California Classic Solid Body Electric Guitar - Black
    Product # 610100
    California Classic Solid Body Electric Guitar - Black
    Product # 610100
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    California Classic Solid Body Electric Guitar - Black

    You know it when you hear it. That distinctive California Classic sound made famous by artists like Dick Dale, David Gilmour, and Ritchie Blackmore. Whether it is the surf, blues, psychedelic rock, country, or classic hard rock, this California Classic Solid Body Electric Guitar from Monoprice is the perfect axe for your daily practice and performance needs.

    This full-sized, 22-fret guitar features a double-cutaway body made of basswood, a bolt-on maple neck, a rosewood fingerboard, and chrome machine heads/tuning pegs. It uses three single-coil pickups in the bridge, middle, and neck positions. A five-position selector switch allows you to use each of the three pickups individually, while the 2 and 4 positions combine the neck and bridge pups with the middle one for that distinctive "quack" sound. A tremolo/whammy bar is included for note bending.

    Before it gets shipped to you, each Monoprice guitar undergoes a setup, tuning, and inspection process by Master Luthier Roger Gresco here in Southern California. The setup ensures that the neck is straight, the action is right, and that it will stay in tune.

    Body Style Double-Cutaway with Tremolo
    Body Material Basswood
    Neck Material Maple
    Fingerboard Material Rosewood
    Construction Bolt On Neck
    Scale 648mm (Full-Size)
    Weight 7.2 lbs
    Machineheads Chrome
    Pickups Single-Single-Single


    44 Reviews

    91.14% of the reviewers recommend this product


    great buy

    • nick,
    •  Robbins, NC 
    • 6/10/2016 6:18:35 PM

    Pros: price
    plays great

    Cons: none so far

    good value for the money

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    Fantastic Value

    • Anonymous,
    •  Linden, NJ 
    • 3/18/2016 7:41:24 PM

    Pros: Value
    Build Quality

    Cons: For the price, NONE

    After all the great reviews, I had to try one for myself, and let me say I'm pleasantly surprised with how great this guitar sounds and plays. I've been playing guitar for many, many years now and it definitely sounds like an instrument worth 3-4 times as much, I'd put it over a Squier Strat and surprisingly close to a Fender MIM Strat, maybe just as nice sounding with some new pickups. Playability out of the box was superb, it really is nicely set up. All I had to do was tune it up and plug it in. Feels solidly built, wood seems to be pretty good quality, frets are decent, hardware (tuners) feel nice (a lot of cheaper guitars lack here), and volume and tone pots actually go through all the values and aren't just fancy on off switches like some other lower priced guitars. I'd definitely recommend it to beginners and even experienced players because really, who doesn't need another guitar?

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    Amazing value for the price

    • lewislaw,
    •  Los Angeles, CA 
    • 2/8/2016 5:22:04 PM

    Pros: Well constructed, beautifully set up. Comes with serviceable gig bag. Astonishingly well priced. For a beginner (or practice) guitar it really is unbeatable.

    Cons: Comes strung with 9's (I think). Nothing wrong with that, but they don't seem to be of very good quality - my top string broke almost immediately. Recommend you re-string it on arrival. Slightly buzzy on the sixth string, intonation ok but not perfect, stays in tune only reasonably well.

    This was a $90 guitar reduced on sale to $75 and I used a 15% coupon. So I got it for $60 actually it would still have been a bargain at $90. Squier type axe really, really well set up, and no blemishes of any kind. It doesn't compare to my Carvin neck throughs, but then it shouldn't have to . If you're looking for a good beginner guitar, then this is for you. I'm not a beginner but needed something to practice on, and for that it's perfect too. Unlike some reviewers, I would not start getting busy by changing the electronics or whatever take it for what it is and you'll be well pleased. I'm reviewing this on that basis really not fair to put this up against expensive guitars and to ding it for not measuring up.

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    Good for budget beginners but not one to grow with you

    • StratinFL,
    •  Wellington, FL 
    • 1/28/2016 8:37:42 AM

    Pros: Low cost.
    Looks good, feels pretty good.

    Cons: Neck needs to be sanded
    Frets are not a uniform height
    intonation is off
    struggles to stay in tune and the tuners are pretty poor, two have at last 1/4 turn of play in them
    low end pickups either don't register in my software or have unusual sonic characteristics that the software cant quite figure out

    Nothing is standard size - pickguard holes don't match anything else on the marker so if you want to swap it out buy a blank and cut your own
    there are no locking tuners that will drop in
    The body cavity is too shallow for many aftermarket pickups

    Picked up a black California Classic on sale., my first Strat body.

    Comes with a very thin dust cover labeled a a gig bag but there's no padding so I don't suggest leaving the house with it.

    It looks like a Strat. 3=ply pick guard has the right look, black (maple?) fingerboard with dot inlays looks good from a few feet away, new Monoprice logo looks sharp. Has a passable Strat sound through a clean amp including hum on individual pickups and no hum on positions 2/4.

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    Cheap guitar but decent with upgrades

    • Monocaster,
    •  Wellington, FL 
    • 1/23/2016 2:21:58 PM

    Pros: in expensive
    looks nice
    not all parts need replacing
    industry standard spacing and sizes for easy replacements

    Cons: tuners are terrible, pickups are very low quality, didn't come set up properly

    This is my fourth electric guitar and the cheapest by far.
    It has a hard time staying in tune and half of the tuners have 1/4 turn of play in them making tuning problematic. New tuners are on order ($51)
    Intonation on mine is off (at 12th fret) so a trip to the luther is next ($50).
    The pickups sonic quality sound ok on a clean channel but doesn't take well to pedals and pushing gain, also Rocksmith had a hard time consistently recognizing notes. New pickups are on order ($60)
    the strap buttons are standards. locking strap buttons are on order ($7)

    I hope that with $168 (+tax + ship) in upgrades the guitar will be usable.

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