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Canon Car and Wall Charger Set BP915
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Canon Car and Wall Charger Set BP915

100% New high quality (non-OEM) Battery Charger Set

Kit includes AC Home Wall Adapter and DC Car Charger for both home and travel use
Quick charge with automatic constant current control prevents battery from overcharging, short circuit, and electronic shock
Automatic easy to use charger designed to quickly, simply, and safely charger your camera battery
Contains protection circuits to prevent overcharging for both car and home charger.
Chargers are 110/220 voltage for worldwide capabilities
For use with: Canon
Compatible with model : Canon C2, FV1, OPTURA, ULTRA, DM-XV2, Canon DM-MV Series:   DM-MV1, DM-MV10, DM-MV20, Canon DM-XL Series:   DM-XL1, DM-XL1S, DM-XV2, Canon E Series:   E1, E2, E30, E65AS, Canon ES Series:   ES-300E, ES-4000, ES-410V, ES420V, ES-420V, ES-420V Hi8, ES-50, ES-5000, ES-520A, ES-55, ES-60, ES-60 Hi8, ES-6000, ES-65, ES-65 Hi8, ES-6500, ES-6500V, ES-7000ES, ES-7000V, ES-75, ES75, ES-75 Hi8, ES-8000, ES-8000V, ES-8000 Hi8, ES-8100V, ES-8200V, ES8200V, ES-8200V Hi8, ES8400V, ES-8400V, ES-8400 Hi8, ES8600, ES-8600, Canon G Series: G-1000, G-10HI, G-15  , G15H, G20HI, G30HI, G35HI, G45HI


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