6-Key Gaming Mouse with Comfort Grip and Adjustable Sensor Rate (800/1200/1600/2400)
    Product # 11155
    6-Key Gaming Mouse with Comfort Grip and Adjustable Sensor Rate (800/1200/1600/2400)
    Product # 11155
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    6-Key Gaming Mouse with Comfort Grip and Adjustable Sensor Rate (800/1200/1600/2400)

    Get superior gaming performance with this 6-Key Gaming Mouse with Comfort Grip and Adjustable Sensor Rate from Monoprice!

    This right-handed gaming mouse features 6 buttons and adjustable DPI sensitivity (800, 1200, 1600, and 2400 dpi). The buttons include the standard left, right, and wheel buttons, plus forward and back buttons for use with browsers, and the dpi adjustment button. The buttons are each rated for 3 million click cycles.

    A green LED illuminates the wheel and another internal LED slowly cycles through the various colors, which show through the pattern in the mouse body. The cord is 58" long. The mouse is compatible with Microsoft® Windows® 98SE, ME, 2000, XP, Vista, and Windows 7.

    The mouse body is covered in a soft-touch, rubberized coating, which improves both comfort and grip. It measures about 5.0" x 2.6" x 1.5" (128 x 66 x 37 mm) and weighs about 4.5 oz. (127g).

    Microsoft and Windows are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.

    3.8 / 5.0
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    Just for the fun of it
    I have three computers at home, and all have excellent mice already attached. When I got an email from Monoprice listing this mouse, I gave it a look not that I needed a mouse, but it couldn't hurt to see it. After reading about its features, and at just $10, I thought I'd give it a try because of the glowing scroll wheel, and the changing-color "M" monogram. I thought I'd use it at school, where I work, and the kids at least would get a kick out of it.

    When I received it, I was pleasantly surprised. It glowed, as advertised, and changed colors, but it also had a heft to it which was very nice it wasn't a feather-light mouse such as many inexpensive mice are. It is at least as heavy as my Microsoft mouse. It also has a braided "tail" or lead connecting it to a USB port, suggesting reliability and longevity. So all that is to the advantage of the device.

    But what I really, really like about it is the feel of the scroll wheel. It is knurled and make of quasi-soft rubber, and it has a feel to it like indents as you scroll, so you have excellent tactile feedback. It glows, it has heft, it scrolls nicely I was so taken with it that I immediately bought four more, including one to give away to a friend of mine who will also appreciate its "glowing" nature. The price had even dropped by $2 so it was a win all around.

    I have no idea how long this mouse will last, but I use it daily so we'll see. As for the six buttons, one of which changes the sensitivity of the mouse movement, I can't really claim that as an appeal. I don't change the sensitivity unless just doing so to try it out (it does work), and the two extra buttons are sort of like lines at the left-hand side, at the thumb, which move you forward or backward. That's how they'd work in a game, I suppose, but I've only tried them on a website, where they act as forward-backward page selections. I didn't get the mice for gaming, I got them just because I liked the feel and the color-changing LED inside (although the scroll wheel stays a steady green).

    Since I got four more once I received the first one I ordered, and intend to give one to a friend, it's clear I'd recommend the device. And if they only last a year or so, well, it was fun while it lasted! (That's not to suggest they only last that long, it's just to say it's worth it for as long as they last, however long that may be.)

    PROS: *Glows green on scroll wheel and shifts colors on monogram
    *Braided tail
    *Has a solid weighted heft
    *Scroll wheel feels fabulous
    *Inexpensive for a little fun at the console

    CONS: *None, so far
    July 7, 2016
    Great product.
    I've had this mouse for quite a while now. Definitely over 6 months and i love it. Never had any problems

    PROS: Price. I've never been one to even consider buying a $200 "gaming" mouse.
    Looks. This mouse looks great.
    Quality. Hasn't failed me.
    Feel. I don't like leaving finger prints on things that are glossy. It makes them seem dirty. The rubberized coating on this mouse is matte and i love it.

    CONS: The only thing i would consider a con is that i can't set the logo to a specific color.
    December 13, 2015
    Worked as advertised except the scroll wheel.
    For the first couple weeks it worked perfectly as advertised. It was a nice quality cheap gaming mouse that that glowed. The LED light in the mouse isn't controllable as far as I know, it just changes colors which isn't a biggie. What really drove me insane was somewhere in the third week of use the scroll wheel randomly starts jumping. Scrolling down or up will jump in the opposite direction. It doesn't feel or sound different but occasionally when I air spray into the wheel it works noticeably better. I assume something is caught under the wheel but this is the only time it's ever happened in the past 5+ mice I've used. I gave it 3 stars instead of 2 because the rest of the mice's features work nicely.

    Also, it isn't shown anywhere but mine came with a braided cord which was a nice feature. But keep in mind it'll slowly "unravel" if your cord hangs off a sharp edge like mine.
    November 30, 2016
    5 months ago
    Great Mouse at a wonderful price
    I've had some mouse troubles recently and picked this up to solve them. It works great and the DPI switch is awesome for photoshop work. I use a tablet as well, but sometimes the precision of the mouse is needed. Lowering the DPI is actually quite beneficial as it allows for controlled minute movements. I just wish there was a way to control the changing LED light for the logo. I'd like it to be consitantly blue or green to match the color scheme of my PC, but really that's just nitpicking.

    PROS: -Plug and Play (of course)
    -4 levels of DPI Adjustment
    -Very Responsive
    -Feels Robust

    CONS: -No control over LED light colors
    -No indication of current DPI selected*
    *Note: I get around this by changing the DPI until the cursor moves the least amount while moving the mouse. This is your lowest DPI. Then you change change from level 1-4 based on current need.
    May 4, 2016
    Less than $10 Impressive
    This mouse is beyond affordableclocking in at just under $10. I was super impressed with it. I'm not one to go for high-end computer peripherals, and I just wanted something that had more precision (as less buggy) than the wireless mouse I was using. I paid about 30-40 dollars for a wirless mouse and keyboard combo when I built this new PC, but the mouse was small and would temporarily freeze up (same with the keyboard I have a new one on the way, too) This mouse is leaps and bounds better than that wireless one. It's got a comfortable grip (the old one used to cramp my hand). The buttons click nicely, and the scroll wheel is easy. Switching dpi is a cinch, but not a big deal to me, anyway. The colors are nice, and the "M" on the palm portion of the mouse changes. The cord reaches around the back of my desk and to the system unit on the other side and worked right out of the box. I've been using it for a few weeks without an issue. The one big issue is that the light on the mouse NEVER goes out so long as there is soft power on. Shut down the PC to go to sleep, and that damn light is still shining brightly. I sometimes have to flip the PSU's switch to go to sleep. For the price and functionality, though, that isn't a deal breaker.

    PROS: Super affordable
    nice design, comfortable feel
    great feel in the buttons
    bright colors

    CONS: Lights never turn off unless you unplug it or turn off the PSU!
    February 10, 2016
    great price for a great product
    I bought this on sale for 8 dollars. I had previously paid about 40 for a Razer mouse that was nearly identical. Guess where I'm buying from next time...
    This mouse is high quality, good construction, reinforced cording, and the dpi switching ACTUALLY works! (unlike both my Razer mice)

    PROS: Cheap!
    DPI switching on the fly!
    Purty Colors!

    CONS: None yet...
    March 20, 2014
    Great Style and Feel
    I recommend the mouse its perfect and looks cool for my home studio! My favorite part is how different it looks! Perfect for GreenMonkeyBeats Productions! Google me!

    PROS: -It looks great!
    -It lights up!
    -It feels comfortable and smooth!
    -It glides nicely on my smooth desk with no mouse pad!
    -Buttons work like they should!
    -The cord is some kinda of super tough nylon material deff a plus!!!
    -The price is superb!!!

    CONS: None
    Great value mouse!
    Long (about 8') USB cable, good tactile feel on the scroll wheel. Very good for a mouse priced so low.

    PROS: I like the green LED in the wheel and the LEDs behind the "M" that slowly change colors (I find it relaxing).

    CONS: Some people might not like the LEDs changing colors.
    July 15, 2016
    Great for the money...
    The glowing M is a little funny, took me a while to get used to it. Went from Logitech MX series, 510, 518 to crap Microsoft mice to this. If it lasts a year it will be my go to mouse going forward. Love the feel and the weight. Much better than the generic mice from Dell and HP.

    PROS: Light, accurate, good size for me.

    CONS: None
    October 2, 2014
    6-Key Gaming Mouse
    How can you go wrong? These are the most affordable mouse and there. Everything works as they should and love the extra buttons. I use it alot for surfing the internet and love the back button and the the forward button not so. The forward button is toward the front i have to move my thumb which is the shortest index to get to it. They should have put it underneath the back button then i wouldn't have to move my hole hand, anyways minor details.

    PROS: Comfortable, nice clicky buttons

    CONS: forward button for should be underneath.
    September 3, 2016
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