PAR-64 Stage Light with 177 LEDs (RGB)
    Product # 612720
    PAR-64 Stage Light with 177 LEDs (RGB)
    Product # 612720
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    PAR-64 Stage Light with 177 LEDs (RGB)

    Light up your stage performance using this PAR-64 Stage Light with 177 LEDs (RGB) from Monoprice!

    This light features an aluminum shell and 177 RGB LEDs. Each color can be independently dimmed, faded, and mixed. The light features built-in programs for dimming and strobe effect. Additionally, it supports standard DMX-512 control signals for use as part of a larger light production.

    The light supports master/slave mode, whereby a bank of identical lights can perform the same operation using a single control signal or source.

    The light produces a total of 1850 lumens of lighting power. The following table shows the brightness levels for the different colors at different distances:

    Color Lux Levels at Distance
    1m 3m 5m 10m
    R 507 86.5 39.4 14
    G 2360 443 185 29
    B 340 65 16 9
    RGB 3350 590 230 50

    Support Files:

    Input Voltage 100 ~ 264 VAC, 47 ~ 63 Hz
    Output Voltage 12 VDC
    Maximum Power Consumption 18 watts
    Lamp Type 10mm High Brightness LED, Red x60, Green x60, Blue x57
    Control Mode Stand Alone, DMX-512, Master/Slave
    Channels 6
    Color Effect RGB mixing
    Function Effects Dimmer, Strobe, Gradual Change, Sound Activated
    Beam Angle 25°
    Cooling Mode Natural Convection
    Protection Rating IP20
    Dielectric Strength 1.5KV
    Insulation Resistance > 2 megohm
    Dimensions 12.2" x 9.1" x 9.1" (310 x 230 x 230 mm)
    Net Weight 4.4 lbs. (2.0 kg)

    15 Reviews

    82.67% of the reviewers recommend this product


    Okay Product

    • Anonymous,
    •  Las Vegas, NV 
    • 11/4/2015 12:51:30 PM

    Pros: Bright leds, Good color mix, Connects easily to DMX512 unit

    Cons: Instructions are terrible. Info on addressing is confusing.

    Bright leds, Good color mix, Connects easily to DMX512 unit. Instructions are terrible. Info on addressing is confusing. I may buy a couple more but I am looking at other manufacturers

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    • Moose,
    •  Hastings, NE 
    • 8/20/2015 9:42:00 AM

    Pros: Color lookes great .

    Cons: Has anyone found parts for the par64 lights . Mine are starting to loose curtain colors .

    Really good light until they start loosing there colors . Then it's hard to find any parts and then you have to buy new ones.

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    Not for everyone but it is the right light for 95%

    • Will,
    •  Marysville, WA 
    • 6/16/2015 2:27:37 PM

    Pros: Casing looks professional
    Beam is contained and not washed out at 20 feet.

    Cons: No daisy chain for power
    RGB isn't uniform. Red is the lowest brightness of the color
    "White" has a blue tint. Not a true white.

    Regardless of price I like this light very much (we all know it's a great deal and half of what we would pay for similar at a music store). As others have commented, they are large (one foot in diameter) but when you hang them, they look like the professional PAR 64 can you spend a bunch of money. People are impressed when they see them. If I wanted smaller and super easy portability for the road, I would buy the flat ones they sell here that are much more portable.

    Someone mentioned the beam is narrow. I like to say it maintains it's beam. I've run into too many that can't do it and at 10 or 20 feet the lights blend and bleed together. This does like a pro light should and keeps it's beam tight.

    On the con side, it doesn't produce a true white. It has a blue tint to it but I haven't seen a light that is under $200 that can produce true white so it's "normal" for it's price range, plus, in a bar, if people want white, they turn on the main lights. Another note...reds aren't as intense as others. Some lights have more red than green to balance out the difference but this doesn't. It's not bad. The specifications showed that they would be dimmer so I expected it.

    I've been doing light and sound for 30+ years. I'm glad these are here. They keep up with lights that are twice as much. They are truly a great buy and addition to my system.

    If I had my design wish, I would add the power daisy chain to it. I do have to make an extension cord with an outlet every 18 inches my lights have the plugin where I need it. Not a big deal but it would be nice to have so I can have better cord management.

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    Great Budget Light

    • Anonymous,
    •  Prescott Valley, AZ 
    • 4/25/2015 5:20:59 PM

    Pros: Cheap, Cheap, Cheap!
    Solid control options on the lights including RGB color mixing
    No fan - Lights should be seen, not heard and these are silent
    Runs cool
    Low power consumption
    Master slave operation easy to setup

    Cons: Color convergence is a bit off. This isn't a surprise, but it should be noted. most colors mix really well, but some colors just don't look right like white and yellow.
    The mounting brackets aren't long enough to accommodate dmx cables while sitting on the ground for up-lighting.
    No power pass through available on these lights means I need to have an outlet for each one.
    No white or amber LED's make certain colors hard or impossible to achieve.

    Overall I'm very happy with these lights. At this price point they do everything I need and more. My biggest complaint is the length of the mounting brackets. I'll have to find a way to extend the mounting brackets so that they don't sit on the dmx cables since I'm using these for up-lights.
    It's not a pro or a con, but it should be noted that these have a fairly narrow beam.

    One of the lights I received wasn't completely assembled correctly. It was a simple fix to remove a screw, properly place the back panel where it should have been, and re insert the screw. Fortunately it was an easy fix, but you really expect a product to be properly assembled when you receive it.

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    Great for the price. Some drawbacks.

    • Haeze,
    •  Colorado Springs, CO 
    • 4/2/2015 2:54:51 PM

    Pros: VERY Inexpensive
    Fairly bright
    Good set of standalone functions (without needing DMX)
    DMX Daisy Chain allows built-in functions to be used on all lights in the chain without connecting to a lighting board.

    Cons: Color convergence isn't the best
    No On/Off switch/button.
    Much larger than they need to be
    No built-in mounting points for a gobo or diffuser to be mounted in front of the light.

    I bought these for a low-budget stage act that has more people then money for equipment, and they work well for it ! The Lights are nice and bright. They aren't easy to make a very good wash due to the directional LEDs used, but a diffuser helped a lot. It would be nice if there were even a simple mounting point, or bracket designed to allow you to slide a diffuser (or gobo if you wish) into the light. You have the option of daisy-chaining the lights together so whatever is done to the light you assign as Master, it will apply to all the lights in the chain. This is nice for people who don't have the money to buy a DMX controller, but with the way the lights are designed, they will be a set-it-and-forget-it setup at that point. There isn't even an on/off switch or button so you will either have an awkward flash effect as you scroll through the menu to get to DMX mode which shuts the LEDs off, or you will need to just shut them off by cutting power to them (They remember, and will return to the state they were in when the power was cut, when you restore power).

    As for color convergence, if you are trying for a tungsten color, you will end up with a VERY definite red halo around each light. There is simply no way around it. With lights priced as low as these, it is to be expected, but I mention it for those who would be concerned.

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