well as the $40+ adapter I bought from elsewhere. Seems as well built as any other Monoprice product,. the ONE tiny complaint is that all my other Displayport cable ends have that little 'clip' that stop the cable from being pulled out. This adapter does not have this. Though the fit is snug enough. I'd rather have it since I may expect it to get pulled out if I pull my PC case out from it's home. I'd give it a 10-star rating if not for this.

    PROS: Cheaper than every other Active adapter out there.

    Works well for keeping Eyefinity enabled.

    CONS: No DP-'clip'. Not really a con, but I'd prefer to have it.
    November 19, 2015
    Finicky mating with Dell motherboard but it does the job!
    These are budget class DP DVI adapters. The housing around the DP male end is nothing spectacular and if flexed too much will eventually come loose. The male end doesn't protrude much beyond the housing compared to Dell passive adapters, and this makes the mating connection for an OptiPlex 9010 a bit difficult to get settled, but once settled it works reliably. One nice feature about these DP DVI vs Dell's house brand is that these do not demand supplemental USB power.

    PROS: The adapter works with a Dell OptiPlex 9010 per Dell's requirement that to attain 3-displays from the onboard Intel, where 2 are DP and 1 is VGA, Active DP DVI adapters must be used. I have had no troubles with the configuration for several weeks with daily use.

    CONS: I had trouble with the DP connector mating with the onboard motherboard DP sockets. I had to cram them in firmly before my displays were consistently recognized.

    Initially, one DP adapter would blank out every 30 minutes, but this cleared up after a few days of use. I verified the periodic blanking was the specific DP DVI adapter by swapping the display and motherboard port used for each of the two DP DVI adapters.
    November 14, 2015
    chWorks for QNIX 27 in 1440p but limited overclocking
    Due to the limited DVI only input on certain models of the overclockable QNIX 27 inch and other equivalent 1440p panels, I tried out this active adapter to see if I could overclock the refresh rate through the adapter for future use with the new AMD Fury X which does not have a DVI connector.

    Testing with a MSI 970 Gamer, everything is fine at 60 Hz. Using the NVIDIA control panel's custom resolution setting, I could overclock only to 65 Hz without artifacts. Starting at 66 Hz, I see a single horizontal artifact line through the display. Increasing the frequency just increases the number of horizontal artifacts.

    PROS: Plug and play DVI to DP1.2

    No issues at 60 Hz at 1440p resolution

    CONS: Very limited refresh rate overclocking potential
    June 22, 2015
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