Microphone Isolation Shield
    Product # 602650
    Microphone Isolation Shield
    Product # 602650
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    Microphone Isolation Shield

    Ambient and reflected sound can be a problem when recording acoustic and vocal tracks, especially in a "live" studio environment. Block unwanted sounds from entering your microphone by using this Microphone Isolation Shield from Monoprice!

    This acoustic shield features an acoustic foam front and a vented metal back plate, which allows the microphone to "breathe" and prevents reflections within the arc of the shield. It uses a dual clamp mounting bracket, which attaches to booms or stands up to 1 1/4" in diameter. The two outer panels can be folded inward for storage or for creating a tighter acoustic isolation chamber.

    The shield features a standard 3/8" microphone threaded mount and includes a 3/8" to 5/8" thread adapter. The shield can be used in a normal upright orientation or can be inverted, so that the microphone hangs down inside the chamber. All assembly and mounting hardware is included.

    When folded for storage the shield measures about 17.3" x 15.4" x 5.5". When extended for use it measures about 23.5" x 15.4" x 11.0".

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    23 Reviews

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    Well Worth The Price

    • Anonymous,
    •  Myrtle Beach, SC 
    • 3/10/2016 7:58:13 AM

    Pros: No cheap materials used
    covers a lot of space for isolation
    looks clean and sharp
    does its job well
    even comes with the tools if you don't have them

    Cons: Some people may say it's a bit too heavy, non issue for me.

    This isolation shield is made well. For the price I was actually expecting lesser quality, but this thing blows away the isolation shield that is for sale at my local music store. In quality and price alone (by about $40).

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    Works well, but have a sturdy mic stand!

    • Seth Tiven,
    •  Orange, CT 
    • 2/16/2016 3:17:25 PM

    Pros: Reasonable cost, works well.

    Cons: Mounting hardware could be slightly heavier-duty.

    Seems to do it's job, I find it works best for me when I put it on it's own (straight) stand, it just seems more stable that way. Definitely tames reflections as it should.

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    Works, but I modded it for better balance

    • Bryan,
    •  ,  
    • 10/22/2015 12:22:53 PM

    Pros: Really works. Cleans up the sound.

    Cons: Heavy & unbalanced.

    This isolation shield really does what it's supposed to. When I got it, I did a little test where I recorded a short section of a song with guitar, banjo, upright bass and a vocal, and then recorded it again using the shield. Noticeable improvement all around (this was a home recording in a basically untreated room). Then I took it into my professional studio and used it for an acoustic guitar/vocal recording to try to get better separation on the two mics - it worked well for that as well.

    Unfortunately, the shield is very heavy, as noted in other reviews. On its own that's not a huge problem, but when you put it on a stand, you'll notice that because the bracket attaches to the back of the shield, the whole thing wants to tip forward. If you use the extender arm for your microphone, the problem gets worse - everything's unbalanced in the same direction. So I decided to modify mine - I removed the bracket, used a razor blade to cut out a little bit of the foam in the middle of the shield (exactly opposite where the bracket attaches in the back), and re-attached the bracket inside the shield. Now, when I attach it to the stand, it balances much better. I've decided to forego the use of the microphone arm and just use the shield on its own dedicated mic stand (the microphone is on a separate stand). Much easier to move around, place where you want it, etc. I use a straight (no boom) tripod mic stand for the shield and a boom stand for the mic. Hope this helps you!

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    How do you stand it?

    • Anonymous,
    •  NAPA, CA 
    • 9/18/2015 8:34:21 PM

    Pros: Effective, well built I got it on sale for fifty bucks which makes it even better!

    Cons: Weighs a ton

    This is basic physics, folks. Trying to hold this thing up with ANY mic stand short of a hundred-dollar Atlas is guaranteed to end in disaster. It's too heavy and the clamp doesn't really go down to mic stand diameter. On the other hand, try it on a tripod SPEAKER stand and it's a whole new ball game. It becomes obvious instantly that the clamp is made for a 1-1/2" - ish shaft. It tightens right up and the whole thing is rock-solid. The marketing genius who decided to claim it would work on a mic stand should be forced to sit on the floor next to one mounted that way without a helmet while it's in use. I should add though, that anyone who can unpack one of these, lift it up and think for one second that it will be safe and stable on their $12 mic stand deserves what they get when the whole thing falls over onto?…let's just hope it's not TOO expensive.

    Standing it on a table with the feet works, though it would seem that the reflection from the surface would be a problem - a boundary PZM or such might work well though. I haven't tried it personally.

    Tempted as I was to rate this poorly because of the mic stand claim, I'm giving it a 10 because of the build quality and because it really does work PERFECTLY on a speaker stand. Use it that way and you'll agree.

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    Solid and simple

    • Anonymous,
    •  Dartmouth, NS 
    • 5/12/2015 10:22:02 AM

    Pros: solid construction , nice compact design

    Cons: mic base that allows for slide in and out not smooth/cheap

    overall insanely worth the money

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