40-Watt, 1x10 Guitar Combo Amplifier with Spring Reverb
    Product # 611800
    40-Watt, 1x10 Guitar Combo Amplifier with Spring Reverb
    Product # 611800
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    40-Watt, 1x10 Guitar Combo Amplifier with Spring Reverb

    Crank it up to 11 using this 40-watt 1x10 Guitar Combo Amp with Spring Reverb from Monoprice!

    This guitar amp employs a 40-watt amplifier driving a 10-inch, 4-ohm speaker. It features a genuine spring-reverb, which allows you to capture the classic surf sound made famous by such artists as Dick Dale, the Beach Boys, the Ventures, and Man or Astro-man? The spring reverb is also useful for production of electronic music, lounge, or anything where you want to produce dark, dripping overtones to your sound.

    This amp features three adjustable EQ controls at 100 Hz, 1 KHz, and 3 KHz. The reverb is adjustable along with the gain level for the overdrive circuit. It has two guitar level inputs, one of which has a -6dB pad for use with instruments with active electronics. A line level output allows you to send the output to a recorder or mixing board and FX Send and Return jacks allow you to use external effects processors. The amp features headphone and external speaker outputs, both of which automatically mute the internal speaker when in use.

    Unlike most amps, which top out at 10, this amp has been engineered with volume controls that go to 11! This allows you to crank along at 10 for most of a show then, when you want that extra push over the cliff, you can crank it up to 11 and really send the audience into a frenzy!

    Support Files:

    Rated Power 40 watts RMS @ 4 ohm load
    Frequency Response 60 Hz to 12 KHz
    Total Harmonic Distortion 0.5% (typical)
    Hum and Noise -75dB below rated power
    Input Impedance 220 K ohms
    Maximum Input Level 0.7 V RMS
    Maximum Gain 86dB (overdrive mode @ 1KHz)
    44dB (normal mode @ 1KHz)
    Dimensions 16.5" x 16.7" x 8.7" (420 x 425 x 220 mm)
    Weight 19.8 lbs (9.0 Kg)
    4.7 / 5.0
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    Great little practice amp!
    This amp is great for the price. Mainly for practicing, but you could even use this for a small show. Sound is very comparable to the Roland Cube (which costs more than double this). Overall I was surprised by the quality of the tone for the price. It has a very nice retro sound with the spring reverb. Kinda surf guitar Dick Dale or early Beach Boys. I would recommend this for anyone who's looking for a inexpensive practice amp or just wants an amp period! It kinda makes me want to try one of the guitars Monoprice sells.

    PROS: Price, performance, sound

    CONS: none for me
    December 5, 2014
    Good little amp for the money
    This amp actually sounds better than my cheap little Fender amp with a 12" speaker.

    I was slightly discouraged that it didn't have a line input, and almost didn't purchase it, but decided to give it a shot, since it was so cheap. I'm glad I did. If you plug a device into the Aux Return, that is effectively a line input. It bypasses all of the controls (including master volume, so you've got to set the level on your input device). This is exactly what I need most of the time, since I use a Line6 POD guitar amplifier modeler and I have all the effects and such that I need on that device. It can just be plugged into the Aux Return and this amp is just an amp.

    PROS: The amp has quite a lot of power for a small package. I have to leave the master volume fairly low to keep the volume reasonable. If I actually took it to 11, I would be causing permanent hearing damage.

    The electronics are quiet. It doesn't have a lot of hum when it is just sitting there, like many amps do.

    CONS: The overdrive section functions well and just a little bit of gain goes a LONG way. I almost wish the gain would start out a little lower and slowly ramp up to insane. As it stands, giving it any gain immediately starts BIG distortion.

    I really wish it supported a footswitch to enable the overdrive section. It's fairly simple engineering to add a 1/4" jack for a footswitch, so maybe they will do that in the future.

    The spring reverb works well, but again, like the gain knob in the overdrive section, a little goes a long way. Anything past halfway is just ridiculous. I wish they gave a narrower range of effect and I had the full range of the knob to dial it in better.

    These are just quibbles of course. I love the amp, but want to give my honest opinion, in the hopes that the product team actually reads these comments.
    June 17, 2014
    Great Price on a 40 Watt amp
    This is a single channel, 40 watt amplifier, with a 10 inch speaker.

    It has a clean side with 3 tiers of equilibration 9 (Treble, mid, and bass), reverb control, and master loudness level.

    The distortion side has a gain and volume control.

    Both sides work well allowing you to equalize you clean tone with or without reverb, or select the right amount of distortion.

    Rear has out and back in jacks for external effects board.pedal. Front has jack for headphones, line out (so you can send your sound to a PA system or recording interface), and external speaker.

    while the 1x10 speaker sounds fine, I'd love to see a 2x10 or 2x12 set of speakers in a slightly smaller cabinet for a few more $. I used the external speaker jack on the front of the amp to feed a 4 x 10 Fender half stack and the sound was much better.

    The Fender 60 Watt Super Sonic Head that feeds the 4x10 cab speakers does sound much better, but the set sold for $1800 retail and it isn't 18 times better than the Monoprice amp.

    For the price, great 40 watt amp with 1x10 speaker at 19 pounds.

    Would like 2x12 speakers and some onboard effects as these should be cheap electronics these days. Weight for all this about 27 pounds?

    I do like the ability of turning the amp up to 11. Although all of the other level controls are not labeled as 11's, the pots that control them rotate past the label of 10 so you can turn them up past 10. 40 watts is 40 watts. 11 doesn't matter. I don't know if that's 40 watts peak to peak or 40 watts RMS? For some reason 40 watts in a solid state amp doesn't sound as warm or as loud as 40 watts in a tube amp.

    IIRC to double the loudness of an amp, it is logarithmic which means to double the loudness of a 10 watt amp, you need a 10 ^2 or 100 watt amp.

    This will do anything you need in an indoor room.

    PROS: Cost, quality of sound and construction, spring reverb, front jacks for external speaker, headphones, and line out. Read jacks for external effects out and back in.

    CONS: 1 x 10 speaker. Would love 2x 10 or 2 x 12 for a bit more $
    January 24, 2014
    GREAT AMP, Alters Pedals
    Fantastic amp for the price. Good cleans, loud, distortion similar to entry amps.

    One thing I have noticed is that it doesn't faithfully voice my overdrive pedal. Let me be clear, for the price, I DO NOT EXPECT IT TO.

    If you are buying this because you're thinking....I just want a cheap 10" 40 watt amp to run my pedals into.... it is going to change their sound.

    However, running your whole chain into the FX return allows this little guy to pump out sound as good as amps 2x to 3x more expensive.

    Here is my sub average playing that demonstrates what I mean.

    PROS: Price

    CONS: Doesn't faithfully reproduce my OD pedal
    July 10, 2016

    PROS: I give a "10" because it is a very good, inexpensive amplifier. Tone means everything to me, so small amps usually have to have a 12 inch speaker to deliver the warm sound that I prefer. This amp, although it has a 10 inch speaker, is a suitable replacement for my Crate amp ( with a 12 inch speaker). The 40 watt output is surprisingly strong enough for a clean sound in most small rooms.

    CONS: No real cons. I've been playing the guitar all my life (over 50 years), so I've learned not to expect much from inexpensive amplifiers. This amp was much better than I expected. I would, however, like to see a delay effect (with the ability to vary the length of delay) put into the unit, along with the reverb effect. I would also bet that the addition of a 12 inch speaker, even if it cost a little more, would make this an even more outstanding value for most players.
    September 3, 2014
    I don't play gigs, just play casual player. I also have a modeling amp that I use but wanted something with a clean sound and this does the job. For the price, you can't beat it. If you are on the fence, don't worry - try it out. I have one of their Route 66 guitars and the combo does sound great!

    PROS: Love the "11" on volume!!

    Sound is everything I expected.

    Sturdy construction.

    Price - cant beat it.

    CONS: None Yet.
    April 11, 2014
    Crank it to 11
    I haven't used this or seen it, but the volume going to 11 is good enough for me. I always wanted and amp that was 1 louder. thank you Monoprice!

    PROS: I'd give this amp an 11 if the rating system went that high
    January 13, 2014
    Great amp for the price!
    Color me impressed. This is a GREAT amp for the price. Clean sound. Overdrive is what you would expect from an amp/speaker this size. Have tried a number of different guitars played though different effect stomp boxes and this amp handles them all. This amp really cranks too!

    PROS: Great price.
    Great sound.
    Impressive volume.

    CONS: None that I can think of.
    March 1, 2016
    A great little amp.
    This amp has filled the void I had with small, light-weight amps. I would recommend to anyone who needs a small amp with plenty of drive.

    PROS: I play a guitar in mostly small venues (ekderly care facilities, senior luncheons, church events) and was looking for something smaller than my heavy Peavey bandit. I had been using a Line-6, 15 watt amp, but was not pleased with the sound. This amp weighs only 20 lbs, has an equivilant of 80 watts when compared to the Line-6, and has a great range of sounds.

    CONS: So far, I have no complaints
    September 16, 2014
    Nice Amp
    Another great deal from Monoprice. I'd love to see a couple short videos on some basic settings that match the guitars now being sold at MP.
    January 13, 2014
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