Cloth Series 1/4-inch TS Guitar/Instrument Cable with One Right Angle Connector, 10ft Blue
    Product # 601470
    Cloth Series 1/4-inch TS Guitar/Instrument Cable with One Right Angle Connector, 10ft Blue
    Product # 601470
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    Cloth Series 1/4-inch TS Guitar/Instrument Cable with One Right Angle Connector, 10ft Blue

    Get a great sounding, no-noise guitar/studio recording instrument cable when you use this Cloth Series 1/4" TS Male Straight to Right Angle 20AWG Instrument Cable from Monoprice!

    This cable is constructed using a 20AWG solid conductor, surrounded by two layers of copper braid shielding, that produce 99% shield coverage. The cable features gold-plated connectors for smooth, corrosion-free connections every time. One end features a straight TS connector, while the other end features a 90-degree angled connector. The blue braided cloth jacket provides superior durability to traditional plastic jackets.

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    Happy Rock & Roller

    • Doug in Corona,
    •  CORONA, CA 
    • 7/9/2016 11:43:34 AM

    Pros: • Great Price!
    • Excellent Quality!
    • Awesome Warranty!

    Cons: • Limited Color Selection
    • Limited Length availability

    Ever since we discovered MONOPRICE, my Rock Band buys ALL of our cables from MONOPRICE... all or our XLR Mic & Rack Component cabling, the DMX cables for our LED stage lighting, ALL of our 1/4" TS & TRS instrument & patch cables, our SpeakOn speaker cables, AND our 12-gauge Power Extension Cords. We could have saved HUNDREDS of dollars if we'd only known sooner rather than later! ANYWAY... I use these BLUE Cloth Series cables anywhere I play, whether in my home studio, the band's studio, or doing a gig. I'm the only one using BLUE cables so it helps prevent my cables from getting mixed-up with anyone else's without having to LABEL or tag them. I use these 10-footers to connect my guitars or bass to my FX processors and I use longer ones (still BLUE) to connect the FX to the amplifier.

    CAUTION: If you have any issues with these cables, PLEASE contact Monoprice's Customer Service Dept. to give them a chance to resolve those issues BEFORE you needlessly or inappropriately give the product a poor rating!

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    Excellent quality cable!

    • Marg & DJ,
    •  Staten Island, NY 
    • 6/11/2016 12:17:43 PM

    Pros: Length is great, not too short, not too long,
    Angled plug is convenient,
    Gold end plugs give great contact, conduction and sound
    Very well made, very well shielded
    Great low price

    Cons: NONE!

    Got this for my guitarist hubby who had wanted a slightly shorter cable just for practice at home use and this 10' cable fits the bill perfectly!
    He also wanted one that has an angled end plug for use with his many various top-mounted output-jack guitars, as his straight end cables get in the way of the Tremolo arms, so again, this cable is perfect!
    Now he no longer has to pull out the longer (50') bulky stage use cables
    And wow!, what a difference this cable has been in so many ways!

    Here are just some of our reasons why THIS cable from Monoprice is way better than most, even a far more expensive, name brand (rip off) cable he had been using!

    First The sound quality was highly improved immediately over a far more expensive ($75), straight end, name-brand guitar cable he had been using!
    His sound is cleaner, slightly louder and fuller when compared to the old cable, no more humm or buzz or drop off on certain notes now either, so no more need for him to get out the noise suppressor just for practicing.

    Who would have thought that one very inexpensive yet impressive cable could make such a huge difference!?

    Hubby erroneously thought some of the humm was being made by the practice amp since it still happened when using a noise gate and also thought the drop off's of some notes were limitations of the little amp.

    Second It feels like a slightly thicker cable compared to the cable that was being used, and with no more humm/buzz it is obviously far better shielded and seems to be made way better!

    Third It has Gold end plugs, which don't discolor after months/years of use and don't peel and leave metallic flakes like some chrome end plugs do.

    Fourth The angled end plug is very convenient for all his top-mounted output-jack guitars and does NOT get in the way of the Tremolo arm, as is one problem with straight plug cables!

    Fifth Price was unbelievable!

    Sixth Shipping was pretty fast!

    Seventh Our annoying but lovable Cats who normally just love to chew up rubber coated cables (If we forget to store them away) don't seem interested in this cable at all since it is cloth braided, it also looks very nice!

    Once again we've bought a true winner with Monoprice!
    We are NEVER let down with anything we buy here!

    And now hubby wants to change ALL of his setup's cables to Monoprice cables and says he will be showing all his musician budds how great Monoprice's stuff really is!
    Guess we're shopping at Monoprice for some more cables and stuff again! :)

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    Musician's Take Note- solid cable!

    • Anonymous,
    •  Bedford, TX 
    • 5/16/2016 10:38:33 AM

    Pros: Solidly built, should last.

    Cons: better color selection but it's not a deal breaker.

    Great guitar cable for the price. Compare to any guitar store cable. You can pay more but the performance won't be better. I have a couple high end cables but then the value isn't there like it is for these cables. Musician's on a budget should really take note.

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    When is a cable not a cable? (Kind of iffy quality control.)

    • John York,
    •  Spanaway, WA 
    • 5/13/2016 10:26:07 AM

    Pros: Low Price
    Good looking
    right angle connector

    Cons: One out of three didn't work properly

    Purchased guitar cable over a year ago, then purchased a second, then a third longer one several months later. With the first one, I got intermittent connectivity on the right-angle end, but I thought it was my cheap Chinese-made guitar. I bought a top of the line, US made jack, (rhymes with Mitch Kraft) as a replacement...

    In the mean time, the other cables came in, and viola! the problem is gone, no need to change out the jack. (always good to have a spare, lol)

    I had a problem setting up an RMA online, but Monoprice's customer service contacted me with an offer of assistance.. Good job, Monoprice!

    By the way the other two cables of this series get an 8 or 9 out of 10 rating.. Minus a point or two because cable is a bit stiff so that it doesn't move with the guitarist well. Other than that, they have been great. I use them as stationary cables between peadalboard and amp so the stiffness doesn't matter. I just hope they don't go bad...

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    Sturdy Cable

    • Anthonivs Maximvs,
    •  Oak Harbor, WA 
    • 4/25/2016 1:52:21 PM

    Pros: Cloth helps prevent bunching and takes a little more punishment.

    Cons: Lack of color selection. No big deal but would have preferred black, red, or blue.

    I bought two of these to extend my stage presence. I have used the regular rubberized for decades and I like them, but these cloth cables do not bunch or grip as easily and they are a little more sturdy. Besides the design, they perform as you would expect.

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