8 Inch 60-Watt Powered Subwoofer - Black
    Product # 8248
    8 Inch 60-Watt Powered Subwoofer - Black
    Product # 8248
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    8 Inch 60-Watt Powered Subwoofer - Black

    This is an 8" powered subwoofer capable of producing 60 watts (RMS) output. The subwoofer has a frequency response range of 50 to 250 Hz with a lowpass crossover filter, which can be adjusted from 50 to 150 Hz. Gain and frequency knobs on the control panel allow you to adjust the crossover filter and the power output for the optimum blend and balance of bass output with your stereo or surround speakers.

    The subwoofer has multiple input options, which allow it to be used with any existing stereo or 5.1 (or greater) amplifier system. For each input there is a corresponding output.

    High-level inputs accept a full-range signal from the amplifier's stereo speaker outputs. When connecting the unit as part of a 5.1 system, these would be taken off the Front Left and Front Right outputs in parallel to the standard pair of front speakers. The subwoofer provides its own power and includes impedance matching circuitry, so this will not reduce the power output to the front speakers or affect the overall impedance load on the amplifier.

    Additionally, the subwoofer has a set of right/left Line Level inputs. If using a standard stereo system, without a special subwoofer output, you can connect these to the left and right line level outputs on the amp. The subwoofer will then combine the signals to process the mono bass signal it needs to drive the speaker. If you are using an amplifier with a single mono subwoofer line level output, simply use an RCA "Y" cable to split the output and send it to the two line level inputs on the subwoofer.

    The subwoofer is housed in an attractive black wood cabinet that measures 13.75" x 11.75" x 11.75" (H x W x D). The driver and a 2 3/4" sound port are located on the front, covered by a black cloth speaker grill.

    An optional "Auto-On" function puts the subwoofer system into power-saving standby mode after about 2 minutes of no audio input detected. Alternatively, the "Auto-On" function can be disabled, allowing the unit to be on whenever the power switch is in the "on" position. A 2 amp/250 volt fuse protects the system from short circuits or power overloads.

    Please note that the manual/data sheet for this subwoofer incorrectly lists the top-end of the crossover as having a frequency of 250 Hz. In fact, the top-end of the crossover is at 150 Hz as listed on the control plate on the back of the speaker. However, the back plate of the unit indicates the low-end of the crossover as being 45 Hz, when it is in fact 50 Hz.

    Support Files:

    Speaker Type 8" High Performance Powered Subwoofer
    Driver 8" Reinforced
    Amplifier Power Output 60 Watts (RMS)
    Frequency Response 50 Hz - 250 Hz
    Lowpass Crossover Adjustable from 50 Hz - 150 Hz
    Functions Power (On/Off)
    Inputs High Level (speaker), Line (RCA)
    Dimensions (H x W x D) 13.75" x 11.75" x 11.75"

    89 Reviews

    85.28% of the reviewers recommend this product


    Amplifier makes an audible 60Hz hum

    • Sirius,
    •  Menlo Park, CA 
    • 1/20/2016 5:14:26 PM

    Pros: Solid construction

    Cons: Internal amplifier hums

    I'm a somewhat disappointed by this sub. I listen to music (movies sometimes, but music more), and the 60Hz hum from this speaker overwhelms the music in soft passages. My complaint is 'audiophile' in nature, true, but audiophile or not, I believe quite strongly that components of an audio system amps, disk players, and yes, speakers should be intrinsically, absolutely silent. Ironically, the 60Hz hum from this device is square in the middle of the range that it's supposed to reproduce, so formally, you can say that it does a terrible job. If you overlay the 60Hz hum on the audio signal in the quiet passages, the sum signal would look nothing like the musical input. Making matters somewhat worse, I leave the speaker powered on all the time, so I get the background hum in my room all the time. BTW, I've double checked, and this has nothing to do with the input. Line-level input, high-level input, and no input at all does not change the hum

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    • Nuthn2lz,
    •  Wentzville, MO 
    • 12/25/2015 7:17:58 AM

    Pros: Price, BOOM!, ease of installation, crossover....

    Cons: NONE!

    I could have gone bigger...I could have paid 5x's as much. But the fact remains: why? This sub booms and sounds great! I've got all Monoprice speakers in my office (yes, I got this sub for my office). I'm not using it for movies, but instead I'm just listening to music and it is awesome. Completely adjustable with the crossover, wide ranging volume and small enough to stay out of the way. If someone doesn't like this sub, then don't know what they are looking for!

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    Great for the money

    • Abstract,
    •  ,  
    • 12/6/2015 2:30:32 PM

    Pros: PRICE (let's be honest, this is why most people are looking at this)
    Performance (using line level inputs)
    Size (easy to find an out of the way location)

    Cons: Speaker level inputs desperately need a gain boost to be useful
    Line out would be useful, but for the price\performance, it's not that big of an issue

    Recently set up this sub with a couple of book shelf speakers for my PC\game setup running off of a 2 channel receiver and wasn't happy with it at first when wired up using the speaker level inputs. I had the subwoofer's level maxed and could barely hear the thing (as others have pointed out in their reviews). I picked up a line level converter from my local Walmart for $9 and it completely changed the output of this sub. I have it now turned down to half way and am considering going down a bit further. It easily keeps up with the two 100W Klipsch bookshelf speakers I have! No annoying buzz or hum that others have complained of either. This little thing pounds pretty good when set up properly.

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    • Anonymous,
    •  Santa Cruz, CA 
    • 11/2/2015 8:55:33 AM

    Pros: This is a great subwoofer for my computer sound system with studio monitors. This sub has all the features I was looking for in a small package, perfect for my sound setup...Best quality out there for the price!
    Your the only place on the internet to find great products at a fair price.....also,.Thanks MONOPRICE for the fast shipping your company provides...............

    Cons: NONE!

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    Ultimate Ultra-budget Home Theater Speakers

    • Bigstuff,
    •  Forked River, NJ 
    • 11/1/2015 8:00:56 PM

    Pros: Price. Performance.

    Cons: Shipping is a little expensive to NJ.

    What a deal I got on these speakers! Perfect timing with a Monoprice sale and an addition percent off promotion. I got 3 pair of these 8250, 1 pair of the 3-way 8251, and the 8248 8" powered subwoofer. I have it all hooked up to an Onkyo HT-RC360 and added an Infinity BU1 sub for a full 7.2 setup. The 8251s are the front L/R, and the 8250s are the center, surround, and height speakers. I have about 60 hours of break-in on the 8250s and 30 hours on the 8251s and the sub. All of this was set up using the Audyssey room-correcting auto setup in my small home office of about 11'x13'.

    Deciding to get the second sub to accompany my old Infinity BU1 for a 7.2 setup took some time. Then Monoprice made the decision easier by putting out an additional percent off promotion on top of their generous sale price. The dual sub setup is great. I actually have them turned down a bit, since they were a bit too powerful for my family. Action and sci-fi movies will shake the windows, shelves, and pictures on the walls! My only concern was based on some of the reviews that said the auto-on requires a fairly strong input to turn on the sub. I've gotten around that by not using the auto-on feature and hooking both subs to an outlet with a remote switch. So I'm able to turn them on and off as I desire.

    I'd recommend any of the Monoprice speakers I have to anyone!

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