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16-Channel DMX-512 Controller
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16-Channel DMX-512 Controller

Control up to 12 intelligent lights with up to 16-channels of DMX data with this 16-Channel DMX-512 Controller from Monoprice!

This compact controller gives you access to up to 6 sets of chases with up to 240 scenes each. It is able to execute multiple chases at the same time and includes beat-activation, tap sync, and auto run functions.


  • Universal DMX-512 controller
  • Controls 12 intelligent lights of up to 16 channels
  • 30 banks of 8 scenes, 240 scenes total
  • 6 sets of chases containing 240 scenes
  • Execute multiple chases simultaneously
  • Re-assignable channels
  • Wheel assignable Pan/Tilt and 16-bit control
  • Beat-activation, tap sync, auto run
  • Grab any fixture on the fly
  • Polarity selector
  • MIDI compatible

Support Files:

Dimensions (W x D x H) 19.0" x 7.5" x 3.5" (482 x 190 x 90 mm)
Weight 7.7 lbs. (3.5 Kg)
Input Voltage DC 9V-12V 500mA min
Maximum Ambient Temperature +113°F (+45°C)
Data Input locking 3-pin XLR male socket
Data Output locking 3-pin XLR female socket
Data Pin Configuration pin 1 shield, pin 2 (-), pin 3 (+)
Protocols DMX-512 USITT

Package Contents:

  • 1x 16-Channel DMX-512 controller
  • 1x AC power adapter (DC 9-12V 500mA, 90V~240V)
  • 1x User's manual

17 Reviews

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Fade In Workaround

  • Joel G.,
  •  El Cajon, CA 
  • 7/21/2015 10:14:41 AM


(I’m using the Monoprice Pro Audio Series Super-Bright PAR StageLight model 612745 with the 16-Channel DMX-512 Controller Model 612120)

1. Make sure fixture is programmed in the 10 or 11 channel mode
2. Make sure your tap/display button is pushed so that the DATA number on the display when using the sliders goes up to 255.
3. Compose a scene using instructions on page 10, Section 5.1, steps 1 thru 4 – don’t record it yet.
4. Press the Page Select Button and select Page B
5. Using Channel 9, use the slider until the DMX value in the display reads between 32-62. This is the Dark to Bright function.
6. Tap the MID/REC button and continue programming the scene using steps 5 thru 7 (let’s say this is scene 1)
7. For whatever reason (I don’t know why) when you play this scene, it fades in, then cycles back through from dark to bright continuously. So…..
8. Compose the same scene (call it scene 2) WITHOUT going to channel 9 and setting bright to dark.
9. Now, run scene 1, and when it gets to the desired brightness, run scene 2.

Let me know if these instructions make sense and if it works for you.

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Everything but a Fader

  • Anonymous,
  •  Boise, ID 
  • 3/31/2015 2:12:00 PM

Pros: Price
Build Quality


This is so close to great. Faders work well, build quality is above average, we don't use the tilt and pan functions, but it's nice to know we can in the future. But once you get your scenes set up (a scene is just a snap shot of the current light colors, brightness, etc) you can't fade between them. You go from all white to spot light blue in an instant. Fading is so important. If this is possible, mono price should write the directions on how to do it. I know there are a few different people complaining about this and if it were possible, this board would easily jump to a 9. Fading really is that important.

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Would not recommend.

  • Garf,
  •  South Bend, IN 
  • 3/21/2015 7:44:51 PM

Pros: Cheap
Many nice features for an entry level controller.

Cons: Crashes/freezes up.

I had spent a lot of time working on this at home. The learning curve isn't terribly steep so that is also a plus.

I did notice that it seemed very glitchy and wonky trying to get fades between scenes set smoothly. Seemed to jump from too fast to too slow.

Took it out to use in the field last night for the first time. Everything was fine about the first half hour and then I noticed it wasn't responding to any controls. It became stuck and unable to fade or do anything. Had to do a hard reset by turning it off/on again in the middle of a show - which was even worse because it comes up in blackout state.

This occurred at least 3 other times last night after the first one. I don't know if there is a firmware upgrade that might fix the issue but so far I am embarrassed and completely disappointed.

by Monoprice Administrator
Hi Garf,

Thank you for your review and truly sorry to hear about the trouble experienced with PID 612120. Issues may occur when using the controller without a DMX terminator such as PID 601600:

Can you verify that you have a DMX terminator at the end of your last light? Please let me know so that I may further assist you. Thank you!

Gisselle B.
Tech Support
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  • Anonymous,
  •  San Antonio, TX 
  • 1/17/2015 12:03:12 PM

Pros: nice functions, easy programming, good manual. Pan and tilt functions added help with ez movements.

Cons: USB light is cheap plastic.

I like this controller and bought it to replace a obey 10 controller. It works well. Knobs are plastic. Chassis is metal and sturdy.

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Great little board

  • EricE,
  •  Bristow, VA 
  • 11/19/2014 6:03:14 PM

Pros: Simple to set up

Cons: Haven't been able to figure out how to fade between scenes

kcguitars wrote: "An earlier review mentioned that you cannot fade between scenes but you can. Pan and Tilt channels can be designated on each individual fixture and the fade time can be assigned to be global (all channels) or just pan and tilt. If you want your RGB colors to be the only channels that fade just assign them to be the pan and tilt channels on that particular fixture and set your fade to be pan/tilt only."

I've read through the manual and played with the various settings in a number of different ways and for the life of me I can not figure out how to do this. They seriously need a tech note or supplement to the manual to outline how to enable a soft cross fade when switching scenes.

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