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    405nm Laser Engraver Upgrade Pack for mDrawbot and XY-Plotter Robot Kit, 500mw
    What is Laser Engraver Upgrade Pack? Laser Engraver Upgrade Pack can be used with XY Plotter Robot ... more info
    4Claying Interactive Kit - Beginner
      4Claying electronic DIY kit is a fun-to-play kit that combines the fun of scuplting with ultralight clay and ... more info
    4Drawing Interactive Electronics Frame - Beginner
    Combining electronics, art and daily creation is always our passion, thus we created this kit. Creator 4Drawing Kit is ... more info
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    Beginner Arduino Kit v3.0
    Rating 10
    Beginner Arduino Kit v3.0
    Product ID: 13955
    We have upgraded the Beginner Kit for Arduino! Now the latest v3.0 kit comes with more useful components, more handy ... more info
    Bluetooth Module for mBot
    Bluetooth Module for mBot
    Product ID: 14603
    Description: This Bluetooth® module is designed specially for ... more info
    Cherokey 4WD Basic Kit with iOS Control
    The Cherokey 4WD Basic Kit is a perfect platform to build on and to get started with Arduino Robotics. With ... more info
    Insectbot Hexa Kit -Intermediate
    With a celebrated reputation as an affordable, simple and fun-to-play DIY robot, the Insectbot breed has now evoled ... more info
    Insectbot Kit - Intermediate
    Rating 6
    The Insect Bot mini is an easy to assemble robot for young engineers from 6 to 100. By assembling this robot you will ... more info
    mBot & Starter Robot Upgrade/Replacement Inventor Electronic Kit, Intermediate
    The Makeblock Inventor Electronic Kit is a modular electronic platform for quick prototyping. ... more info
    mBot Servo Pack
    mBot Servo Pack
    Product ID: 14605
    mBot Servo Add-on Pack mainly contains frequently-used 9g servo, RGB LED modules and some other ... more info
    mBot Wi-Fi® version - Beginner
    Rating 9
    What is mBot? mBot is an all-in-one solution for kids to enjoy the hands-on experience about ... more info
    mDrawbot (Four-In-One Drawing Robot) -Intermediate
    Rating 6
    What is mDrawBot? mDrawBot is the world's most fully-featured four-in-one drawing robot. It can be assembled into ... more info
    Me LED Matrix 8x16 Accessory for mBot
    What's Me LED Matrix 8x16? Have you ever imagined ... more info
    Micro Arcade Cabinet by Adafruit (Raspberry Pi B not included) - Advanced
    Never be bored again with an adorable little arcade cabinet you can fit in your bag! This Raspberry Pi-powered kit ... more info
    Mini Electric Guitar - Beginner
    Rating 8
    Shredders unite! This handmade Mini Electric Guitar has a built-in amp and speaker. The strings on this 320mm guitar ... more info
    Minty Boost Kit by Adafruit (case & batteries not included) - Beginner
    The world's first and only open-source hardware charger: The MintyBoost®! Make your own ... more info
    Pinhole Planetarium - Intermediate
    Rating 7
    Decorate your walls with 10,000 bright stars with this Pinhole Planetarium Kit from Gakken's series of Science ... more info
    Robot Arm Add-On Pack for Starter Robot
    Transform Your Starter Robot Arm Add-on Pack serves to ... more info
    Soldering Light Chaser Robot Kit - Intermediate
    Rating 6
    Meet Mr. NEON, the light chaser robot that can help kids or novice electronic enthusiasts learn about things like ... more info
    Starter Robot Kit IR version - Intermediate
    This Kit is a great choice for learning robotics, electronics and Arduino programming. It contains mechanical parts ... more info
    Timesquare DIY Watch Kit Red Display Matrix by Adafruit - Intermediate
    Show up stylish AND on time to any event with this awesome looking DIY watch. Its got a 8x8 bit matrix display and a ... more info
    Ultimate Robot Kit (10 Robotic Projects) - Advanced
    This is a comprehensive pick and place robot kit for beginners to explore the robotic world or experts to build complex ... more info
    Weather Station Kit with Solar Panel - Advanced
    The fast pace of modern life increases the distance between humans and nature, caging more kids in a concrete jungle. ... more info
    XY-Plotter Robot Kit V2.0 - Advanced
    Rating 8
    Description: XY Plotter Kit can be assembled as a drawing robot,it moves a pen or other instruments to draw digital ... more info
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