Studio Reference Monitor Headphones (Closed-Back)
    Product # 605050
    Studio Reference Monitor Headphones (Closed-Back)
    Product # 605050
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    Studio Reference Monitor Headphones (Closed-Back)

    Accurately hear every nuance of your mix or performance using Studio Reference Monitor Headphones from Monoprice!

    These closed-back headphones are designed to produce a flat 20Hz ~ 20kHz frequency response for professional audio engineering applications. They feature a 98dB ±3dB sensitivity and ≤ 1% distortion. The impedance is 45Ω ±15% @1kHz.

    The headband is is padded for long-term comfort and the earpieces can be swiveled 180° for single-ear monitoring. They sport a coiled cable, which can stretch from 6 feet to about 10 feet, with a 3.5mm gold plated TRS plug at the end. A gold plated 3.5mm to 1/4" (6.35mm) plug adapter is included.

    Driver 53mm Neodymium (NdFeB)
    Frequency Response 20Hz ~ 20kHz
    Sensitivity 98dB ±3dB
    Impedance 45Ω ±15% @1kHz
    Nominal Input 500mW
    Maximum Input 1200mW
    Distortion ≤ 1%
    Plug Size 3.5mm (1/4" adapter included)

    7 Reviews

    64.29% of the reviewers recommend this product


    OK… Definitely Not Reference Quality

    • Chris Gill,
    •  Wichita, KS 
    • 7/8/2016 1:10:08 PM

    Pros: Physically these headphones are fine. Solid plastic and build quality. Nice thick and coiled cable, 1/4" adapter that screws on tight. Quality padding on the ear-cups. Lightweight and comfortable.

    Cons: Sound-wise, all the other reviews are correct. Boxiness in the mid range that makes these pretty unnatural sounding. I would DEFINITELY NOT recommend these for mixing audio. Do yourself a favor, spend the extra money and get a reputable set of phones. For casual listening, these are fine. Maybe not worth the $40 I spent, but hopefully they'll last a long time and be worth it.

    NOTE: I'm currently running Pink Noise through them. I know that's typically only used to break in the low end and help round things out, but I figure it can't hurt. I'll post a followup in a week or so.

    I bought these to use at my office purely for pleasure listening. I've bought a lot of gear from Monoprice: XLR, DMX, and 1/4" cables, LED Lights, and other random electronics. I'm familiar with the quality their products CAN have, but have bought a few that were less than I expected. These headphones fit into the less category.

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    Not for VO

    • David Autovino,
    •  Auburn, NY 
    • 11/24/2015 7:52:55 AM

    Pros: -Relatively flat frequency response for the price

    Cons: -Poor frequency response for voiceover
    -Large fit

    I record and produce voiceover for commercial, radio, and web from my home studio. Monoprice's Pro Audio line has furnished my studio with some amazing products at bargain prices, and I had high hopes for these headphones. Unfortunately, though other reviews have praised them for having a relatively flat frequency response in this price range, a pronounced midrange gives speech a very "boxy" or "roomy" sound, distorting my voice enough to prevent me from being able to properly EQ it. They'd probably be decent budget cans for music production, but I had to send them back. RMA process was prompt and easy, though having to pay the return shipping was a bummer.

    For casual listening, they sound strikingly similar to Monoprice's popular 8323 DJ Headphones, as others have pointed out. These have slightly less exaggerated bass response, but side-by-side, I was hard-pressed to tell the difference. The 8323's also fit my head much better, as the 605050's were very large, even at the smallest size adjustment, and the pads wouldn't sit neatly over my ears. At 2-3 times the price of the excellent 8323's, I can't think of many reasons why I'd recommend the 605050 headphones over their cheaper siblings, or, for that matter, over the many other studio headphones in the sub-$100 range that are popular for audio production.

    I hope they receive an update in the future, as I'd love to see Monoprice offer an improved design that better meets the needs of audio professionals. The rest of the Pro Audio line has proven more than capable!

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    Solid phones.

    • Kevin Reeves,
    •  Traverse CIty, MI 
    • 9/27/2015 4:21:38 PM

    Pros: Good sound at a great pricepoint.

    Cons: A tad hyped in the high mids, could use a more breathable ear pad material.

    For the price, these phones can't be beat. I've had them for 9 months and, so far, they are still crankin'.
    They do seem to have a very flat response, except for a narrow band in the high mids, which are a tad hyped. Nothing that a small notch EQing can't fix.
    I'm not a fan of the cheap leather on the ear pads. They do cause sweating after prolonged use. However, I am on the lookout for better quality replacement pads.
    If monoprice were to release ear pad replacements compatible with these phones that would be fantastic.
    When purchasing headphones, speakers, and microphones, there's one thing everyone should remember. These devices are like shoes. They don't fit everyone, and each person has an individual taste for what they are looking for.
    In result, reviews are somewhat subjective.
    However, I have used studio headphones in the $100 range, and I can say that these are quite comparable.

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    Meh.. good if you don't know better

    • Anonymous,
    •  Culver City, CA 
    • 12/4/2014 9:39:38 PM

    Pros: Good sound isolation from the close back design

    Cons: Poor bass response, with emphasis on mids. Bad sizing and unbreathable materials which causes sweating.

    I own a recording studio and in the booth I usually opt to give a talent a pair of close back headphones so you don't get bleed back in to the microphone. The main go to is a pair of Sony MDR-V6/7506. The Sony headphones cost around $100 however and since Monoprice usually makes pretty solid stuff, and they were only $55 I thought I'd give them a try.

    Pros are the price of course, and if you lose them you won't be terribly bummed.
    Cons are the sound, which lacks proper bass response and focuses way to heavily on the mids. The sizing of them is weird as I have a large head and had to shrink them down to their smallest size to fit, and they don't breathe well either. After sitting in my air conditioned VO booth for just 10 minutes without heavy movement I already want to take them off as my ears have gotten sweaty. I think this is due to the plastic construction and cheap fake leather.

    The Monoprice headphones are functional however and the sound isn't terrible (maybe just beyond decent), but once you've had a proper pair of studio headphones however it's hard to go backwards in quality. If you're on a budget and can't afford more, then they'd be alright in a pinch.

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    Big, Decent Sound

    • Anew Madrid,
    •  San Jose, CA 
    • 8/26/2014 9:21:07 AM

    Pros: Big Ear Earpieces, long, durable cord, storage bag, full Sound

    Cons: big, slip off head, cheap feeling

    For 60 bux they have a good sound. Honestly they aren't much better than the DJ ones monoprice sales. They don't fit my head well (I wear 7 1/4 fitted ball cap) even at the smallest setting they are loose. Over all though they provide a decent mix. When I first bought them I hooked em up to a laptop and played music out of em for like 10 hours before I actually used them. They are decent and can be used in a vocal booth. My main headphones are AKG Q701.

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