7.1 Dolby Digital Amplified Gaming Headset for Xbox® One, PS4®, and PC - BLACK
    Product # 9771
    7.1 Dolby Digital Amplified Gaming Headset for Xbox® One, PS4®, and PC - BLACK
    Product # 9771
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    7.1 Dolby Digital Amplified Gaming Headset for Xbox® One, PS4®, and PC - BLACK

    While stereo audio is great for recorded music and television, when it comes to FPS gaming you really need more audio directionality, so you can hear when someone is ahead of you, behind you, or even overhead. In short, you need a Dolby® 7.1 channel audio system, such as this 7.1 Channel Dolby Digital Amplified Gaming Headset from Monoprice!

    The headset is designed to connect to PC, PlayStation® 4, and Xbox® One gaming systems, and comes with all the necessary cables and connectors. It supports both analog 2-channel and digital 7.1 channel Toslink (optical) input and is certified by Dolby for use with Dolby Digital 5.1, Pro Logic® IIx, and Dolby Headphone modes.

    The headset uses a USB connection for microphone communications on the PC and PS4®, or a 3.5mm TRRS plug for the Xbox One and smartphones. It comes with two boom microphones, one designed for gaming and the other for mobile hands-free use with Smartphone. The TRRS jack uses the Apple® standard, with the ground on the second ring. An adapter is included, which converts to the older standard with the ground on the sleeve, so this headset can be used with any Smartphone, old or new. Additionally, it supports the Xbox Live® Communication standard.

    Rather than using eight small drivers packed into the two ear pieces to produce the 7.1 channel audio placement, this headset uses a single 40mm driver on each side. The larger driver produces superior, distortion-free sound reproduction under both 2-channel stereo and 7.1 channel conditions.

    The Digital to Analog Converter (DAC) creates the necessary phasing of the audio signal to the headset to produce a clear and accurate 7.1 channel soundstage, which provides the necessary audible queues you need to excel at FPS gaming. The DAC also allows for separate volume control over each of the 8 audio channels, so you can adjust it for the perfect soundstage balance.

    Although this audio system comes with only the single headset, the system supports up to two headsets. The headset from the Entry-Level Amplified Gaming Headset (PID 9770) can be used as the second headset for this system. Although the Entry Level system is not designed for 7.1 channel audio, the headset can produce a 7.1 channel soundstage using the DAC's internal phasing circuitry.


    • Designed for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC gaming
    • Compatible with Wii™, iPod®, iPhone®, and other mobile devices
    • Includes two detachable boom microphones - one for gaming and the other for hands-free phone use
    • Compatible with Xbox Live Communication function
    • Includes both analog stereo and optical digital Toslink 7.1 channel inputs
    • Approved by Dolby for Dolby Digital 5.1, Pro Logic IIx, and Dolby Headphone
    • Amplified audio output for Xbox One and PS4, and optionally for PC operation

    Support Files:

    Apple, iPod, and iPhone are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.

    PlayStation and PS4 are registered trademarks of Computer Entertainment Inc. Sony is a registered trademark of Sony Corporation.

    Xbox, Xbox One, and Xbox Live are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.

    Dolby, Pro Logic, and the double-D symbol are trademarks of Dolby Laboratories.

    Wii is a trademark of Nintendo.

    Driver Size 40mm
    Impedance 40 Ohms
    Sound Pressure Level 117dB ±3dB at 1mW, 1KHz
    Frequency Response 20Hz ~ 20KHz
    Cable Length ~ 31 inches
    Voice Coil Size 6.5mm
    Directionality Omni
    Sensitivity -58dB ±2dB
    Analog-to-Digital Converter Performance
    Signal-to-Noise Ratio 102dB ("A" weighted at 48KHz)
    Total Harmonic Distortion -90dB
    Sampling Rate 32 ~ 96KHz
    Digital-to-Analog Converter Performance
    Signal-to-Noise Ratio 106dB ("A" weighted at 48KHz)
    Total Harmonic Distortion -97dB
    Sampling Frequency 8 ~ 192 KHz

    Package Contents:

    • 1x Headset
    • 1x Breakaway Inline Controller Cable
    • 1x Microphone for PC-Gaming/Music
    • 1x Mini Microphone for Smartphones and Tablets
    • 1x Decoder Box
    • 1x USB Cable
    • 1x Optical Cable
    • 1x 3.5 mm plug to 3.5 mm plug Cable
    • 1x G6(F) to 2x 3.5 mm plug Cable
    • 1x 3.5 mm plug to 2.5 mm plug Cable
    • 1x Operation Manual
    • 1x Smartphone Adapter for NOKIA / Sony Ericsson / SAMSUNG Devices

    61 Reviews

    76.39% of the reviewers recommend this product


    Not too shabby

    • Ben ,
    •  Noblesville, IN 
    • 12/7/2015 4:50:19 AM

    Pros: Comfortable, great sound, clarity, value

    Cons: Wired-although being wired gives better performance, occasionally I wish for the freedom from wires that wireless offers

    Bought these after letting my home theater stay with the house we sold. Home theater was a 5.1 Sony out of the box which wasn't a custom set up but still sounded pretty good. These headphones are not a 1 to 1 replacement of a full surround sound set but do sound great. Even though they state that they are 7.1, to me it still does not have the same dimension that truly separated speakers set around the room have. With that said, their sound is great. Decent amount of bass with immersive sound (just not quite as easy to pinpoint sounds as it was with home theater). They do pull out sounds that I was missing with the home theater, such as breathing sounds and some of the footsteps.(Batttlefield game)
    I love the mic feature and the clarity. It has separate volumes for voice and sound which is a plus. The headset itself is comfortable. It states that it is for PS4, xbox one, etc. but also works with last gen systems.
    Overall, very satisfied with the product and would recommend it, or buy it again if need be.

    Was this review helpful to you?
    • angela fries,
    •  waretown, NJ 
    • 12/25/2014 11:48:49 AM

    Pros: there head phones

    Cons: white noise sound if not turned up hi, Decoder Box never worked from day one i just dident know till it was to late i thought they were just cheap and thats why they sounded so bad now i cant get a replacement Decoder Box.

    white noise sound if not turned up hi Decoder Box never worked from day one i just dident know till it was to late i thought they were just cheap and thats why they sounded so bad now i cant get a replacement Decoder Box.

    Was this review helpful to you?

    Great headset, horrible adapter cables

    • Eric Kamka,
    •  Lakeland, FL 
    • 12/16/2014 4:24:40 AM

    Pros: The headset themselves are amazing.
    removable boom
    can unplug headset from the volume box
    adapters for anything that plays sound

    Cons: The cables that came with it...

    This headset is amazingly comfortable. I've played with it for 8 hours and not once felt the need to remove it or got hot. The sound quality is amazing. Playing fps like battlefield is completely different with these on. I really like how almost everything has a plug to the next part of the system instead of everything just being 1 giant thing that can't be unatached.the one that I don't like were the cables...

    The optical is extremely thin and fragile and short. Get a nicer one if you want it to last.
    The 2.5 to 3.5 Xbox live adapter stopped working after 2 weeks. It was always loose when plugged into controller and would give off static, after a week it started losing mic and after 2 weeks it stopped working all together. Tested another cable and it works again. So prettty much...get better adapter cables and then its a 10/10.

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    • Anonymous,
    •  Pointe-Claire, QC 
    • 12/5/2014 11:16:19 AM

    There is alot of feedback coming when your connected in USB since its not connect to usb directly. i would not recommend buying it for pc

    by Monoprice Administrator

    Thank you for your review and truly sorry to hear about the issues experienced with PID 9771. If I may ask, what devices have you tried with this headset so far? Does this issue persist with all devices or just the PC? Also, does this happen with all USB ports on that computer? Please let me know so we can look into the issue further. Thank you!

    Gabby Villa
    Tech Support Associate

    by Anonymous
    All usb port. I only have a pc. If i use my old headset, i have 0 static in the same usb port

    by Monoprice Administrator

    Thank you for the response! There is a possibility that you may have received a defective unit. If you would like, I can assist you in obtaining a replacement to see if it will work better or a return RMA. We have a one year warranty on this headset and obtaining a replacement is of no additional cost. If you want to continue with an RMA, please let me know if you wanted to return it or obtain a replacement. Thank you in advance!

    Gabby Villa
    Tech Support Associate
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    center channel dialogue sounds as a surround channel

    • Rodolfo,
    •  Lansdowne, VA 
    • 11/21/2014 10:37:24 PM

    Pros: Price. Functionality.

    Cons: Center channel sounds like a surround channel echo

    I got this unit just for private listening of multi-channel surround movies, but is not very useful for that purpose because the dialogue that should be heard from the center channel is actually reproduced with abundant reverb, similar to a surround channel, making more difficult to understand the dialogue. One way out is to reproduce the soundtrack as L/R but that defeats the purpose of the headphone for movies.

    I will continue testing but it appears I will have to return the unit.

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