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Clip-On Pickup for Acoustic Guitar
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Clip-On Pickup for Acoustic Guitar

Easily tune your acoustic guitar or amplify it's sound with this Clip-On Pickup from Monoprice!

This Pickup easily clips on to the hole of your acoustic guitar. It is the perfect solution when trying to tune your instrument in a noisy environment as it picks up the vibrations from the guitar rather than the sound transmitted in the air. With the attached 8' cable you can connect it to your electronic tuner or amplifier. This accessory also works with other similar string instruments such as a cello or violin.

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Works well for cello

  • PLC,
  •  Saint Paul, MN 
  • 4/29/2015 9:42:00 PM

Pros: Really good sound for the price, attaches firmly

Cons: Frequency response is far from flat

I added this to an order on a whim, since for $3 there's not much to lose. I tried it on my cello and it works very well all things considered. I attached it to the bridge and found that the best place had it grabbing the middle of the bridge from between the legs. Even so, the sound was excessively bassy, but can be EQed to reasonable levels. I tried it with and without a buffer and the difference was not huge, but the buffer did improve the sound.

If this was more expensive, I would consider it a decent pickup (maybe 7 or 8 out of 10). At $3, there is no excuse not to have one on hand. Next time I place a Monoprice order, I'm going to get a couple more, just to have extras in case this one breaks (the cable seems a little flimsy) or for amplifying random instruments in my worship band at church.

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bought one then 10 days later bought 4 more.

  • Xheathen,
  •  Houston, TX 
  • 4/27/2015 5:14:03 PM

Pros: small, simple sensitive, inexpensive,

Cons: none that are not manageable for me personally.

it's a pickup, not a microphone so it doesn't pick up wind noise or ambient sound like you do with a clip on condenser mic. It is made in China, (as most are in this $ range) but I like the variety of shipping options from Monoprice since it ships from the USA. Could not find any other pickups under 30 bucks out there that didn't take 3-6 weeks to get to me from China. I needed it and got it in 2 days. I bought this for an F-5 scroll style Mandolin. It is a very sensitive pickup, but once you find where your "sweet spot" is on placement , it's just right! It picks up palm muted picking without over modulating open chord strumming. When mounting, the lower the better. keep in mind if you bump into the wire, it will pick it up.You don't want a lot of cord slapping against the side of your instrument. Play around with placement and think positive thoughts. Mine works best with the pickup part inserted inside and the clip part on the outside of the mandolin. I used the center opening of the f-hole just below the pick guard. The wire is not that long, but fine for me as I sit and play while plugged into my guitar pedal board right in front of me. May be a little short for a more mobile player and need a 1/4in extension. But for the money, what have you got to lose? . I wish I had purchased more than one the first time. I've purchased 4 more since then just because you never know when you might have an opportunity to bless someone with one.

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lots of body

  • HQ,
  •  Baltimore, MD 
  • 3/23/2015 6:38:58 PM

Pros: Stable, sound quality, light weight, attaches easily to headstock

Cons: Needs longer, stronger cable maybe smaller clamp for fiddle, uke or mando

I'm using this on my 12 string, banjola and bouzouki so far, and it really brings out some full body tones just clamping it on the headstock. It sounds pretty clear through either of my two amps and handles distortion with no problems so far. I'm hoping it will work on my fiddle and mandolin, but it's a bit awkward to attach.

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  • Anonymous,
  •  Peoria, AZ 
  • 3/2/2015 4:11:05 PM

Pros: Price, ease of use.

Cons: None yet. Cable could be longer. But I use a direct box so with the d.b. by my feet the length was fine, even standing up. I just couldn't wander very far.

I didn't know what to expect out of this thing, but for under $4 I figured I could just throw it out if it didn't work. I bought it specifically for a mandolin. I had been using a lapel-type microphone on a stand with phantom power to play through a church sound system. That mic was so sensitive that it picked up all other stage noise. This mic works entirely on instrument vibrations, so there is no other noise picked up at all. The sound guy said it worked great. I'm sure the sound isn't maybe as true as an expensive mic, but I don't really care that much for what I do. I messed with it quite a bit, since there weren't any instructions about where to put it. It turned out that by far the best place for a small instrument is on the headstock. And even there some places worked better than others for getting a truer sound. I will say that it is VERY sensitive. Hitting the wire, and especially the mic itself, will cause a large pop. Even a loud tap of the neck or a loud slide on the neck will be picked up.

I tried it a little on my acoustic guitar. Probably because of the length of the neck, it didn't amplify nearly as well as the mandolin. But I suppose it could be used in the tonehole as long as you don't hit the mic while strumming.

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What you'd expect

  • Cody Murphy,
  •  ,  
  • 2/25/2015 1:23:51 PM

Pros: Price

Cons: Volume

Its what you can expect for 3 bucks. I got it just to try really, put it in the sound hole of my Taylor 814ce just to try and got nothing, but on the advice of another review tried the headstock oddly enough and it worked. Mainly gonna use it for the banjo. Worth picking up a couple just to have around

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