Route 66 Modern Solid Body Electric Guitar - Goldtop
    Product # 610212
    Route 66 Modern Solid Body Electric Guitar - Goldtop
    Product # 610212
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    Route 66 Modern Solid Body Electric Guitar - Goldtop

    So what do you do if you have a successful product launch, like we've had with our Route 66 Vintage Solid Body Guitars? Well, if you're Monoprice you listen to customer feedback, make improvements, and release a new version that addresses those concerns. Enter the new Route 66 Modern Solid Body Electric Guitar from Monoprice!

    The most obvious change is that we've eliminated the plastic pick guard and the plastic label around the pickup select switch. This allows you to see all of the beautiful finish of your choice, without being obscured by the plastic bits. In a bid to modern styling, we've sharpened the horn below the cutaway, giving an "edgier" look to the guitar body.

    One of the standard complaints about the Vintage version was the quality of the strings. Not only have we increased the gauge from 0.009 to 0.010 inch on the high E string, but we are now using our coated strings, for increased durability as well as sonic excellence.

    Finally, we adjusted the orientation of the volume and tone knobs. The entire knob assembly was rotated 90° counterclockwise so that the orientation of the knobs corresponds to the orientation and location of the pickups. So the neck pickup, which is on your left when wearing the guitar, is controlled by the leftmost knobs, while the bridge pickup (on the right) is controlled by the rightmost knobs.

    The rest of the guitar remains the same as the Route 66 Vintage model. It is a full-sized, 22-fret guitar with a basswood archtop single-cutaway body, a bolt-on maple neck, a rosewood fingerboard, and chrome machine heads/tuning pegs. It uses two dual-coil humbuckers, which produce the distinctive sound used in southern rock, heavy metal, electric blues, reggae, and classic hard rock. A three-position switch on the body above the fingerboard allows you to easily select between the bridge and neck pups, or both together.

    Before it gets shipped to you, each Monoprice guitar undergoes a setup, tuning, and inspection process by Master Luthier Roger Gresco here in Southern California. The setup ensures that the neck is straight, the action is right, and that it will stay in tune. Additionally, it comes with everything you need to get started, including strings (installed), a heavy-duty zippered black gig bag with shoulder strap, and a truss-rod wrench.

    Body Style Archtop Single-Cutaway with Dual Humbuckers
    Body Material Basswood
    Neck Material Maple
    Fingerboard Material Rosewood
    Construction Bolt On Neck
    Scale 628mm (Full-Size)
    Weight 9.3 lbs
    Machineheads Chrome
    Pickups Humbucker-Humbucker


    91 Reviews

    90.22% of the reviewers recommend this product


    Bang for the buck

    • Anonymous,
    •  Sarasota, FL 
    • 6/19/2016 4:00:03 PM

    I've been wanting a Les Paul style guitar for a while, but couldn't really afford it. This is a great substitute . Needed some adjustments when I got it, but it plays great now! Very happy with it

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    Monoprice made me an offer I couldnt refuse....

    • Robert Wiley,
    •  Atascadero, CA 
    • 3/24/2016 5:51:14 PM

    Pros: Action was PERFECT on this one
    Takes effects very well
    SUPER fun to play
    Note bending is a breeze
    The stock strings work surprisingly well, but don't last too long
    Not too heavy really (unless you own light guitars)
    Gorgeous color and finish, makes you scared to hurt it haha
    Pots feel great and work fine
    Guitar will look outstanding when aged and broken in!
    Frets are great!
    Pickups can be soft, or bite hard! Great tonal possibilities
    No fret buzz at all
    Discounted price along with special coupons made this a deal I couldn't pass up! Thanks Monoprice!

    Cons: Bridge was a tad off, leaving very close intonation impossible :( (a biggie to me)
    The stock strings are already rusting a bit, after only a week or so of use, even when cleaned. No big deal tho.
    I'm slightly worried about the stock nut in the future. Another small thing.
    Gig bag is a tight fit, watch for zipper scraping. (I'm really reaching here lol)
    No pickguard!! I'd definitely buy one if they sold it seperate. Why would people want them gone?! An option to include would be nice...

    This guitar is pretty amazing. Sounds really good right out of the box, better with some minor tweaking. I don't even feel the need to replace the pups in this bad girl. I'd call it a bad boy, but I love it too much! Of course the guitar is out of tune for shipping, no big deal, and thanks actually. Because the way my box was looking when it arrived, I was definitely starting to worry. But it came out undamaged, and gorgeous.

    The gig bag that comes with it works, nothing to cry about really. There was an intonation issue I almost left 4 stars for, but it doesn't kill the sound beyond playability, so my picky ears will put up with it. The logo is fine. I'll fly it proud!!

    Overall, I'm loving it, and it's my new regular jamming guitar. Its not perfect, it sounds great with no upgrades, for the price, youll never feel bad playing the crap out of it. Id buy two more if I had space lol. You can't really go wrong with this one! I'm already fiending for a sunburst model next....

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    Route 66 Gold Top, beautiful but with issues

    • Cullen B,
    •  Spanaway, WA 
    • 3/17/2016 2:46:53 PM

    Pros: Gold finish and neck finish are beautiful.
    Neck is straight
    Low price
    No buzz or hum in the electronics

    Cons: Polishing damage
    Faulty neck pickup
    Bad plating on bridge
    Strings (of course)
    Slop in tuners

    I like building guitars and buying inexpensive ones to repair. This is my second Monoprice guitar, my first is a starbust strat that is perfect. It is the only guitar I own that I've done no tweeking or upgrades on, it was perfect out of the box. Based on this experience and the reviews, I expected the Route 66 to be another good instrument, but sadly there are issues with mine. It looks good, and was playable out of the box, but required a full setup (neck, action height, pickup height, intonation). Closer inspection and setup revealed other issues. The neck pickup was set so low that it would not pickup the low E string. Adjusting the pickup height (and the radius) revealed that the D and G string pole piece screws were stripped. The trim ring around the bridge pickup has flashing that was not removed prior to assembly. As with most new guitars, the factory strings are mostly dead. The nut height is very close, not enough to mess with it. BTW, the pickups are wax potted.

    Cosmetically, there were more issues, the chrome plating on the bridge has small bubbles in it, the fret board was almost solid white from polish residue, but I"m not sure what was actually polished because the frets themselves were rough and dull. There is gold over-spray around the neck pocket and on the binding. Finally, whoever polished the back of the guitar slightly burnished the finish. It's not severe, but if you look closely you can see it was overdone.

    All in all, I'll probably keep it because I bought this on a great sale instead of building one myself. The parts are worth what I paid and even with all it's faults this guitar plays nicely. I have enough spares laying around to correct the hardware, and with a little work this will be a nice instrument.

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    Very Nice!

    • Jim,
    •  Goodhue, MN 
    • 1/8/2016 6:31:35 AM

    Pros: Price quality.

    Cons: None now.

    Received this guitar a couple days ago. Packaging was intact and done very well. Guitar arrived in perfect condition and the finish was impeccable: the gold metalflake top is very attractive and even the back is beautiful. I like the new logo, too.This is my 3rd Monoprice guitar., and now I have one of every shape: Les Paul, Strat and Tele. The guitar arrived not even close to being in tune, but so what? Seems to play well and sounds awesome. I got this from another site that handles Monoprice, so I got an awesome deal, with free shipping. Now we need a hollow-body and a 12 string, Monoprice.

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    Very Very NICE!!!

    • Volsfan411,
    •  ,  
    • 12/10/2015 10:35:19 AM

    Pros: Great sound and feel. Plays very good. Looks fantastic. No fret buzz on mine just slightly out of tune but that's to be expected being shipped across country in box by ups that don't take great care anyway.

    Cons: thought it came with pick guard but prob would have took it off anyway it looks better.

    I normally don't write reviews but I always read every review I can find here or anywhere else. After reading the reviews here and watching youtube videos I decided to get this guitar and was torn between the black and gold but ended up with the gold. I have played my share of guitars in my life, great ones, good ones and bad ones. This is a great guitar and take the price in to effect and its a fantastic guitar.

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