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Sure Grip PC+TPU Case for iPhone® 5/5s - Silver
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Sure Grip PC+TPU Case for iPhone® 5/5s - Silver

Keep a firm grip on your Apple iPhone® 5/5s protection with this Sure Grip Case from Monoprice!

This two-piece case includes of a flexible TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) casing that fits over the iPhone 5/5s and provides shock and scratch protection for the top, bottom, sides, and back of the device. The top has a cutout for the headphone connector and a raised extension for the power button. The bottom has cutouts for the dock connector and the two speaker openings. The back has cutouts for the camera lens/flash and the Apple logo. Finally, the left side of the case has a single cutout for the mute switch and the two volume buttons. The sides of the TPU case feature a ridged pattern, which ensures you will always have a good grip on your valuable phone.

The second part of the case consists of a polycarbonate shell that snaps over the TPU case. It provides additional shock protection for the back, top, and bottom, and includes cutouts that match the cutouts on the TPU case. When used together, the TPU case and polycarbonate shell provide superior protection, style, and functionality.

The case is designed with a large, single opening for the volume buttons and mute switch, making it compatible with the original iPhone 5, as well as the revised iPhone 5s.

iPhone not included!

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20 Reviews

77% of the reviewers recommend this product

  • Anonymous,
  •  Sharpsburg, GA 
  • 10/30/2015 10:17:07 AM

Pros: inexpensive, functional

Cons: does not fit well

The case was slightly too small for the phone. The power button is almost non-functional because of it. It is very difficult to put on/take off. I guess this is the trade off for only being $3.

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  • Anonymous,
  • 4/18/2015 11:31:00 AM

Pros: Great case. Tight Fit. Very reasonably priced.

Cons: Little hard to take off but that's is not a bad.

Like it product it works great.

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Not Compatible with Tech Armor Ballistic Glass

  • Shuayjye,
  •  Portola Valley, CA 
  • 9/21/2014 10:26:36 PM

Pros: Cheap
Tight Fit

Cons: Doesnt fit with Tech Armor

So... I have been getting decent phone protection for Seidio and Incipio for myself while my wife has been getting them from Monoprice since she normally goes for the wallet cases. My son threw it enough to crack it so she desided to get something more protective since I upgraded her screen protection.

There are a lot of choices for case and I am a fan of the dual layer ones (normally silicone and polycarbinate or TPU). Since this one it is a TPU + polycarbinate and it is nice and firm however it create a problem with the glass screen protector because it is pretty ridged and ends up getting inbetween the screen protector and the screen. I tried to get the case to go over the glass but it lacks the flexibility to do so.

Sadly that means until my wife changes screen protectors this case will be on back up duty or maybe we will check with monoprice to see what they would recommend (another wallet maybe)

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Best case, best price

  • Anonymous,
  •   Columbia, MO 
  • 6/26/2014 11:18:24 PM

Pros: Looks, size, durability and price

Cons: None

I bought one of these cases over a year ago, but after heavy use and dropping it multiple times the corners finally broke off. My phone sustained zero damage thanks to this rugged case. This time I bought two cases in different colors so I could mix and match the parts and have two tone cases through the end of my iPhone 5s. Both cases, including shipping for about $10! The Otterbox is a little more heavy duty, but I don't like its bulkiness. It also won't allow some third party chargers through its port cover. If I thought the Otterbox was better I'd spend the extra money to get it, but I prefer this case from Monoprice. Looks better, feels better, protects equally well for much less money. A few more color options might be nice for some people, but I'd still buy the black and gray. Good job, Monoprice.

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Poor fitment and build, Nice design

  • RP,
  •  Columbus, OH 
  • 2/18/2014 2:14:21 PM

Pros: Very inexpensive
Sturdy and Protective
Nice design and color

Cons: Poor fitment
Cheap materials
Small headphone jack port
Stiff volume/lock buttons

I've had this case for almost 4 months now. It has protected my space gray iPhone 5S against the elements. It looks relatively attractive and the sub 5$ price is nice. However, it has never fit my phone how it's supposed to. The hard outer shell never meshed properly with the rubber one, which causes it to poke out. Over the 4 months, this resulted in a stress crack in the case. This is probably an rare problem, but it's worth mentioning. The only other issue with the case is that it won't work well with larger headphone jacks. This can be easily resolved in a couple minutes by using a dremel or small saw to cut the area out.

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