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Great Customer Service

I just want to congratulate MonoPrice for excellent and prompt customer service. I had a minor issue related to a promotional discount code and Michael P. was very helpful and resolved my problem quickly with a store credit. Kudos to Michael and Monoprice!

Pierre LaFontaine, 1/19/2016

Shameful Service, Don't Stand Behind their Product

I've bought from Monoprice for years and even wired my whole house and installed a whole home audio system with their products and I've never been dissatisfied until now. I purchased a holiday light projector from Monoprice prior to Thanksgiving. It showed up DOA. Since then it's been two weeks and that are just now receiving it for processing my replacement. In the meantime it's gone out of stock. Even if they have it in stock, it's going to be another week at best. That means it will have been 4-5 weeks from ordering it until I receive a working version of my purchase. In the meantime, they have my money and I'm stuck waiting. This is a shameful way to treat customers. At least have the decency to replace my defective item that arrived that way through no fault of my own before making me wait an additional 3-4 weeks.

An Unhappy Holiday from Monoprice, 12/10/2015

Need tracking for shipments

Get in the 21st century. We need tracking. I ordered on November 22, it was in stock, not shipped until November 30th and still not here December 10.

Don, 12/10/2015


Bad, customer services. No respond. Do not want to take back their banded product.

Serg, 11/23/2015


Best prices on cables and connectors, shipping has been excellent.

RadioDoc, 11/15/2015

Horrible customer service and return

Still waiting to receive my replacement from mono price. By the time I get it will be about four weeks from the day I ordered it. The customer service has been atrocious! The two different people I had the displeasure of talking to were incredibly rude and seemed annoyed that I was bothering them. After multiple times of being put on hold for 20-30 min. They did me a "favor" by giving me two day return shipping their broken unit. Could learn a lot from Amazon... Send the customer who should be the most important part of this the replacement with return shipping. Horrible experience and I'll be giving the few extra bucks to Amazon to insure it won't happen again.


Review of HDMI Cables

Monoprice is my go-to company for electronic cables. Always look here first, and in most cases, buy at Monoprice. THe HDMI cables work, are well constructed and cannot beat the price. The companies "one shipping price" is a good and a not so good thing. If you need only 1 cable, it sometimes turns out that the shipping price is more than the cost of the cable, so to make it reasonable, you buy a few more of something. Not a bad thing if you wished that you had done it in the first place

Tony, 10/24/2015

New Customer - Great experience

After searching Amazon, Best Buy, and many local computer stores, I was able to find the Ethernet cables I needed - right length, right color at a great price. I also purchased a few gaming accessories for my PS4 - which I was surprised to find on the site. I was able to take advantage of a discount and received free shipping based on my order total. The products were delivered quickly and I am more pleased with my transaction. Thanks Monoprice. I look forward to doing business with you in the future.


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