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Soprano C Baroque Recorder - Brown
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Soprano C Baroque Recorder - Brown

Why buy your band instruments from Monoprice?

Many school band directors reflexively dismiss band instruments made in China, preferring to point parents to the entry-level instruments from the major brands. This ignores the fact that the entry-level instruments from the major brands are also made in China!

The country of origin therefore is NOT an indicator of the quality of an instrument and whether it will sound and play properly. One of the best indicators of an instrument's quality however, is how well the company stands behind their instruments.

Monoprice stands behind EVERY product we sell with a 30-day money back guarantee. If for any reason you are unhappy with your purchase, return it within 30 days for a full refund.

Additionally we stand behind every instrument we sell with a 1 year warranty. If the performance of the instrument changes over time, if you notice a problem that you didn't notice before, if it breaks from normal use, simply return it and receive a new replacement in exchange.

So do not be dissuaded by naysayers, who admittedly have not tried Monoprice Pro Audio products! You can purchase with total confidence that your investment will not be wasted and that the investment will be considerably less than if the instrument wears a major name brand logo.


  • ABS Resin Body
  • Soprano Recorders Are MANDATORY for most 4th Graders Across California
  • All recorders include:
    • Cleaning rod
    • Fingering Chart
    • Protective Case

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8 Reviews

80% of the reviewers recommend this product


Works Great!

  • Anonymous,
  •  Pleasant Grove, UT 
  • 3/3/2015 8:16:09 AM

Pros: Inexpensive, but good quality

This was exactly what I expected to get when I ordered. A relatively inexpensive musical toy for my kids. It seems sturdy, and should last quite a while.

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  • Anonymous,
  •  Montreal, QC 
  • 1/22/2015 5:22:23 PM

Pros: Evenness of sound, precision of tuning in the first and second octaves

Cons: Some strangeness in the suggested fingering on the included sheet low C is mildly out of tune

Great instrument - unbeatable value at that price! Be sure to adjust it to your finger length - despite appearances, it *does* come apart.

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Good for a toy, but out of tune

  • noah,
  •  Culver City, CA 
  • 6/8/2014 8:01:58 PM

Pros: Cheap and sturdy

Cons: Out of tune

These are fun and if you drop or lose them who cares for $3 bucks. However the E note is way, way off. I bought 2 of these and it's off on both of them, which makes me think their mold or drilling process is off on that hole. Oh well, by 2 year old walk around the house playing it and she doesn't know the difference.

by Monoprice Administrator

Thank you for your review. And I am truly sorry to hear of your experience you have had with this product. For now, if you prefer, I can assist you in setting you up for a replacement on the item if you haven't done so already. We do have a lifetime warranty on cables as well as a 1 year warranty for everything else. It will be of no additional cost to obtain a replacement, so please let me know if you want to continue. I would just require your order# to set it up. Thank you!

John Lingo
Tech Support
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A fun toy/gift!

  • Anonymous,
  •  Vista, CA 
  • 3/14/2014 5:03:25 PM

Pros: CHEAP! For the price, you almost can not help but pick one up! Surprisingly sturdy as well!

Cons: Not the best sounding recorder on the planet

For what this is, it is a $3 recorder/instrument, it is surprisingly fun to play, well built, and at such a low price, is almost something you just 'have' to add to your shopping cart, either as a gift, or something to play around with. It is all plastic, but feels really sturdy and well put together. Again, not the best sounding one I have heard, but again, good enough to make it a must buy

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Great for the price

  • Steven Williams,
  •  Stillman Valley, IL 
  • 3/12/2014 4:44:17 PM

Pros: Decent sound quality.
Excellent price

Cons: Needed to tweak the end to get perfect scale

I bought this as a cheap birthday present for my wife. It may have been inexpensive, but it has very decent sound. The end piece is moveable we needed to twist it slightly to get all the note to play. Overall, this is way better than I expected for the price.

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