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Form Fitting Hi-Fi Gaming Noise Isolating Earphones
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Form Fitting Hi-Fi Gaming Noise Isolating Earphones

Hear your games with crystal clarity when you use these Form Fitting Hi-Fi Gaming Noise Isolating Earphones from Monoprice!

These earphones excelled in the listening tests, providing excellent low-end punch and clear sustains, so explosions and the distant rumble of artillery sound just like you are there. They generate good punch in the mid and high frequency ranges and are crystal clear at all frequencies. They are well-suited not only for gaming but also for listening to all kinds of music, from classical to heavy metal, and everything in between.

Three different sized ear buds ensure that these 'phones will always have the right fit.

Note: For best results these earphones should be broken in by playing pink noise through them for about 24 hours. The difference in sound quality before and after the pink noise break-in period can be quite dramatic.

Driver 8mm
Sensitivity 95±3dB at 1K Hz
Impedance 32 ohms
Frequency Response 20Hz-20KHz
Rated Power 2mW
Max Input Power 5mW

39 Reviews

74.62% of the reviewers recommend this product

  • Donut,
  • 9/16/2015 9:56:05 AM

Pros: Sound is awesome and the bass is surprising for their small size.

Cons: cheap cosntruction

I'm on my third pair of these and like always they last almost exactly one year and poof one side stops working. I love the sound/size of these, but I'm real tired of continually buying them. I guess I'll try for another model number.

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  • david,
  •  Indianapolis, IN 
  • 7/30/2015 2:12:57 PM

Pros: Great sound isolation and wonderful sound from these inexpensive ear buds. Great value for the price. The only thing design wise I might suggest is heavier gauge wire.

Cons: I was wearing these in the car the other day and they got caught on the seatbelt and cut both wires in half.

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These WERE great!....

  • sloner,
  •  College Park, MD 
  • 7/30/2015 1:38:51 AM

Pros: Definitely cancels out noise from trains/planes
Comes with additional earbud sizes
Earbuds are metal so they're definitely sturdy

Cons: Right earbud stopped working 3 weeks after having them

These worked really well when I first got them got them initially for my Euro trip, knowing the fights and trains would be loud, so I wanted to get some headphones that would cancel that extra sound out. They worked really well about halfway through my trip (I've had them about 3 weeks, if that), and all of a sudden the left earbud has just stopped working. It was super random and I've tried everything to fix it! I'm really sad and unfortunately I'm in France for the next month so I won't even be able to order a new pair, as Monoprice doesn't ship to France :( I love Monoprice and everything else I've ever purchased on here, including other headphones, have been fantastic. I'm hoping this was just a fluke!

by Monoprice Administrator

Thank you for your review and truly sorry to hear about the issue encountered with PID 9398. We do offer a one year warranty on this item. If you would like I can assist you in setting up an RMA for a replacement. When you are ready, please let me know if you would like to proceed with a replacement and I can get that started for you right away.

Gisselle B.
Tech Support

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Good Sound - Not sturdy.

  • Tse Wae Lee,
  •  Ottawa, ON 
  • 6/17/2015 12:43:11 PM

Pros: Good sound, great price.

Cons: Breaks really easily.

I've bought several, and they've all stopped working on one side after about a month each (i.e. sound only comes out of one ear). Suggests poor construction quality.

by Monoprice Administrator
Hi Tse Wae Lee,

Thank you for your review and truly sorry to hear about the issues encountered with PID 9398. Does the issue remain when testing with different devices? We do offer a 30 day return policy as well as a one year warranty on this item. If you would like I can assist you in setting up an RMA for a replacement to see if that works better for you. Please let me know if the results change when testing with a different device or if you would like to continue with a replacement.

Gisselle B.
Tech Support

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  • JoeB,
  •  Wilkes Barre, PA 
  • 5/2/2015 8:09:32 PM

Pros: Cheap, but they still work

Cons: Cheap, but I had to fix em

I've had these buds for almost a year and I use em for playing the drums. The tube that hold the earpiece broke off one and I glued it back on and it still works. As for sound quality, well, if you don't like highs these are for you.

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